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Curious · 2:09am November 1st

This has been on my mind, what do you think of a StarDash (Starlight Glimmer x Rainbow Dash) fic?

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Would you be willing to take a request?

Glad you enjoyed Letter to Cozy Glow's Parents!

Thanks for the watch

2149495 that would be good

2146363 Thanks. Heh, the fic makes me wanna create a Vinyl and Octavia clown fic

2055559 Well unless she is hit by the clownification spell by accident, she becomes more of a clown

Silly, Pinkie can't be clownified. She's already a clown!


2026754 Skype name is MaskedPony

2026737 just want to talk about ideas I guess

2015212 ummm can I ask why?

Can you add me to your Skype contacts?

2004461 I do like anything cute, and good dark stories, even I do like Twidash. I only hate Grimdark, foalcon, and clop.


Apology accepted. Just do what you like.

2003853 Oh.....sorry, my bad. I thought you were a hater due to some hatred towards me from some users. My apologize.


Whoa, I was just mildly curious! If you like to write stories about it, then go right ahead! Don't mind me! I was just asking if it was a thing that's popular.

2003159 Plz tell me your not going to lead hatred toward me for this when I only write these stories for cute purposes, and feels, not for fetish purposes. I want to avoid fights and getting in trouble with admins or having warfares on my page.

Is that really a thing? Ponies in diapers, I mean. Just asking.

Are you really thinking about cancelling scootaloo's new life because its my all time ultra mega favorite story of all time

1952552 It's made by hodgepodgeDL. It is part of the game Super Crinkle Pony haloween edition, where if you get the FNAF ending, this image will appear with the game over.

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