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All good things must come to an end. So too for all bad things. Whether my time on this site qualified as good or bad, I'm not sure. It is over, though. That is something I am sure of. Farewell.


Hello? Goodbye · 5:02am Nov 25th, 2015

At the end of this month, I will remove my bookmark from this site and halt checking anything associated with it. I am done here. However, before I go, I am going to run a brief experiment.

If you read this, please post a comment below before December of 2015. I am simply curious if anyone really does notice anything I'm doing or if I'm simply talking to myself right now. Thank you for your time. If you do actually care about what I'm doing, for whatever reason... thank you, and I apologize.

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Do you like gears of war.

2036302 Umm... Honestly, "Umm..." is really all I have to say in relation to this one. I've got nothing.

Have more Nirvana!

One of their fastest songs. The grunge genre has some of the best distortion sounds. :derpytongue2:

2033845 Clever joke. I've no idea what the subject matter even was, let alone if it was an interesting topic.

You like subject matter, eh? I think you'll love this one then. :trollestia:

Someone said this sounds like a stoner rap.

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