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"Ala is a horse philanderer." —Senator fourths

My Stories, please read...I mean, if you want to.



About Meh


Me? Sci Fi geek. Computer guru. Long time furry. Not sure if I'm allowed to call myself a scientist yet.

I like shipping humans with ponies...I guess I'm like Fred from Galaxy Quest: I could totally fall for a betentacled person with a nice personality. So really, having dirty thoughts about ponies is actually pretty tame for me.

Trixie is best pone. Followed by Fluttershy.

I write horribly nonlinearly: I make extensive outlines and backgrounds, then fill in chapters at random as I get inspired to do so. I am trying to work on this, to at least be able to write linearly and more spontaneously.


Raving Endorsements!

"ala, I love you, but you are going to hell" —fourths again, actually.

What I've Been Working On

Working on Princess Celestia is an Ice Road Trucker, and various ideas.

Still poking at Advent Redemption, but I dunno...

Flashpoint and Star Trek: Trailblazer are effectively on hiatus since Jersey hasn't been up for much in the way of writing.


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Writing Influences / Recommendations

Celia S. Friedman (anything, but esp. Coldfire <3)
Verner Vinge (Zones of Thought)
Terry Brooks (Shannara, Magic Kingdom)
Connie Willis (everything)
Mercedes Lackey (Valdemar <3 <3, Halfblood Chronicles)
Iain M. Banks (Culture, others)
Steven Brust (Dragaera)
Stephen Baxter (Manifold, Xeelee)
Laurell K. Hamilton (old Anita Blake)
John Scalzi, Charlie Stross, Robert Jordan, Karl Schroeder, Alastair Reynolds, Jack L. Chalker, a bunch of old Magic: The Gathering and Shadowrun novels by various authors.

...and I would be remiss not to mention the online writings of Jamie W. Zawinski, and Laura Lemay. If a sense of humor comes through in my writing, it is certainly in part due to the influence of their scribblings.

And heck, if we go back far enough, The Hardy Boys and Goosebumps.

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