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That's not a fave. It's my "you tried" bookshelf. Your story has some mechanical flaws that prevent me from favoriting it, but I liked the premise and it wasn't hard to read. So you get to go in the "meh" shelf, for now.

Thanks for being a fan, and keep on improving. You're almost there, you just need to iron out some kinks

Lol thanks for thr fave heh im a fan of your work lol

When it gets commissioned

Are you going to finished FOE mind games

Yeah, I figured as much.

I have a new idea for a clopfic that might be interesting, but I don't have the money to commission it.
Could I send it your way anyway?

Yeah, fuck it, gimme a sec.

You can DM it to me, or post it in my most recent blog post

Ah shoot. Had this up-lifting-revenge-Twilight-comeuppance-comment thing I wrote, wanted to post on Royal Abby.

Comment posted by Disgraced deleted Jul 20th, 2018

Did you stop comments on Twilight's Royal Abby?

i hate when people cant tell the difference between real life porn and fictitious porn, almost makes me weep because there so stupid. but then I remember that there asshats and hypocrites that have nothing better to do but bully people that done nothing wrong

It got reposted because I stopped giving a shit about the single person who caused problems with the story.

It was up. It was taken down, and now it's up.

Comments are disabled cause I'm not in the mood to deal with the backlash. If you've got feedback or anything of that sort, feel free to PM me

Why was Twilight's Royal Abby reposted? Wasn't that story already up? And why are the comments disabled on it?

dont know why i did it but i clicked that follow:pinkiecrazy:

A watch, for your wordsmithery.

I accept sacrifices in the form of fine livestock, virgin daughters, and Ko-fi donations.

  • Viewing 38 - 57 of 57
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