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On second thought, I think I'll keep writing. · 5:07am April 2nd

Streaming was fun, but ultimately writing is my true passion. Thanks for everyone who showed up. I'll probably stream in the evenings after I've done all my work and can just chillax with you all.

Happy April First!

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Do you have your deleted stories hidden anywhere on a more tolerant channel? Rainbow Dash and the Amulet of Amon-Ka for instance?

The stories I'm proud of near the top of this page would be a good place to start. The five second war and its sequels might also interest you. This one, this one, and these two + 1might also pique your interest if you want more comedy. If some horrory aspects tickles your fancy then these two might be up your alley. Also if you want to check out the pseudo prequel to this one, you can check it out here.

Really just click on my stories and sort by votes. You'll find plenty.

Which ones would you suggest? With my attention span, I'm not likely to keep looking through them myself...

I'd look back through my catalog if I were you. I got nearly 150 stories, and I think a few would catch your eye.

I Have Zero Attack Power, Yet I Must Fight
Mother Of All
You Know Nothing Of Agony

  • Viewing 203 - 207 of 207
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