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Welcome to Fluttershy/Rarity! We are fans of the shipping of Rarity and Fluttershy as well as enjoy their friendship moments. All are welcome as long as they enjoy this couple. Any fanfiction will be accepted as long as it focuses on Fluttershy/Rarity, friendship and romance. Fanfiction on either of these two solely is also allowed.

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Fanfiction of Fluttershy and Rarity as a couple. This allows mature work!


Fanfiction focused just on Fluttershy. They can revolve around her and all animals she loves.


Fanfiction focused just on Rarity. They can include her family too.


Fanfiction of Fluttershy and Rarity as friends.


Stories for exchanging ideas.

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I had a question. I recently joined and wanted to share my fanfiction I made for Flarity but I keep getting an error. How can I resolve this?

Fluttershy and Rarity go perfectly together I just wish there were more of them on here. Green is the best so far that I've read about them.


On further reading, I actually see why it's here. Unrequited love does, indeed, still show love. It's heart-ripping for a Flarity fan like me, but a little pain can be good. :eeyup:

Oh, you don't think it should be included? I thought it would fit since there is still hints of the shipping, but I can remove it if you don't think it fits.

I... question the inclusion of "Two cups of tea." I won't make a fuss, and I won't get too loud. I just... question it. :unsuresweetie:

Awww. That cover image is adorable! :rainbowkiss:


Oh, mine too. OTP up in here.

I totally agree with you. It's one of my favorite couples :(

The lack of Flarity on FimFiction makes me sad. They're so good together!

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