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An average man died an average death, having achieved nothing of note, either of good, or evil. While in a different world, Celestia has perished during the changeling invasion, leaving behind grieving sister, student and nation.
But death is not the end for either of these people and with the power of a star, their destinies will be intertwined and reforged anew!

(More characters and tags will be added as time passes. Also make sure to check out the sister story to this one.) Trigger warning, violence, death.
Will return once another main story is complete, or a funding goal is met.

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Hmmmm this plot is familiar to one story I know

continue this as well please:fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

Really? Damn I havent seen another one like it.
Then make sure to vote and tell errybody.

Huh, neversaw that story before. Aww well, I wont read it just in case it colors my perception.

Imma keep an eye on this. looks unique as far as dying and taking over one of the princesses bodies.

Seriously, the guards couldn't even protect a corpse hidden in the middle of Canterlot castle :ajbemused:

Very interesting premise I look forward to more.

Holy shit. I'm hooked!!

I read that one.

..... loving the concept o.o would've been neat if they'd both have gotten to share the body or ended up with a mishmash personality

I kinda hope you don't let the main character keep his(her) knowledge :/ i'd rather see her without any memories than have another ''oh well i used to be a human watching the show!'' story.... and considering that the ''new'' Celestia is LITERALLY a mashup of the Souls of Celestia, Sol and the human... i REALLY hope you won't just transplant the humans mind straight up....

I wont spoil anything but I will point out that the show is not anthro and in the show Celestia didnt die, thus invalidating most of what our main character knows so even if he keeps it, most of his knowledge might be moot. I would also like to drop a hint that magic works a little differently, which may make his knowledge of human technology irrelevent. Also if your worried about Celestia being gone, she is my favorite character sooo, you do the math.

As usual, the guards suck! Who were the brain-dead morons who had the idea to chop up Celestia!?

We will see.

At first I was like: " this sounds like it will be good..."
Now I'm like: "BITCH, GIVE ME MORE!!!"

What's with all the early dislikes? I don't see any obvious problems except for the for the use of humans feeling forced.

huh... yeah i guess after you pointing that out i see what you mean... i think i just got a bit too frightened by how close it was getting to becoming another ''Protag knows the show and thus solves EVERYTHING and is unstoppable!'' :/ i've been seeing waaaaaaay too many writers on this site falling into power-creep for their main characters like that.... being overpowered is fine, but being able to walk through the entire story without any kind of challenge or downside to all that power? ugh.....

And don't get me wrong... i'm VERY much looking forward to see how you bring this story forward :3

Honestly though i think i'm just getting too hooked on the idea of mashing up Celestia's personality a bit XD i'm having way too much fun imagining how such a story could go XD like... imagine the ponies reactions if Celestia suddenly WASN'T mothering and super kind suddenly? XD

I hate that too. Sounds too much self insert for my taste.

Self inserts CAN be nice though.... but way too often the authors just want themselves to meet their favorite ponies or something like that or the character just ends up as a Mary Sue.....

I do like the Self inserts that focus on minor characters though since it gives the authors more reason to expand on the characters a bit more than cannon does XD

I might have been interested, if it wasn't anthro...

Faved. Waiting for more!

Interesting. Either the missing bodyparts will be used by practitioners of evil to remove binding spells or undo banishment, or even those of good, who would try to desperately use dark magic in the vain attempt to bring Celestia back. Interesting...

woopsie daisy, fixed.

i look forward to more of this

Is this about someone turning into Celestia?, if that is the chase, I only hope this isn't also about a god forcing the guy to do the same stuff as Celestia or even act like her.

Unless..... the head is still celestia but the body is human piloted.

I seriously need link to that image of Celly!

yes its bout someone getting turned into Celestia, no its not forced.

that would be hilarious

im not sure if the artist posted it yet but the source is to their tumblr and you could ask them from there.


A interesting take on a story. I jest dislike the fact that's anthro.

dude its anthro deal with it for its awesome now shut up

he made a joke....

I understand in some cultures way back that people would keep parts of a deceased person but that's usually for voodoo-esque mysticism. Here, there's real magic, so the thought here is that there's more malevant intentions. The fact that people took the effort to sneak in, pry open a steel crate to get pieces of Celestia's body, speaks volumes of how tempting this once in a lifetime opportunity to get research material or exotic ingredients


well it did not feel like a joke cause he did not put the last part in the small box nor did he do something clever like () or **
so it did not feel at all like a joke so EXCUUUUUUUUUSSEE ME PRINCESS

Okay if I understood you right then it's alright and i will take a closer look tomorrow.

In what way could that comment be construed as a joke? It's literally just some dude saying his opinion of the story, which is that it's interesting despite the anthro. Unless you have a deeper understanding of the comment than most others?

instead of just he said jest, my name on here is jest.


Your ignorance is noted. I just have a dry sense of humour. I do like this story, though in honestly I'm not the biggest anthro fan.

Merciful emperor...
Well that was unexpected...
Activating tracking beacon...

My bad, I thought it was just a misspelling. Sorry if I sounded like a dick.

I know what you mean. I like MLP for the silly ponies. I like fan fiction mostly for silly ponies and sometimes humans interacting, but not for half human pony hybrids. :p I have no problem with people liking anthro for sure.

Even though I'm normally not a fan of anthro, this one seems interesting. I'll keep watch and see how this develops.

you're fine my friend

A dullahan eh? How very interesting. I suppose we'll have to suffer through all of the "don't lose your head" jokes now...

Thats low even for me. :P

The only word I have for this for now is... tracking.

You misspelled "grieving" in the main description :unsuresweetie:

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