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Celestia asks Luna to teach Twilight dark magic. Twilight must pass Luna's class in order to graduate. As Luna develops feelings for her student, Twilight questions which princess she really wants to serve and protect.
(Twilight X Luna)

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Wonderful and promising... I am going to keep an eye on this one

One thing though: you mention it being a slow start.. But I rather felt the emotional pacing was rather fast. Nothing especially negative, mind you.. Just the revelation that Twilight has romantic feelings for Celestia was given away a bit too early for my tastes...

This being said, I look forward to the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Slow starts means a long story, right?
Anyway, MOAR :flutterrage: Um, that is, if you want to. Whatever you do is fine. :yay:

2052224 yes yes moar is on the way...thank u for your review :raritywink:

2051997 thank u thank u for the kind words....I'm working on the next chapter as we speak :twilightsmile:

I really like this beginning xD
keep it up! :D :rainbowkiss:

2052543 lol no need to be sorry...the song was the inspiration after all hehe love it!

Very Good!! Keep It Up!!! :scootangel:
All The Best to You,
Brony and Dashing Proud :rainbowdetermined2:,
Lightning Flash

Hahaha, very good start IMO :twilightsmile: I shall be watching to see where you go with this, as Lazy Bones said you brought in her feelings for Celestia a bit too soon, but other than that I think this is going to go well. I cannot wait to see where you go with this :twilightsmile:

2051997 oh come on. Since when is Twilight's massive crush a revelation? It's practically canon :scootangel:

Quite interesting start there. I hope you will make the chapters bit longer, 2k words is not really much. Maybe 4-5?

I have read shitload of, as you said, Twiluna fics centered around Luna teaching her dark magic. And, why the hell not, I adore Twiluna from all of my heart, and there is NEVER too much of it. Best. Ship. Ever. :D

Take my fave and thumbs. And keep up the good work mate. :)

I can't wait for the next part. Your story is very well written and captivating. :twilightsmile:

What the hell is this? What happened to the story with the EXACT SAME NAME with Dr. House in it?

wait does this mean that everyone under Luna was banish to the moon?
how on earth do they survive for 1000years :twilightoops:?

2054962 moar is on the way!:twilightsheepish:
2054856 i was thinking that when they were banished to the moon they were sentenced to eternal slumber or something along those lines....well at least till nightmare moon awoke and because of the dark magic...they didn't age
2054550 i dont know of this story you speak. I guess I was naive to think that a popular song name like that wouldn't have been used for any other stories. I am sure that story is still on the site if you look for it, if it isn't that has nothing to do with me
2054470 thank you very much! i appreciate that!
2054440 I agree twiluna is my new favorite shipping pair. I will work on longer chapters!
2053234 thank you for your kind words, the revelation about twilight crushing on celestia was buildup for her eventual realization that she has fallen for another :twilightsmile: maybe I could have made it a bit more subtle lol
2052706 thank you very much! love your profile pic btw ;)

2052540 thank u very much! I am working on the next chapter right now :rainbowkiss:

2055529That is a very good reason :twilightsmile: Just try to get it in a little slower than just telling people, imply it and then after your done with it you can do exactly that, as with the Luna part where she realizes it. That could be the part where you don't have to be subtle. Just a little suggestion :twilightsmile: Hope to see you updating soon!

Do you believe in magic, a-wooah-oohh


in a young girls heart the music and freedom!:pinkiehappy:

In a young Pinkie's heart?
Where the music can free her, whenever it starts?


Tracking and upvoting. :moustache:

Very good
The TwiLuna fic i am working on is the polar opposite, it's Luna that is learning from Twilight
She is learning about friendship and that's just another billion in the TwiLuna stories but this is very interesting and i do plan on keeping up with this

Nice, nice.

Can't wait for a new chapter.

Corrections are in bold.
She couldn’t imagine what she could possibly teach Twilight Sparkle that the young unicorn didn’t already know.
"I will watch over her and make sure she does not make the same mistakes as I once did."
Then again, the princess was very busy and who was she to question her teacher’s wishes?
She still had a couple of hours before she was to meet Celestia. This one cannot be explained through bold text. There were several extra spaces after the word "Celestia".
One thing was certain; tonight was going to be a night that would change her life forever.
“Should we do something, Cloak And Dagger?” he asked in a hushed tone.
“I’m sorry to disappoint you, Twilight.” Luna said, regaining her serious tone.
“Yes, of course, Princess Luna.
“Twilight Sparkle, meet Cloak and Dagger.”
This was a form of greeting, and it wasn’t unusual in any way, yet the warmth of Twilight’s body rubbing against her, brought her happiness. The emboldened comma should be removed.
“If there’s anything you need, please feel free to let me know.”
One thing was for certain, and that was that the princess was correct. She had better get some rest, so she could be ready for anything Luna had planned for her.
She was a bit disappointed that you weren’t there though.
Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood grammar nazi. Look on the bright side though, if your story was terrible I wouldn't have bothered to let you know!:yay:

I like it so far^^ Got one question though: what happened to that test Twilight was supposed to take?

