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"Through darkened skies and malevolent eyes, my journey never dies"-Skaltrox Orthuris: Knight of Defiance

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Favourite Pony: Twilight Sparkle
Favourite Mane Six: Twilight Sparkle
Favourite Side character:Starlight Glimmer (I'm not sure if she technically is)
Favourite Background character: Lyra Heartstrings
Favourite Princess: Cadence/Luna
Favourite Villain: Adagio Dazzle
Favourite Ship: Twilight and Rarity
Favourite Ship (actual ship):HMS Victory
Favourite Shipwreck: KMS Bismarck


I finally watched Legend of Everfree ...and now I have some ideas. · 10:35am Mar 20th, 2017

Hello everyone, I'd like to start off with saying. After unintentional delays, I have finally watched the 4th EG movie!:yay:

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Great Music

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Just curious, but do you take requests/commissions?

... considering the complete lack of response to my previous question, i'm going to interpret that as a 'no'.

idle curiosity, you planning on continuing some of your stories?

Thanks for another favorite!

Thanks for favoriting Care to Buy a Lady a Drink?!

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