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Prince Lunar


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Home is behind, the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow, to the edge of night
Until the stars are all alright
Mist and shadow
Cloud and shade
All shall Cade
All shall fade

A poem about halo

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OC and RP characters

Lunar 457 and Agent 456
(Pic coming soon to a store near you)

Bio('s):not much is really known about Lunar or Agent except they were from the planet Reach and their parents were rebels. Lunar and Agent are the highest ranking Spartan's in the UNSC.Lunar is a master of CQB but agent prefers more of a long range point of view he says (and I quote) "that an enemy's more afraid of something they can't see then something they can." Lunar comments to this by saying "you may be right but you honor an enemy by letting him/her see what brings their down fall." Lunar says crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair. If you think of them as yin and yang Agent would be yin and Lunar would be yang.

Background:both Agent and Lunar were born on the planet Reach and lived their until its fall on August, 30 2552(July, 24 2552-August, 30 2552). When They Were taken and trained to become a Spartan II for the first time in 6 years they feared they maybe split up into different squads Dr. Cathrine Halsey said to Mendez(and I quote yet again) "That since they're twins they would be better as a team than alone so It would be best for both of them and us if they stay as a team." So when it came time for squads Lunar and Agent were put into a sqaud of 5 (the other spartans names are Marcuse 357,George 089,and Kelly 243.). As the training continued they grew closer as brothers and rarely left the others side (only to sleep,use the bathroom,and do ops) they even took punishment together cause as most people know that some twins can feel each others pain. (though its not proven some twins do say that they can feel the others pain or read each others mind some even report that they do exactly what the other does) so we trained and were top of their class and (for those of you who don't know if there's a twin and the other gets picked to be a Spartan the other must go as well and as such if one drops out the other drops out though they don't have to take punishment together they did though but back on topic if the spartan is head of the class or in this case heads of the class they get an AI so Lunar and Agent were given 1 AI you see the problem there there was two of them so they shared the AI and established a way to have the AI link between the two) so as time grew they grew closer than ever during the fall of earth when Agent saved Lunars life and after the battle was won tpboth were promoted to captains Lunar and Agent. Lunar was given the Infinity and Agent the Savannah but for the first time in over 45 years would be apart.
Lunar then became a handler for a Spartan III Agent would become an amazing captain and awarded the navy cross for his heroism on the battle of new heaven after 9 years apart they where told to find new colonies and so they found Equis the planet filled with ponies and that's where we get to the present in our story Lunar and Agent are still on Equis Lunar is still captain of the infinity and is married to princess Luna. Agent resigned being captain of the savanah a year ago and is now a Lt aboard the infinity.

Wife (Luna)
Son (Isaac)
Daughter (Kelly) Brother (Agent)
Sister (unknown)
Mom (dead)
Dad (dead)

Wife (unknown)
Son (unknown) Daughter (Unknown)
Brother (Lunar)
Sister (unknown)
Mom (dead)
Dad (dead)

Cutie mark:Lunar-none

Cutie mark:Agent-none

Personality:Lunar-strong hearted,fun to be around,a more foreword personality

Personality:Agent-wise,more of a laid back attitude then Kelly and Lunar,thinks defeat is worse than death

Current status:Lunar-with Luna.

Current status:Agent-training in the canterlot gardens with Kelly.



Kelly (Lucky)777

Background and Bio:her parents died during the fall of Reach. she was put in an orphanage and lived there until Lunar and 2 marines came in and adopted her and put her into the Spartan III program (she still calls Lunar dad when there off duty) with Lunar as her handler she excelled at everything from sniping to CQB she was not the top of her class in the end though she was disappointed but Lunar said to her "you may not win but you should take that lose and wear it as armor so it will make your victories much easier" after that day she excelled as a solider to this very day she's a Spartan onboard the infinity.

Husband (unknown)
Son (unknown)
Daughter (unknown)
Brother (Isaac)
Sister (unknown)
Biological dad (dead)
Biological Mom (dead)
Mom (Luna)
Dad (Lunar)

Cutie mark:none

Personality:strong hearted like Lunar and wise like Agent,godly acrobatic,caring (when she wants to),has a temper

Current status:training with Agent in the canterlot gardens


Johnny gat

Everybody loves Johnny fucking gat just cause nobody can explain Johnny gat