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Commissions Are Closed untill october or so!

12 dollars usd per thousand words! One flat price no matter the size, wow what a deal!

Will write pretty much whatever you want, provided its not too extreme. PM me for details.

I also edit stories for the low price of 10$ per thousand words or if youd simply like me to reveiw your story and write up a detailed evaluation of it then its just 5 bucks per thousand words! This reveiw will be posted here, as well as on my patron and discord so if you want a little more exposure that may help! The reveiw would also identify more broad failures and streangths in your story and would contain a list of helpfull tips and tricks!

Check out the FAQ for more info!

Also please feel free to join the discord if you want updates on releases or just want to chat!


December Suggestion threads and infestation and first law chapters are up! · 8:22pm Yesterday

I am doinga bonus suggestion thread for all patrons of any level over on patreon! So if you dont want to put much in but still want the chance to throw a cute, holiday themed suggestion, nows your chance!

Or if you want to submit a suggestion of any kind, I'm doing a bonus suggestion pick for 5$ and up patrons over here!

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I am still in talks to let me put it back up and ensure I'm following the rules. For now its just on patreon.

Ok so what happen to it?

Meeester didnt like it because I was offering to veiw the WIP of the rest of the story. Claims I was paywalling the content which goes against the rules even if its all coming out for free anyway.

Where’s is that Elements of Corruption story?

Thanks for fave on Alone! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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