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About Chapter 4... · 5:58am Feb 19th, 2013

My computer died. I mean literally, I was on it and it just went out.

Despite being a computer junkie, I failed to back up everything (probably because this never happened before!!!) So, I lost Chapter 4 as well. As a result, it is going to be late (I already went back on that twice a month thing... Thanks Professors.), especially because I've got two other story ideas that are beating the inside of my skull. So I'll be doing those first.

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Thank you very much for the Fave of Zenith. I hope that you enjoy finding out where Spike goes on his journey!:moustache:

I'm glad that you are still finding stories of mine to enjoy. I hope that someday you'll find one that you enjoy enough that I earn your Watch.:twilightblush:

Hello again! I'm very glad that you thought enough of my exploration of what would happen to Spike in a situation like Immature to give it a Fave. It's knowing that people like you have found it engaging that makes it worthwhile.:pinkiesmile:

I'm very glad that you enjoyed my little story about two ponies who are still in love. Thanks for your Fave of The Father of My Children, it means quite a bit to me!:twilightsmile:

Welcome to Equestria Divided. I hope you have fun with us.

Thanks for adding A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies to your favorites! :rainbowkiss: And may the joys of demon slaying and pony grooming be with you always.

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