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I'm just a simple humorist, cartoonist, philanthropist, kinda-pissed, animator. And my love of cartoons stretches all the way to ponies. Expect PUNS.

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What's eating WIL_I_ZIN (Cheating Death post) · 12:56am Mar 20th, 2016

Alright so this blog is overdue and I believe my audience deserves an answer to their questions as to why I took so long to not only update my stories, but why I seem to be absent a lot from FIMfiction.

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You do you man. I'll try and push myself to update it.

I really want to read cheating death act 2, but I know it hasn't been updated in forever and I don't want the mental baggage that comes with reading a story without being able to finish it.

When is the next chapter

Stories lived here once but then they died from neglect. Their empty skulls lie in the sand as a memorial to what once was...:pinkiesad2:

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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