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With time ticking out, and no other options left to them, the rulers of Equestria turn to the lone human in Equestria to save them from Chrysalis' plot.

Warning, this story contains discussions of torture.

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poor crissy. she didnt know what she got into before it was too late

“See what sticks?” Chrysalis questioned.

"Really? You're, what, eighty percent assorted viscous fluids and you didn't understand that one?"
"Exactly. Why would you throw something against the wall if it didn't stick?"

If boiling you alive repeatedly doesn't work then I intend on breaking every single bone in your body one after another

"Quick check, you do have an endoskeleton, right? Skipping ahead a bit, but provisional idea twenty-five was exploratory vivisection. For science."
"You monster."

Let me tell you about the blood eagle.

"Again, this is contingent on the whole 'endoskeleton' thing."

Fun little exploration of a TV-MA fellow in a TV-Y world. Good thing this Chrysalis is one of the relatively gentle ones. This could've lead to an "Oh yeah? Well we..." cycle that wouldn't end well for our hero. Thank you for it.


Guy was acting like Herb from the Minions film.

Anyone else get that vibe? No? Just me then? Alright.

Lioth #4 · Apr 12th, 2022 · · 2 ·

Holy hell, so psychological torture is what broke Crys-a-bitch. Rather fitting I'd say.

ah yes, the breaking of the mind. Far more... gentle than what else he could've done, I like it.

“But nothing. We evolved to be endurance hunters that tired out their prey by chasing them for hours or sometimes days. You kind of have to be a little bit messed in the head to do something like that.”

Let me tell you about humans, using something I'm familiar with in anthropology. When a Shoshone warrior wants a pony, he goes to a herd, picks one, and walks toward it. Naturally, the pony runs away. The Shonone follows, day and night just walking, usually for three full days. Pony runs away, man just keeps walking at a steady pace. Finally the pony simply collapses from exhaustion after running away for days, and the man walks up and puts a bridle on it. That is the kind of monster humans are.

That last line. Perfection!

Comment posted by Brainbox deleted Apr 13th, 2022

Mind explaining why that was deleted or do people not like hypocrisy being called out in this fandom as usual?

Jest #10 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 15 ·

You're a self-serious egotist who takes a children's show so seriously you'll type up pages and pages of whining and not once think to yourself. "Wow, I look like a cringey nutjob without a life." That's why.

Now if I could see that original comment, I'd be able to judge. But I can't so... I'll take no sides.

Want to break a monster? Confront them with bigger monster. :twilightsmile:

And just think - he didn't even touch on some of the more painful methods such as crucifixion or the medieval to Reformation. To say nothing of WWII and later. Bet those would have reduced Chryssi to a gibberish wreck.

Ah just laugh I needed before work.

Jest #14 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 8 ·

It's the usual cringe. "You totally mischaracterized my favorite character! Heres six pages of reasons why X would neve do Y. Also, whine, bitch, complain." Nothing you haven't read a thousand times before.

Lioth #15 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Hm. In that case, leave that hot garbage up next time so we can ALL point and laugh at the fool.

Jest #16 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 14 ·

Nah. Even funny negativity is still negativity. Best to cleanse it like it's the xeno, the heretic, or the mutant.

you took the show so seriously that you spent the valuable time in your life writing 149 fanfics for a children's show

but it's the other guy that's crazy

Jest #18 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 4 ·

You know you can do something for a long time and not take it seriously right? Like, I've played Apex since season 0 and I've never seriously sat down and made an effort to become better at it. Time and taking something serious are not mutually exclusive.

11210059 Alondro senses wangst, and lo, he APPEARS!!

And now to write 21,000 VOLUMES of why all the characters were mischaracterized! In every language known to man! Including all the lost ones! And several alien languages too! And also Elvish and Entish...


Jest #20 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 5 ·

Lol have fun. You'll be in a tight race with that weirdo. Seriously, the wacko is now haunting this page and downvoting every single positive comment. Talk about not having a bloody life.

Little do they know that all the engagement helps keep my story on the top of the front page longer, boosting the chance that I get a new patron, and thus making me more money. Remember kids. In the attention economy, ignoring someone is the best possible insult you can level.

“I mean that we have struck an accord. I hide away the elements of harmony and he splits Equestria with me,” Chrysalis explained. “We would both hold trump cards against one another, ensuring we both fulfill our end of the bargain.”

Chrysalis IS really stupid! She can't use the EoH! She already TRIED making evil magoc clones and they all melted! Tirek can betray her any time he wants! In fact, with the EoH already hidden, I'm surprised he didn't take over already... though that depends on if Discord is ACTUALLY reformed in this world and on the ponies' side.. but then in that case, Tirek would already be defeated since Discord can easily find him.

Hmmm... gonna guess there's no Discord... then that still begs the question of what Tirek's waiting for.

This got me thinking about things such as a specialised torture method for changelings.
(carried over from a type of insect trap)

Step 1 apply adhesive to a large, sturdy surface
Step 2 apply changeling prisoner to adhesive
Step 3 wait for adhesive to dry with changeling attached
Step 4 wait longer
Step 5 when changeling starts to starve give changeling ultimatum, continue to starve or divulge information
Step 6 if changeling continues to refuse interrogation and keeps starving, then begin force feeding the changeling the minimum amount of food (love) that is necessary in order to prolong suffering and prevent death via starvation
Step 7 continue for as long as the changelings body can handle this bare minimum nourishment before organs begin shutting down, if not successful move onto next torture method

Additional notes
torture methods such as beatings and waterboarding may be used in conjunction with this method

Jest #23 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 2 ·

Tirek's on his way there, and Chrysalis imprisoned the mane six along with the elements so all she has to do is release them when needed.

