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Secrets. Everypony has them, and as they get older the more numerous they become. Their benevolent ruler Celestia herself has lost track of just how many secrets she holds, but Twilight and Luna are going to find out quite a few of them. Follow Twilight and Luna as they discover things about themselves, and those dear to them, as memories and secrets are brought to the light.

Image - Done by Archonix.

Note - The writing is the earliest I have of what I've done. As such it's quite sloppy compared to my standards today. Slated for a rewrite/full editing in the future. At some point.

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I love me some Twiluna :twilightsmile:
☭The Ponyletariat☭

"Incomplete · Teen · Sex"


Auto fave but have to read later (I love most Luna stories)

Very nice. Wasn't expecting the Fluttershy x Pinkie Pie, but kinda was expecting the Rarijack, just not the kink. I look forward to this Twiluna journey.

1807268 The sex tag is to indicate it may possibly go mature in the future. Tis just a forewarning.


I hope that it is to your enjoyment, it was a learning experience and rather fun writing this up over the last few days.

At this point, I don't have any plans for explicit sex, just implied at a later date in the story. However if I choose to take it to the 'edge' of what Teen qualifies as, I wanted to have a warning in place from the start just in case.

It was actually somewhat of a last minute call, mostly due to the request of one of my editors. I was looking to give them some background info without info dumping on you all, and it just kinda fit with the topic being discussed in the scene. The kink itself I actually got the idea from Four of Two, and it made for a rather comical method to silence a rather drunk Rarity in a most comical way. I hope that you enjoyed this first chapter, more will be on the way in a somewhat timely manner, so long as I actually write it in order! (I've got ~250 words of the next chapter done, but ~3,500 words of a later, much later chapter done. Kind of go where my mind takes me). I hope that I manage to deliver!


I am so okay with this.


Well it totally worked, didn't feel info dumpy at all. As for time, take all the time in the world. I don't think you can get less timely than Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying. (which is an amazing Twiluna btw)

1807677 So this was the story you said you were working on! Faved and liked sir!


Yeah, I thoroughly avoided info dumping and doing things such as exposing you readers to a thousand word prose describing six mares and a dragon that you should already know. : ) If I have to, I might, but there will be plenty of warning in advance that an info dump be over in yonder waters.

And yes, I have read that, even recently talked with the author. While his progress is slow, that story it so worth it. I felt kind of bad for blasting him for how its currently hanging at the moment though. but yeah, TwiLuna and TwiLestia are by far my favorite pairings in the fanfiction, and was partly the reason of this story.


Yes indeed, and I hope you enjoy it! I will try to find some time tomorrow evening after writing to get a good long look @Lulamoon like I said I would by the way. :twilightsmile:


I do hope you enjoy, and am looking forward to any feedback you might have.


Thanks, I hope to deliver in a somewhat timely manner.

God it's too late for me to actually stand reading this...Ima mark it so I can read it tomorrow when I'm awake...

Because anything peppy endorses MUST give me my sadomasochism quota for that day


I'm afraid that there is not much sadomasochism involved behind this story (I take a much lighter approach to tales than good ole Peppy does), however he was most kind to help bring about my simple idea and build it up, and I hope that you enjoy it once you get the chance to read it through.

Good start... this story has potential.

Yes... Let us see what happens next! :moustache:

Twiluna for the win

Also,"special time with applejack- I lol'd.

I love where this is going but I am a bit annoyed how twilight revealed her crush so early I just wish she didn't tell them so it will build up suspense until she tells them or they find out

But good never the less:twilightsmile:

1807818 Hm...

Your Mentor Friend

This line. I'm not sure why, but it feels off. Could it possibly need an "and" or changed to something like Your Once Mentor and New/Now/Continuing/Still Friend. The first two seem less likely, since I could see the possibility of them being friends during her time as a student.

Seems like the other pairings are Pinkie/Fluttershy and some Applejack/Rarity. Will either be explored further or will it stay with the main pairing?

you sir, have won five moustaches
I would very much like to see more of your handiwork


Glad to hear that you all enjoyed this first bit, and hopefully the next chapter will be just as enjoyable.

Oh indeed, I am trying to approach the comedic aspects with a 'get it as it comes', and that opportunity was just too good to pass up. : )

Well, I am approaching this story with more of the 'post confession' than the build up to said confession, so that I may focus more on the challenges and such associated with the relationship that Twilight and Luna will have. Don't worry though, there will be some looking back on the foundation of it all, what led into their feelings for one another, but I felt that it would take too long and detract from what I wanted to focus on.

thanks for bringing that up to my attention, it was a formatting error that slipped through when I transferred the GDoc into Fim's upload. I now know that it doesn't like strikethroughs. As far as the pairings, it might be explored in snapshots here and there with interactions that occur, but the primary focus is indeed Twilight and Luna. No plans to focus solely on them at this time though.

Yaya there are simply not enough TwiLuna fics! Great choice mate! And, great story too! I like this very much and is this really your first story? If yes then... DAAYNUM!!!1! Keep that stuff up and goin'! I will definitely fav and like this.


We hopeth that thou enjoyeth this tale...
Hmm, and that is why you won't be seeing 'Old Equestrian' in this story! Truly glad to know that you are enjoying it, and I hope that as I continue moving it forward it continues to be good.

