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Princess Luna finds more than a friend in her sister's student, and Twilight Sparkle gets a chance to study the moon and stars far closer than she ever dreamed possible.

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots. Expect a castle's worth of clop-free d'aaawww.

These stories are in continuity with The Rustic & The Romantic and If the Flight Suit Fits.

Now featuring cover art by the inimitable Cerraka (formerly xaztein / crenair)!

Almost all chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Ponies (TMP). I highly recommend a visit to TMP if you're looking for some of the best 1000-word gems in pony fiction. Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

Plan C - In which Cadance learns that Celestia is the chessmaster, and that her backup plans are the most fun of all.

Game, Set, Match - Twilight tries her hoof at arena combat. Victory or defeat, she's sure to end up a winner with this opponent.

Countdown - Luna swore she'd never do this again, but there's something about that little librarian from Ponyville that tests her resolve.

Twilight Hustle - Rarity's heard some steamy rumors about Twilight and gathers the girls to dish juicy gossip.

All the World’s a Stage - Luna had a wonderful evening with Twilight and sang her heart out about it. Oh, and she might have left the door open.

Every Morning After - Twilight and Luna shared a wonderful, magical night; unfortunately, immortal Princesses sometimes forget about thousand-year-old laws which could ruin the mood ever so slightly.

Names - Luna's had many more names and titles than "Mare in the Moon", and Twilight discovers which of them meant the most.

Great Minds Think Alike - Cadance and Celestia's plan for Twilight and Luna comes to a head, slightly off schedule.

Third Time's the Charm - Twilight's Nightmare Night costumes aren't cutting it. Now Luna's in town, and that may change her opinion on what makes a proper costume.

Monster - Ponyville's been through the ringer lately, but whose fault is it really?

Impossible - Luna's having a bad night, and Twilight came all the way to Canterlot to do something about it.

Early Observances - If you're going to interrupt Celestia's sleep, you'd better have a very good reason.

THAT Letter - Luna and Twilight have to tell Celestia how serious their relationship has become, and they decide to send a letter. Surely they couldn't disagree about how to make such a simple announcement - could they?

Your Turn - Twilight and her friends reveal some personal secrets, and Twilight's is life-changing.

Trembling Joyful Whispers- The Big Day is here for Twilight and Luna! Hear the congregation's comments as events unfold.

The Power Vested in Me- The Big Day is here, but Luna and Twilight are so very, very far from ready. Will their fears get the better of them?

Awkward - Twilight and Shining Armor have dinner with their parents along with Luna and Cadance. They'll probably wish they'd ordered takeout instead.

Absence - Luna deals with a thousand years of angst all at once; maybe she just needs a gentle helping hoof to make sense of it all.

You Were There - A quiet night between Luna and Twilight is almost derailed by a lesson in ancient mythology.

Between Sun and Moon - Luna reads a bedtime story with which she is all too familiar.

Postcards from the Edge - Twilight leaves to study abroad for three months; in her absence, Luna has a stack of mail to open.

Insert Princess T into Slot S - Twilight want to be Princess of Something. Careful what you wish for!

Ups and Downs - Newly-crowned Princess Twilight needs flying lessons. Careful whom you ask!

Amethyst Throne - Princess Twilight is pretty sure she's seen these petitioners somewhere before.

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Hahaha, nice. A cute little chapter here.

so i think it could use a lot more details

Will there be more?


I feel as if these chapters are really short. Like, you should do a lot more with each chapter...

I liked the third one the best.

Thanks! TwiLuna has gobs of cute potential.


There are several more installments like the first three. I need to do a little editing before I push them out. If they seem short, that's because they are. Keep in mind that these were all written for a 30-minute writing prompt, so they top out around 1000 words each. I might add a sentence or two before posting them here, but essentially they're the same as I originally wrote them.

Next two chapters are a doozy, and include the most d'aaawww-y, diabeetus-inducing chapter of the bunch. Should be up by Thursday.

The d'awwwwwww!
Oh god why did you have to use that much d'awwww?!?! That is weapons grade d'awww there...

But not really....still the d'awww!


Fluttershy wasn't lying?


:pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:


I dug that one too. It's one where if you knew the writing prompt that spawned it, it would ruin the suspense, but by itself it still works.

