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no, just to keep track of it, also ignore the thumbs up I gave it, I actually secretly despise it. I also regularly practice sarcasm.

It was fun actually, though there were some clunky places and a couple places where the same partial phrase was repeated... I'll skim through it again so I can point out such things.

You added my story to faves.
Does it mean you like it?

Thanks for the interest in End of Days, End of Nights!

2364583 I know. Issue is recently I've been stuck only able to be on a cell phone which makes doing certain things very difficult.

I do plan to get editors once I'm able to use computers online once more with some regularity.

And I glad you enjoyed the humor in both sequels as I try to do things a bit differently in each sequel.

And just finished reading the second sequel... Both were good. The second one had me laughing quite a bit, fantastic humour. The only thing I would add is twilights revenge on luna being enchanted paper targets such that it deflects high velocity projectiles from the centre mark, or possibly the whole target.

I would imagine by now that the EDF would have researched into enchanted shield piercing bullets, largely because of lord tirek.

spelling and grammar are just as bad as before, but I feel the overall quality of the story telling has improved. You really need to get somebody to fix up your writing as it turns away most people.

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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