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Content Removal · 10:49pm Wednesday

As some of you may know I was reported to Patreon for having unsavory content on my profile. After scrubbing Patreon clean I have been notified that all attached online profiles must also fall under their guidelines. Or else I will have my account terminated and my income all but annihilated. As such I have removed the following stories for containing either non-con, bestiality, depictions of incest, or sexual content involving minors.

A slice of pound cake

The elements of corruption

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Nothing has happened yet and I still have plenty of options so I doubt I'll be hanging up my writer hat anytime soon. It's just an unfortunate possibility.

Sorry about the whole Paatreon issue I hope you don't stop writing or find some other way

Comment posted by God Praiser deleted March 20th

Awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

Been trying to stay motivated 🤓

I'll make sure to pass along the good vibes my freind.

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