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Reaching the big time now! · 11:28pm Oct 29th, 2016

I've got ten followers now! Thanks everyone. Sorry I'm not more active. I want to write, but often times just don't feel like doing it. I've had a story I've been meaning to fix and finish for months now and I just haven't been able to get myself to do it.

That's all I got, sorry.

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Sorry! D:

I don't read too many stories!

Hey, I know you. ... ... hey wait what took you so long?! D8<

>comes to my page
>tells me to "F-off"

Also disgusting waste of flesh? How rude! I am very much not a waste, I'm a productive member of society and I can't help my fleshy aspect, but I'd gladly replace it with a superior robot body if given the chance!

It's very amusing!

Are you seriously not aware that your predictability is amusing us? :rainbowwild:
Glad to see you didn't disappoint.

But now I just feel bad. I mean this is a person that lashes out at commenters on their personal user pages. Can I really say anything to make your life more miserable than it already is?


That is going to be answer to any and all comments by you disgusting wastes of flesh.

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