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Welcome to the SunsetDash Group, dedicated to the one of the most awesome pairings of MLP :rainbowdetermined2:. And now we also have our DeviantArt group: SunsetDash-FC - DeviantArt

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Sundash is best ship :rainbowkiss:


So AWESOME one of the best ship ever :twilightsmile:

I can vouch for that :pinkiehappy:.

Reminder to ALL that this is THE BEST ship

405021 That basically describes all my ships. And I grow to like them over time :rainbowlaugh:.

405020 Welcome to the group! :pinkiehappy: I must say I just love love loved your ''Locker Room Diaries''. Thank you so much for joining! :twilightsmile:

I only started shipping this as a joke... But now it is firmly placed as my OTP.

I didn't realize this was actually a thing. I just wrote what I thought would be a good story ^_^ Great group and ship

404720 I know right? Great to have others who like SunsetDash too :rainbowkiss:. And welcome to the group by the way :twilightsmile:.

404153 Wow, thanks! It means a lot! :twilightsmile:

This is the best ! :pinkiehappy:

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