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Yes, it's true. This man has no dick. | Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LewdChapter | Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/lewdchapter


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You have subscribed to Slaanesh. This action cannot be undone. We thank you for your patronage and hope you enjoy all the content our God-Mistress provides.

Hail Slaanesh.

PM me or message me on Discord

I have a new commission idea, if they're open.

Sorry bout that, uce. Been very busy, and this just slipped my mind.

So you know, I did manage to put up some moolah at the Patreon. Just wanted to make sure it was reflected.

Also, I've got your entry for Muscle Mania completed, it'll be up within this week or next.

Who the heck are you? Anyway, thanks for the follow.

Comment posted by life or death deleted April 27th

I'll see what I can do

Can you please do me a favor.....

My birthday is in December 1st and i really hope that you could make a sequel for "Scrambled Egghead"?


It would really make my birthday wish come true!!!

I just want to make sure you DID get my PM about the payment

Nope. Shoot me a PM for details

Quick question:
Do you only take commissions through patreon?

Hello LewdChapter.
I am a huge fan of your stories.

I really like the AnonxPrincipalCinch stories.
Are you going to make another one?

Anyway, thank for all your effort.
I hope one day you can make a story based on Filthyjack (FilthyRichxApplejack)
There is a lot of pictures of that ship in Derpibooru.

Have a nice day and be safe.

No problem! Anything for a fellow Fimfict-er (?)

Thanks for the love, beb

My main project right now is The Handmaiden, which is taking up a good chunk of focus. Although, if you want sneak peek and whatnot, I recommend pledging to my Patreon.

Sorry for the shill, but a man's gotta eat.


Got it. By the way, love your work. Working on anything at the moment?

I think you might have accidentally turned off Mature browsing, gb. Check it out

I can't access your stories. Is something wrong?

  • Viewing 62 - 81 of 81
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