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No Matter How I Look At It, This Is My Favourite Anime


MLP: The Movie Review · 12:06pm Jan 24th, 2016

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I liek hoe u dun car aboot teh first one! >:0000
That was teh best because Flesh Senty is the best hoars boy ever!!!! Don't agre???!? Bra, one me one me on Nameless King!!!! I'll deck u rite in Teh naan bread fam!

Make that 6 followers and a hoof offered in friendship

2135615 As much as I love Adagio's hips the sirens, Friendship Games. the songs are awesome and Twilight is adorable. I just wish Crystal Prep's headmistress, Cinch, didn't turn out to be a hypocritical coward. Reminds me too much of Scar from Lion King, who was awesome until he wet himself and claimed the hyenas were the ones who screwed up everything.

I've started shipping Rainbow Dash with Lemon Zest too. :yay:

2135099 I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked Sci-Twi more too :twilightsmile:.

So now which one is your favorite EQG movie? Rainbow Rocks or Friendship Games? :rainbowlaugh:

So I finally watched Friendship Games and I enjoyed it as you expected. Human Twilight is totes adorbs* and better than the pony one in every way. I have one thing to say though...

[Thoughts on Happy Holidays blog entry]

Dude, you have got to see Friendship Games, it's like, the closest thing we'll ever get that is canon SunsetDash!

I expected much more from this than Rainbow Dash merely saving Sunset Shimmer from the man-eating plants from hell. Sunsetdash is as close to canon as Raindigo since she saved her too, and that's not canon at all!

You lied to me! :raritydespair:

(Just kidding, I'm not pissed. :twilightsmile:)


  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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