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Its been centuries since Twilight's friends passed and since then the alicorn has taken many students. The latest one of which is about to get to the bottom of a two hundred-year-old lie.

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Now with a reading!

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I love this, this is so good

When the door slammed shut, Twilight sighed. “Damn, that's the third one this decade.”

I'm surprised they didn't go Sunset and try to replicate it so they could attack and dethrone God.

I have seen some pictures and read some stories with similar ideas. But I always enjoy these kind of fun silly story with the main cast somehow becoming immortal through nonsense.

Okay, Pinkie's fate gave me flashbacks to The Stuff. Only slightly less horrific.

That was warped. Good on ya.

“I don't care anymore, this is too much for me!” The pony paused at the entrance, and gave the room a wave. “Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy!”

I'm going to guess all of her previous students had this same reaction. Great reference by the way.

Burn Willow knew each one of their names, though not because her teacher had instructed her to learn them, rather simple curiosity had driven her. Their stories were fascinating to the young student, and knowing that she was but one of a long line of them made her proud. The other students varied greatly in appearance, and though they were mostly ponies there was even a griffin, a minotaur as well as a short red dragon.

Pride swelled in her chest, and for a moment she stood a little straighter, her short curly purple and blue mane bouncing ever so slightly. Pushing those thoughts from her mind, the pony continued towards her destination, remembering that she was here for a reason. Namely to ask Twilight when she would have time to help her with a spell the earth pony had been working on for the past few days.

Glad to see someone else used the idea that Twilight wouldn't always pick a unicorn student. Or even just a pony student.

The magic of freindship is not limited to unicorns.

Very true. There's just not many stories where Twilight does take more than just a unicorn as a student. Even less, I think, of one where she's taken a non pony as her Personal Student.

Kids these days. Cant even handle finding out a few dark secrets without having an existential crisis.

*Dies laughing* you rock jest.

Sure why not

“We might as well since our paladin is back,” Twilight murmured. “Though I should probably go talk to my student.”

It'd be hilarious if Sunset just comes through the portal still the same age as she left before, Starlight is immortal for reasons? Trixie is immortal because she's too full of herself to die lmao

“We ge-get it you like tre-trees!” Rainbow Dash shouted, the pony leaping into the air only to suddenly return to her seat as if she had never left.

You missed a chance for a "I'd like to be a tree reference" :yay: :rainbowlaugh:

This is so fudging funny! INTO THE FAVES!

Nah, thats low hanging fruit :P

Suffice it to say that most of my olf friends have for one reason or another been brought back from the dead.

I think you meant "old"

A tall, shapely young mare slowly trots the long hallway that connects her tower to the castle proper.

Thesis on Interdimensional Time Dilation, Vol II, by Sunset Shimmer, grade 11 student at Canterlot High.

Thanks. Fixed.

Lol, btw, big fan of your stories chief.

All I can say is excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations, (slight dark) humor and wrap-up in this short story. Yeah, the assorted things that brought back Twilight's friends in those various forms all make an odd amount of sense, in a zany sort of way. But, as was pointed out, in Fantasy Kitchen Sink worlds, there is VERY precious little that is TRULY impossible (and, on a side note, I have to wonder if Fluttershy's animal friends had some discreet help from Discord [and I wouldn't be surprised if Cadance and/or Flurry Heart had a hoof in Shining's mind being transferred to a golem's body]) . And, yeah, I can see where Twilight would be so frustrated by losing so many students in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, Spike probably wasn't there because 1. As a dragon, he would be logically expected to still be alive after a few hundred years anyway and 2. At hundreds of years old, he'd be too big to fit inside the castle.

Anyway, certainly an entertaining one-shot as aforementioned.



Yeah. I could DEFINITELY see that. I mean, Starlight has already proven to be a master of time magic, so it wouldn't be that far-fetched for her to magically restore herself to her physical prime every five decades or so. And, yeah, I could ALSO see Trixie being so stubbornly competitive that she keeps learning new magic to prolong her life and increase her power (not for any nasty reasons; she just doesn't want to give Twilight the satisfaction of thinking she would ever give up [:-D]).

