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I laugh when people think I know what I'm doing.


10 months · 10:03pm Nov 8th, 2015

Hi there! If you saw this pop up on your notifications, and blinked, thinking to yourself, "Who's this Habanc-guy? Didn't he do that thing or another?" then I'm not terribly surprised. I used to be around FimFiction a lot, once upon a time. I think my last story was published in January.

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So, this is a bio?

Let's see... I write things sometime. Other times I edit or review things. That's cool, I guess. I also can do this neat thing where I wear a spoon on my nose. Twiluna is nice. Maybe. I read it occasionally. And sometimes I get really close to licking my elbow.

I also have this weird obsession with tea which totally isn't controlling my life or anything.


Talk to me on Skype if you want. I'm usually around.

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Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Nov 14th, 2021

You alive brody?

1617024 hey just wondering when you will be updating kinetics next

1616715 This page can get empty at times, so don't worry about it!

I'm super stoked that you found my cute little tale to be so influential. Honestly I'm surprised with the reaction it's gotten, but if I'm to be frank, never did I expect this. Rescuing someone who's fallen off the ship? Nope, never in a hundred years.

Haha, seriously though, I'm glad it's given you a second wind. Now it's up to you to do what you wish with it, spend it reading, writing, whatever. Wherever you end up, all I hope is that you enjoy it.

All the best!

Welp, you've pulled the rug out from underneath me, Habanc.

I hadn't thought I would ever get back into pony. I was almost certain that I had lost my taste for the fandom. I went so far as to put my many, many, many works-in-progress on a flash drive, and toss the drive into a dusty drawer, never to be seen again. To be honest, when I spotted 'Upon Breaking Rules' in the feature box the other day, I had just logged on to find a way to delete my account, so I'd stop getting the blasted notifications.

Buuuuut the picture was cute, and I have a disgusting weakness for all things sugary and sweet- (dear god how did my rear get so large?!)- and so I clicked on the story, convinced that I would just give it a brief look and move on with my account deletion. But then I read it. And then I read another one of your works. And another one.

And now here I am, cleaning up my profile page and plugging in that dusty old flash drive, determined to give the fandom one more go.
Also, filling your comments section with my dreadfully dramatic and verbose comments. Terribly sorry.
And thank you.

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