I've got my own TwiLuna series going, and I'm always looking to see what other writers do with my favorite ship. So far this one looks fun! Definitely want to see more of this. Good work!

Dis gon b gud :pinkiehappy:
Definitely tracking for TwiLuna :rainbowwild:

2068571 thank u for the kinds words :twilightsmile: i will do my best nt to disappoint lol
2067809 i will have to check your fic out when i have some time..i am loving twiluna!:rainbowlaugh:
2066812 glad u are enjoying....the test is to pass luna's crazy class lol and come out with your sanity? haha jk but yes her test is to master the dark powers luna will teach her
2060609 thank you...i made the corrections you posted.....some were just dumb typos but i really appreciated the grammar nazi .....its been awhile since ive been in school so i am relearning hehe lol :twistnerd:
2059617 thank you thank you i am working on it :pinkiehappy:
2059144 i like ur story idea i think luna could learn alot from twi...i will have to check it out! twiluna rules!:trollestia:
2058225 haha so true! dont tell celestia i said that!:trollestia:
2057771 thank u kind sir ..i shall take that mustache and ask for another!
2057387 and its magic if the pinkie is groovy!

2056681 thank u thank u friend! your kind words mean alot! hopefully i will have the next chapter up soon...wish i could scan my brain with the computer...the story is already written up there:rainbowlaugh:

I like the use of cloak and dagger, he's a good middleman between Luna and twilight

2086843 thanx alot ;) i am trying to include him in some way in every chapter :twilightblush:

Loved this chapter ^.^ Hahahaha, can't wait to see this all work out ^.^ I must say you pace the story quite well, and you adding the quirks makes it that much better ^.^ keep going!

:rainbowlaugh: make more please this is awsome

Very nice

I am impressed, and you have me interested... Continue.

I see some issues in the second chapter I need to edit but I am going to wait till
We are sure the site is running at 100 percent lol

This is good mate! Continue! :D

Heh loving this story so far. Keep on the gewd work.

Awesome!! keep up the good work.

2093483 thank u thank u...those words motivate me to try and get the next chappie up asap:twilightsheepish:
2092835 i promise i shall! everyday i think up another idea for whaere i want this story to go lol
2092738 bwahahaha i was watching and i was like wtf.....then when the song started playing i fell off of my chair laughing....thanx!
2092540 thank u.....those are words every author loves to hear....more is on the way
2092511 thank u ! i appreciate the kind words and encouragement
2092384 moar is on the way.....i hope the next chap should be up by the end of the weekend :moustache:
2092354 thank u thank u...i am glad u are enjoying so far:twilightsmile:
2092287 thank u very much....i am trying to remember your adivce on showing instead of telling...lol also working really hard on pacing....on the previous fanfic site i frequented everyone wanted the shipping now now now... its a refreshing change that the readers on this site like a good well written thought out story as opposed to any old trash that features their fave characters :pinkiehappy:

2095613 Well, whats the fun if they just fall for eachother right away? the best story is building up to it, to make the reader see how the feelings came to be, and when it all happened and how they spend enough time together to do so. your doing just that ^.^ I implore you to keep writing :twilightsmile:

Just wondering... if this fic somehow involves Rarity and Applejack getting married, then does that make it canon to Lady on the Streets / Freak Between the Sheets? And if so, does that mean Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are also together?

2098865 hmmm that's a great question. I am going to say no though. The RariJack part could be I spose but I have other plans for rainbow dash when it comes time for the wedding chapter or chapters. I actually can't wait to write them lol.

2097976 As an author....comments like this make my day! thank u ever so much:twilightsmile:

Alright so far, but badly rushed. You could have gotten a lot more mileage out of Twilight's crush on Celestia. Cloak and Dagger feels intrusive, like he and his backstory were parachuted into the fic for the sake of having an OC around.

2101266 thank u for reading and commenting....as for being rushed...im assuming u mean romance wise...but nopony has fallen for the other yet......and twilight still has her crush on celestia...,,as for cloak and dagger....i really don't like oc characters.....so u will just have to trust that i do have a purpose for him ....and im getting to it lol ...thanx again:twilightsheepish:

A wonderful chapter :twilightsmile:
I love your characterisation of Twi and Luna especially in this chapter. :pinkiehappy: Have a moustache :moustache:
Edit: The picnic dream reminds me of your other fic :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome, loved it!! :rainbowdetermined2:
Also, please keep up the rapid chapters!! :scootangel:

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