So Fluttershy's spirit is projected by the belief of the animals?

You could make a religion out of this.

No it isn't. :twilightoops:

That was really funny, I like. Between all of them I like Dash's method best. Travels faster than good news.

It is though. I just checked it and all 3 errors have been fixed.

They wanted her back real bad and used their collective magic to ensure she was around forever. So your half right.

And, like with everything else, Rainbow Dash gets the most awesome fate.

Huh. I've refreshed Chrome like five times and double-checked Safari... (the 'old' is fine, though)


The series epilogue I've always wanted. :pinkiecrazy:

I've always been a fan of "Lauren Faust's promise fulfilled in some absurd manner" stories, although I must say I've never imagined "turned into frosting" as a means for Pinkie to defeat time's arrow. (I even thought of "breaks the fabric of space time though speed" as a way to keep Rainbow Dash around, although I assumed it would work out for her better than the guy in this Outer Limits episode).

Trixie is already immortal. The Great and Deathless Trixie - Fimfiction

The animals are Orks?

In a way.

Thought that might have been an inspiration when you mentioned them having a gestalt consciousness with its own reality altering properties.

I mean we have Trixie confirmed dead BUT I could definitely see that happening.

I mean she would never actually win, given its Trixie, but I can definitely see Trixie developing a Vegeta like rivalry with Twilight, had the show creators not decided to make her Starlight's foil instead.

Now i'm imagining Fluttershy as the unkillable Warboss of an Ork WAAAAGH.

10580125 Trixie gets reincarnated every time she performs the Manticore Mouth Dive, because her body is DIGESTED each time and only a magical clone emerges from behind the curtain! :fluttershbad::trixieshiftright:

“Oh great idea!” exclaimed the bouncing mass of pink icing. “I had like, all of Discord’s magic for like a minute and totally accidentally turned myself into icing. It's fine though, I never go bad and since I can make a near limitless amount of sugary goodness I control ninety percent of the frosting industry!”

That time Pinkie Pie was actually The Stuff.

You know... that's a crossover that would work hilariously in this alt universe.

Well, that's show business.

For a moment, I considered if this was a Warcraft crossover.

Rarity the Lich. why am I not suprised?

Check out the next story in this series of short comedies over here!

Now this is just marvelous! Crazy randomness to a T, amazing writing, and comedy set to 100! You made this so friggin' enjoyable and I simply couldn't help myself from making a reading of this story! I hope ya didn't mind!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/3NN4lozw8-U

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Why thank you! Thats absolutely wonderful, and if you liked this one you should check out the next in this miniseries, you may enjoy it as well.

The latest one of which is about to get to the bottom of a two hundred-year-old lie.

I KNEW IT! ... those highlights ain't natural! She's dying her mane!!! ... first Rarity... now her, how the mighty have fallen :<

There was a story the title of which I don't remember.
Twilight wakes up in the far future, her memory wiped, everypony is definetely dead by now I guess that's why I did it
Turns out no ONE died, they spoiled a Daring Do book for her
This story here reminded me of it.

“Or went so fa-fast that they slipped out of the flo-flow of time itself!” Shouted the pony Burn Willow assumed was Rainbow Dash, who pumped a hoof into the air.

Did this mare just pull a Flashpoint? 'Cause it's gonna be all fun and games until the rotting, gruesome embodiment of death itself comes to chase her for all eternity. Or is that more of a Tracer? In which case, I suggest finding the nearest gorilla and go from there.

All kind of dark if you think too much about it. Possibly a bit depressing... and hilarious. I call it deprarious.

She die-died because she forgot to eat.”

Literally got the alternative ending to that..
Gets food just in time 😁

Bit of an ...unusual way to keep your friends, but glad she got to keep them and her brother. Enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

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