Hmm...well then...I have only one thing to say to you my good sir!


Heh! That was the sub-tactical d'aaawww missile. The theatre-level strategic d'aaawwww bomb drops in the next chapter or two.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

1653797 oh i didnt know that sorry :twilightblush: in that case good job.:moustache::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

more pleas NOW:flutterrage:

MOAR indeed. Already written, just awaiting editing.


Pretty solid stuff here. This site needs more fluffy slice of life. And more good TwiLuna.

Must ... get insulin ... before diabetes ... kills ..me ... :pinkiegasp:


Seriously, warn a guy before just whipping out stuff like that. I got a manly tear and everything.

1653797 tis wondrous news my friend

I read this story, and . . .


Type 2. Just from how D'AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW inducing these stories were. I see that it's marked incomplete. Please tell me that there's more.

Sweet. And "Mareodotus" is quite clever.

HAHA! No Regidar to be seen.

This story is just too cute! :pinkiehappy:

I love the dynamic here. TwiLuna is just too cute! :yay:


847 re-reads and I still got the count wrong! This was written for Thirty Minute Ponies, of course, emphasis on the 'thirty minute' part. So,trivia: Your Turn was written with a scene for all of the Mane 6 but as the 30-minute deadline loomed, I had to cut Fluttershy out completely, while Rarity and AJ had no individual scenes and just a couple of lines each. That's why the count is off - it was written for 6 ponies, then edited to show just 5 with only seconds to spare on the deadline. The count in Twilight Hustle should be "four friends" then "three smiling mares [plus Rarity]" because Rainbow isn't there (had to cut her scene for time) and Twi is invisible until the end. Edits now complete for both.

Glad somebody caught that!

Yep, more in the queue! Just need to tweak them a little and you'll have a diabeetus-induced sugar coma by Thanksgiving.

Yeah, that was me trying to get into Rarity's dialogue and ending up having her come off more as a southern belle.

if I ate a bowl full of candy, I wouldn't get diabeetus as bad as this gave me, especially that third chapter. I look forward to more.

Here's the most original comment yet...:ajsmug:

I love it ^^ looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

See? I told you I'd give you a thumbs up (incidentally, I was browsing the front page and didn't even realize it was you that wrote these :rainbow laugh:). These are too cute and I can't wait to see more!

Oh god, What a hearwarmer. :raritycry: I CAN"T STAND IT! I LOVE IT!

Oh, tell me this isn't the end?! PLEASE tell me there's more!? :pinkiesmile:

Excellent last lines. :twilightsmile:

Oh Lordy. right in the happy feels. :pinkiegasp: Can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

ahh... you almost disappointed me! but dat ending, good job :P
edit: talking about chapter1

The gossip-monger defeated! And in such a scary way! :raritydespair:

Of course, behind every rumour there is a sliver of truth, isn't there? :twilightsmile:

Interesting chapter - it implies that, maybe, a lot of the rivalry between Celestia and Luna in pre-NMM days was induced and aggravated by their courtiers. Maybe several ambitious someponies decided they didn't want some other pony holding a parallel rank to them and tried to get the other eliminated by way of inducing a civil war. Psychotic? Yes. Typical politician behaviour? Definitely.

So the plot thickens. Does that make her Princess Twilight? The Consort of the Moon? (Neat formal title, huh?)

Good observation! That's part of my headcanon. I can see throngs of nobles jockeying for position by aligning behind Celestia or Luna, making power plays and hatching plots "in their name" without the Princesses being aware - at least, not directly. Would Luna have resisted the fall to NMM if she hadn't been surrounded by little whispering Grima Wormtongue ponies? We may never know, but that's what fanfics are for!

Thanks, all! There's definitely more. I was going to post the next few after Thanksgiving, but you guys have been such good sports, my plan now is to slack off of work and get my edits done today. You know what they say: "Something familiar, Something peculiar,Something for everyone: Diabeetus tonight! Something appealing, Something appalling, Something for everyone: Diabeetus tonight!"

Better than Royal Concubine, I guess! Officially, it's Princess Consort. But not until after the next two chapters. :heart:

hahahaha! that was awesome! the ending was especially juicy:pinkiehappy:

I actually have diabeetus, and a crapton of insulin, so bring on the D'AWWWs.

1654879 I have to sleep sometime.

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