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300 already · 6:44am June 28th

*fans self* Jeese, you guys sure are laying on the pressure thick aint ya? I best step up my game and stop screwing around. I honestly didnt think id even get this far but I will try my best to be worthy of your attention. Please keep letting me know what my stories do and dont do well. The feedback on The First Law has been very enlightening and ive learned alot! I had hoped to do another suggestion thing for 300 but i've still got to finish the last batch I did around 250. So around 350 or a

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  • The spirit of parties saves Equestria! Pinkie Pie has taken it upon herself to save equestria from the xenophobic bigotry running rampant. If only she could get a handle on her newfound chaos powers, this would be a lot easier. by Jest 11,118 words · 434 views · 26 likes · 3 dislikes


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Ummm sorry to bug you :fluttershysad: but could you review my story Stars Above Equestria :pinkiesad2:

Of course, whatever order you want my dude.

Is it okay if I edit Vows first?

Huzzah! (Wish they had something for Luna in the ponies section.)

Both did! And both have a second chapter coming up soonish!

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