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Only in death does duty end.

Past incarnations.


The Korps

The Gray Knight

The Swarmlord

The end is nigh...

Look upon this hammer I hold before me, for it is far more than a weapon. It is a symbol of the Imperial justice that smites the diabolic enemies of the Imperium wherever they are found, just as I. Though it has banished even a mighty Greater Daemon to the hell from which it was spawned, it remains true and pure, just as I. Furthermore, it is a symbol of my order and my office, of the authority granted to me by the divine will of the Emperor. By that authority, I am commanding you and your entire regiment to obey me without question or hesitation. Advance, or it will not be daemonic blood that stains my hammer this day.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the daemon, I know no fear. For I am what the daemon fears.

Let your dissent fuel you, your anger inspire you, your rage convey you, and your fury strike a chilling fear onto the spines of your enemies.

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.

Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

... and they are the judgement of the righteous man upon the impure. They bring the wrath of the God-Emperor against those creatures who cannot be understood by the faithful...

We are warriors of the Grey Knights, armored in Faith, shielded by Devotion, and armed with Purity of Purpose. But greater even than these, we carry the light of the divine Emperor of Man into the dark places to purge the daemonic wherever it may be found.

There is nothing in the arcane and blasphemous arsenal of the forces of Chaos that can compare to faith. With the power of faith, our weapons become shining instruments of deliverance that can cleave the mightiest daemon in twain. With the power of faith, our minds appear as slivers of pure agony to the daemon, driving into the wretched forms of those who would dare stand before us. With the power of faith, our words become commands that cause the daemon to cower and cringe in terror. I could meet my enemies unarmed without a shred of fear in my chest, for I know that the Emperor watches over me and guides my hand. So let them come. We shall show them what the power of faith can do.

I am the Hammer,

I am the Sword,

I am the Spear,

I am the Shield,

I am the soldier at the End of Time.

One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness,

One final blade, forged in defiance of fate.

Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered,

And my final gift to the species I failed.

I am the Hammer,

I am the edge of His Sword,

I am the tip of His Spear,

I am the mail about His Fist,

I am the flight of His Arrows,

I am the right hand of my Emperor,

I am the instrument of His Will,

I am His sword as He is my Armor,

I am his Wrath and He is my Zeal,

I am the Bane of His Foes and the Woes of the Treacherous,

Let us be His Shield,

Let us speak His Word as He fuels the Fire of Devotion,

Let us fight His Battles, as He fights the Battle at the end of time,

And let us join Him there, for Duty ends not in Death,

In Vengeance be true, In Valor be Strong,

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Thank you, Brother, for putting The Return of Sunset on your "Half-Priced Books" shelf... whatever that means... :trixieshiftright:

The Emperor Protects! :yay:

Thanks for coming to check this out.

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2283369 I'm not parading someones ban. You can think that, but i'm not.

I'm done discussing this. Come back when any of you have brain cells.

EDIT: 2283370 Righto.

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