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Great to meet you two at EQLA! :twilightsmile:

I thought you might like this remix. (One of my favourite remixes)
Good Remix.

2368586 Thanks bud I appreciate you following my music. I know im not perfect with my music as I still have a ton to learn, considering i have no musical background before starting with the fandom. As it stands though, I do want to continue with producing more music, because I have found it empowering and just plain fun to do. :coolphoto:

I want to post more music, but as it stands, since joining the Navy as you can imagine my time and my priorities have shifted for awhile.:rainbowdetermined2:

I am doing well though and I cant wait to be back home to see the wife and family back home. Thanks for the continued support As always. :twilightsmile:

P.S. I intend to try and make it to the Los Angeles Convention this year when i return home. :ajsmug:The wife is so excited to go and I know that it will be a blast like the last one we attended. If your going to be there give a me a shout out bud.

Stay awesome :rainbowwild:

Yo small internet eh? I totes follow you on SoundCloud.

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Song of Interest:

Recent Featured Song:

My Theme Song Suggestions for Ponies From the Show

In no real particular order...except maybe the first ten are favorites I thought of first.

1. Rarity Pretty Girl Rock
2. Rainbow DashBreakneck Pace (Fighting is Magic Theme)
3. Fluttershy Soar The Sky by Hirosashii
4. Vinyl Scratch Back to New( James Egbert and Alex S. Remix)
5. Octavia Grey Octave by Jwoodony
6. Sweetie Belle Ultimate Sweetie Belle by Alex S.
7. Spitfire Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
8. Twilight Eager Studies by Jwoodony
9. Lyra No hands by Waka Flocka Flame
10. Princess Luna Luna's Lament(Original) by SlyphStorm
11.Princess Celestia Lullaby for a Princess by PonyPhonic
12.Shining Armor Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down
13.Fleur De Lis Fleur De Lis by Pony Eveningstar
14.Princess Cadence Love is in Bloom(Six of Lazers Remix)
15. Pinkie Pie She's an Alarm Clock(shes a pony Remix)
16.Applejack Sunshine and Celery Stalks
17. Spike Like a Boss by The Lonely Island
18.Derpy Whooves / Doctor Whooves
Derpy:Chacarron by El Mudo

DoctorWhooves: The Doctor's Lullaby

19.Aloe and Lotus Aloe and Lotus by Pony Eveningstar
20.Trixie Trixie the Pony Troll by Alex S.
21.King Sombra The Pure and the Tainted by Blue Stahli
22. Queen ChrysalisQueen Chrysalis Theme Song.
23. Discord Feelin Discorded By Reverb Brony
24. Soarin Hollow by Alice in Chains
25. FlutterBitch Sexy Naughty Bitchy By Tata Young

About Me

Bro-hoof* to you all and welcome to my user page.

Great conversations with people, who enjoy a fandom that has so much more meaning beyond what can be seen in just the episodes, is what it is all about!

Random funny link to help make anyone's day. ^_^ /)
Twilight fidgets with her wings and cant get them to stay down GIF

Here is a link to my Soundcloud Album Compilation for all original songs ive produced thus far:

My Soundcloud Album Compilation

Reading so many awe-inspiring stories on this website has thrust me into a world that is beyond anything that could ever be shown in the episodes aired on TV.(At least to not as much expressed detail to the character development and intricate realism's of the world))

Here is also a link to my Fimfiction group page if your into Flarity stories or Rarilights, whichever:
"Rarilight Stories"

---I was inspired to create this group to promote more attention to a not as well know shipping that needs more just credit for being very credible---

One day this show could someday be a gateway to a cultural bloom of a more worthwhile mature concept, and im so glad to be apart of it.

I'm practicing on becoming a professional music studio producer as a hobby in my spare time. Only have so much experience so far, but if your interested in hearing some of my songs here is the link to a really awesome website for posting music. As Always...Pony on!

My SoundCloud user-page

Number one Question....Who is best Pony???(out of the mane 6) For me:

1. **Fluttershy**

2. Rainbow Dash

3. Rarity

Here is a video for the best Rarity Theme Song:

Favorite Background Ponies:
1.Vinyl Scratch woot! Dj-Pon 3

2.Octavia Completes Vinyl in every way. Plus I have a soft spot for Classical/glorious musical instrumentation.

3. Spitfire So much Fire! Yet a big softy at heart. One of the most well developed and Realistic characters that the fandom has provided the personality for.

4. Lyra/Bon Bon Such an awesome tag team
5. Carrot Top =D An inspiration to us all.
6. Derpy! who don't like a derpy! o.0 Plus shes the sweetest thing when paired with Doctor Whooves.

Favorite (Mane 6) shipping's:
RariLight, Rarishy, Twidash, Flutterdash, and Appledash. (Twishy is possible if done correctly)

Favorite Background pony ships:
Octascratch, Dashfire, Derpy/Doctor Whooves, Lyra/ Bonbon, Twixie, LunaLight, Fluttermac, DashMac, and Carrot Top/ Twilight.

Personal info:
Country: U.S.
State: Florida
age: 21
Occupation: part-time job
Schooling: 2 1/2 years of college so far
Major:Information Technology's
Minor: Music Production

Favorite pony expression:
That Special Somepony. =D

Least Favorite Pony:
hate wise(Trixie!) Omen music plays in background....(or Prince Blueblood...I don't even care to talk about him so...yeah...) lol

Not so favorites of the mane 6:
(Mostly due to not enough character development)
(Pinkie Pie and Applejack) Pinkie and Applejack still great characters for the show in their own ways. =]

Favorite Music Genres:
Techno, Club Mix, Trance, Dance, Alt Metal, Epics, Soundtracks, Electro Metal, Heavy Metal, and Classical Contemporary.

Genres I don't listen to at all:
Opera and screamo... just wow...throat noises.....

Feel free to add me on ps3 as well:

PS3 gamer tag name:

I love voice chatting with friends who
enjoy this wonderful fandom and kicking
ass too on games of all sorts.

Favorite MLP Original song w/ video:

Deviant Art Favorites and Noteworthy Artworks