I didn't really find this that interesting, but I guess that's my fault. I did forget about the bamboo myth though, that was something else, nice reference.

“Then you’ll spare me?” Chrysalis asked desperately.

Then you'll spear me*

Considering that the Elements work on Chrysalis? And what's stopping them from just letting Tirek murder Chrysalis in the meantime, and then take him out after the fact. Honestly this is a bad plan, and that is really in character; I liked that.

Historically people/ humans are capable and have done much worse for example you can go to the police station your local police station and ask about horrible things people have done or scary story and they'll tell you some scary story or you could look in to serial killers....! Terrifying things exist but like all the things you have a choice to read or not to read Because ignorance is bliss but knowledge keeps you alive. I enjoyed your story I love the twist at the end it was fantastic!:eeyup:

Rather foolish I'd say, its better to shame such folk into 'not' doing it in the first place by laughing at them. Silencing them by deleting their comments would merely result in them behaving worse.

Comment posted by Type Two Civilization deleted Apr 13th, 2022

My only complaint is you didn't include the old persian 'scaphism' aka persian boat torture.

Only one factual considered case of it beng used - but it's horrible to read about

Jest #30 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Its one of those looks good on paper, wouldn't probably work in real life type of plans that chrysalis seems to come up with frequently.

Jest #31 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 6 ·

They can't behave worse if they can't comment at all. Also, im not their real dad anyway. I dont owe it to them to rehabilitate their bad behavior and im far too busy to care. If you wanna give it a crack be my guest.

Jest #32 · Apr 13th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Most torture methods were actually ill-used or made up after the fact. Hell the iron maiden was made up in the victorian era and was literally constructed as a joke at medieval era people, characterizing them as savages.

This was very amusing. Well done good sir.

who would have thought that this story will show a comedic moment at the end ?

Comment posted by WhatYouReading deleted Apr 13th, 2022

Pretty mild stuff, tbh. Chrissy would die if she heard the true horrors.

Didn’t even get into the native American's burying someone so they can be eaten slowly by fire ants.

Good story, have a like.

Warning very NSFW/NSFL (not safe for life, click at your own risk)

White phosphorus is vile and hurts like the nine levels of hell as Elemental phosphorus was first isolated from human urine, by the way blood eagle is the separation of the ribs bending backwards mimicking wings hence the eagle part

I think though that using bugs getting funneled into the esophagus with no way out(shrinking spell to on her brood) a beter way than the blood eagle, or the Greek bronze bull where a person/person's would be shoved into a hollow bronze bull sculpture with the nose holes hollowed out to make a whistling sound when they start to cook while friends and family stand by psychologically more frightening.

There is also a liquid that has a higher O2 count than mimicking air it's self so imagine waking up in a pitch black room that slowly fills up with a liquid that seems and feels EXACTLY like water, the person inside will eventually have to breath the liquid in even when pasted out from unconsciousness and waking up later floating while having somebody speak to them would almost seem like a godly being after talking about elysium it would seem like the afterlife.

Personally I'd go with scaphism. Take two boats and cut holes for arms, legs, and head then fasten both boats together like a coffin. Force feed the victim milk and honey then set them afloat out on a lake. They will have terrible diarrhea and be unable to wipe causing the anus to become raw and bloody. Since they are outside bugs will come and feed on their feces and slowly decomposing flesh, thus causing both terrible itch and horrible pain, to say nothing of the mental damage from knowing what will happen. Once a day give the victim water and more milk and honey to keep them alive then leave them alone again. Rinse and repeat until they die or you are satisfied.

Best to cleanse it like it's the xeno, the heretic, or the mutant.

Just saying, ponies are xeno mutant heretics.

Someone else mentioned crucifixion, in particular the improper and brutal way it happened to him.

Man Jest why is it everything you write I love to bits? How'd you get so powerful with your writing. What's your secret? (I say as if the secret isn't just... Write)

Quite amusing to see chrysalis be like lol nobody would ever do that. And like... You really underestimate how bad humans CAN be but that line at the end is so fucking true. We also just have the choice to not be like that.

I'm surprised that what the Romans did that invented the word excruciating wasn't the last thing he had in mind.

Imo nothing is quite as viscerally disgusting as being impaled.

I was wondering what I was getting into since if there’s one meme about torture that’s stuck in my mind, it’s that as an interrogation tool it’s actually kind of unreliable at best (there obviously haven’t been any reputable clinical studies, but that torture can be and has historically been used to extract false confessions easily enough should say all we’ll ever need). Thankfully, this Chrysalis had a sheltered enough villain career to lose it just listening to what was supposedly going to happen to her...

...and yeah, humans sure can be sick bastards. :pinkiesick: Good thing that there’s still a fair old gap between merely acknowledging that on the one end and actually leaping into said bastardry with both feet and a mad cackle on the other.

The mind is the most dangerous weapon. It can bring utter devastation on your enemy, and a devious enough mind can use the enemy's own mind against themselves

Would love to see this done with tirek or other villians

It is interesting to see that one of the greatest villains of Equestria is nothing compared to the average human tyrant.

The thing about Vlad III of Wallachia is that in this context it almost doesn't matter how many of the stories are true; he was the one who came up with and spread most of them, as a psychological warfare tactic.

To beat a superior foe you must best them before you even meet them on the battlefield. Vlad may have been many things but stupid wasn't one of them.

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