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Haven't seen a group for these two, Sunset Shimmer and Rarity

Personally I like these two as a couple, they are so cute together, do u agree?

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Sunset Shimmer and Rarity make for an intriguing pair in the world of My Little Pony. Their personalities couldn't be more different - Sunset's fiery determination and Rarity's elegance and sophistication. However, it's precisely this contrast that adds depth to their interactions. The juxtaposition of their qualities highlights the power of friendship and how it can bridge even the widest of personality reviews gaps. Whether you see them as close friends or something more, their dynamic offers a unique and compelling element to the rich tapestry of characters in the My Little Pony universe. It's this kind of diversity and depth that keeps fans engaged and enamored with the series.

Agreed. A great couple.

I actually like these two as a couple as well. They are both up there in my top 5 favourite characters so, why not check this out.

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