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I was inspired to form this new group in order to shed some light on a rather not well-known or not often used shipping that I feel needs more credit or valuable attention.

This pairing I found noteworthy, and seeing as how well the author, "Soundslikeponies" had convinced me in her stories that it could work out really well even under difficult circumstances, I decided to make this group

--Rarilight Stories HQ--

Story of inspiration, "Lets Find You a Date".

written by Soundslikeponies, who I feel is no less than deserving of being in my top 5 favorite up and coming authors for the beautifully emotional, unique, and realistic Fimfiction genius.

I'm opening this group to everypony to see if it catches the attention of such bronies, pegasisters, and everypony else in the MLP fandom.

Everyone is welcome, and can use this group to share their found Rarilight stories, fan art, videos, opinions, and ideas.

Thanks to everypony for their continued support and submissions of stories to the pile. (\ ^_^ /)

Stay awesome peepz. =]

As always...Pony on! /)


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Phew thank god it wasn't serious....:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for adding more stories to the pile bud.:raritywink::heart::twilightsheepish: Means a lot to this group each story a member adds.

This shipping is a "rarity"(yes I went there:rainbowlaugh:) to find good shipping stories for, yet its one of my personal favorite ships.:ajsmug:

As Always...Pony on good sir or lass!:twilightsmile:

Here, have some more RariLight stories! :pinkiehappy:

im gonna see about working some more rarilight stories into this group because, well obviously:rainbowhuh: it needs them for this group to be functional haha. Ill see what I can do. :raritywink:

Thanks for the support of this groups main idea. :heart:I know its not anything big yet, but I wanted to share the awesome qualities of rarilight stories with everyone who was looking for this particularly rare shipping. Thank you all. :pinkiehappy:

I found two rarilight stories and put them up on here.

im a supporter of RariLight, but I don't see any stories in this group. Whats up?

Im glad to say I have worked out everything to setting up a standard group, but to my dismay the website artist who I recalled having excellent talent in creating fan art that I used for my banner is not coming into focus effectively on the banner part of the group table when I created it.

Sadly I need professional assistance in suggestions to what I might can do with the banner image to get the dimensions to fit perfectly within the banner box.

Thanks to all who comment btw appreciate the support:raritywink:

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