Indeed, there can never be enough of one of the best pairings in the fiction! Thank you very much for your words of praise, and yes, this is indeed the first one... that has seen the light of day at least. This is the... 4th story that I have actually put words to, the first two never really got past a prologue nor fell into MLP, and the third, well, once I develop this story more you might see it thrown up here. However, I don't think it'd be able to touch this one.


Lol, I'll be trying to cram plenty of it in this story, as the primary focus will be on their relationship!

Be careful with the Sex tag. I very nearly skipped this Story if not for the love of Twiluna but I wasnt expecting something of this good caliber and no rushed sex so maybe mature tag would be enough.

TwiLuna being my OTP I approve of this fully but I especially look forward to Stories who in some kind of way include the Mane 6 and their Reactions to the growing Relationship of Twilight and Luna for both Parties, be it Informative Supporting or Disagreeing and work that then out. That said a very solid start :twilightsmile:


Yeah, the 'Sex' tag is currently there because, well, I might get a pinch in depth at some point, it is still in the air where I will fall when looking at simply implicating on one end and outright full on clop on the other end. I would rather take the precaution and warn folks what might be on the road ahead, even if it is the reason for a few readers lost and some downvotes. I will be examining exactly what I plan to do for those situations over the next week or so, and depending on that I'll make my call. And yeah, I am avoiding the rushing aspect of the relationship, the focus I am going for is not the buildup that 99% of stories focus on, but rather the start, and then the slow wonderful development thereafter, which is typically where most fictions end in TwiLuna fics, which is kind of why I started this one. Oh look, author went rambling, sorry bout that.

And TwiLuna is indeed an all time favorite of mine, I enjoy the depth and openness of Luna, while Twilight, well, there is just so much to do with her. I plan to keep the Main 6 in this story, although they probably will not get as much screen time as some might be hoping for, they will be playing a pivotal role regardless. Hope the next chapter continues just as strongly, and thanks for the feedback!

Good story thus far. The characters all seem like themselves and their conversations pop with a great amount of humor. Even with the prospect of clop in the future, I'll track this :twilightsmile: .


Thanks for the words, it's been a rather interesting experience to be both writing as well as trying to keep characters to their near canon form. And glad you like the humor, again, another learning experience as to how much and where to put it in. : )

I've got to ask, as the last reply I typed out kinda hit on it, but is the Sex tag that much of a turn away for folks typically? Really just a precuationary thing, as this story is still rather infantile (Was only an idea 8? days ago now). You are the second person to make a comment to that end though.

Hey, no prob, I give compliments when compliments are due. As I said, the characters all give of a genuine vibe and seem to interact with each other much like they do in the show, which is always a great thing to stumble upon at 6:00 AM :pinkiehappy: .

As for the "Sex" tag possibly warding readers away, sure, it might. But other readers might flock to it too. Really, what matters in the end is writing what you want to write, the readers be damned! It's your story, yo, don't let it get bogged down by worries that readers won't accept it. In the end, the only way to find out whether or not they'll like it is to write it and present it to them. If you're pleased with the end product, then that's what matters :raritystarry: .

Have fun with it, yo :twilightsmile: .


Again, thanks. I know I have fun thanking other writers, I'll admit it is rather odd, although nice, to be on the receiving end for once! And luckily I have two talented editors to help me out with this process, so it goes a long way. I believe I spent an hour with just one of them with this first chapter, and that was at the end after they'd been looking at parts for a few days. : )

And thanks for that info, it's something I'll continue to keep in mind.

And I plan to, already up to about 2850 words in the new chap, hoping to have it ready for proofing tomorrow or so. It's been a blast writing this so far, and there should be plenty more humor in the future too. xD

Yeah, it's always fun to give authors constructive feedback :twilightsmile: . Even if I don't like something very much, I'll try to help when I can. But rest assured, I did indeed like what I read :rainbowkiss: . Heck, if you ever need any more help on the editing battlefield, I'd be happy to give you my two cents and look at it. I can't edit my own work worth a damn, what with the "We Are Our Own Worst Editors" complex always gnawing at me and making me think, "Crap, I just edited it... now I'm editing it again. Why am I doing this to myself, it's 4:00 in the morning?!"

Good, I look forward to seeing what happens next, raunchy or not, and I'll be sure to tell ya what I think :moustache: . Remember, have fun with it and you can't go wrong! :yay:



Obvious chapter title, is, well, somewhat obvious. Hope y'all enjoyed the rest of it. : )

Those were my exact words upon reading the final line of the chapter.

Good job spacecowboy, you've kept me intrigued. I eagerly await more.

Ohh o here comes trouble
Loved it
Can't wait for more keep up the good work


Thank you much, glad y'all enjoyed it.
Next chapter shouldn't be such a cliff either, I promise!

I really don't mind cliff hangers it makes it all the more sweeter when it comes out

Mmmmm....I love all this shipping,it's delicious.:trollestia: The Ending:that was well done on your part, I laughed quite a bit:rainbowlaugh:



Glad to hear it, I thought of it as Twilight kind of breaking Luna there for a minute or two.
And, got to love Scrubs references. Got to.


Yum.... Liquid Courage. Results May Vary!

well better than being a student but still...:facehoof:

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