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Will write pretty much whatever you want, provided its not too extreme. PM me for details.


Sneak Peak of Service Mares! · 7:12am Last Wednesday

Here it is! The aforementioned sneak peak that my patreons have been able to see for awhile. Although calling it a sneak peak sounds silly as its over 20 pages, regardless I hope you enjoy it.

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  • The spirit of parties saves Equestria! Pinkie Pie has taken it upon herself to save equestria from the xenophobic bigotry running rampant. If only she could get a handle on her newfound chaos powers, this would be a lot easier. by Jest 11,118 words · 471 views · 27 likes · 3 dislikes


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Thats a rare request but yes of course.

You think whenever you get the chance you could work some more on The Temperament of Gods?

my favorites is my to read pile will let ya know when i finish it.

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