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Being a gamer is normal. David and I had a normal life. That is until one day, some abomination pops up out of nowhere and says, “Let’s go on an adventure!” Now, I’m an emotionally unstable sentient virus who’s trying to find his place in the world by just going with the flow and doing my thing...

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN: Prototype, , or any other games I reference in this story! I could not add all the necessary tags! Also, the Sex tag is for references or jokes to sex.)

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Wait, one is the guy from 'prototype', but who's the other guy?


Theres a bioshock and prototype tags now?

Nice, I really like what readed so far. I hope for regular updates.

Dave gonna get some of that princess puh!!


This is looking to be a great story so far, keep it up!

SLAP SLAP CLAP!!!! Bolbi love story

I've really enjoyed what I've read so far! The dynamic between David and Max is well done, and the pacing feels pretty natural. I'm definitely looking forward to future chapters!:twilightsmile:

"I am a draconequus, Dicord's my name," he replies.

el nombre salio mal. seguire leyendo:pinkiesmile:

Ok. I like this but just one thing bothers me. They seem way too calm with everything that is happening right now.

“Hey man, speaking of which, how’s your love life after She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?” I ask. His expression turns sour almost instantaneously. His face went stoic for a second before sighing.

Voldemort as a girl

Congratulations, you leveled up! Your HP increased!

So this is a game?
And i hope they aren't gonna be only the few months there

I found this story while looking at the Similar tab for my own Prototype story. I find it a little funny how our writing styles are kind of similar. Your story has my attention, and now I'm wondering how my Prototype Gilda would go up against your guys. Prediction: Shenanigans ensure.

“Oh really? Max, I know that you’ll be fine, but do you remember that I'm not invincible like you?” He asks. I nod.

That can easily be rectified. Max could give him the virus like Mercer did for Heller.

“I say execute them,” the guard on her right says.

Renegade for life!

Here's my input from what I've read. Dave should have been the POV instead of Max. As of right now it wouldn't change much since they've been together the entire time, but Max is getting the hang of the situation faster than Dave, e.i. Max leading them in the fight. Since Dave is a little slower on the uptake, he's in a position to grow and possibly surpass Max.
As an example, Max is quite knowledgeable with videogames to the point which he can figure out areana strategies with their new powers. Dave, from what I can tell, not so much. So Dave enters the areana clueless as to what to do. But he has Max there to be a mentor figure. So we see Dave struggling with the two guards, but with help from Max's videogame knowledge, Dave figures out how to use his powers and learn from this battle. None of the events change, just the POV.
That's not the only thing this POV change will do. It has some future utility. Let's say the downside to Max's knowledge is he gets uncreative. He knows how to use his Prototype powers, but he doesn't know how to branch out from what the games shows him. Since Dave doesn't seem to be as burdened with this knowledge, he has more wiggle room to try wierd things. In an effort to try to work around his lack of knowledge, Dave figures out how to be as good as Max, if not better.
Aslo I think Max's body morphing would be funnier from Dave's perspective. His interal thoughts would be something along the line of, "Oh God! He can do that!? What can I do?"

"Yeah, but they weren't as sentient as you ponies seem to be," I say. “The most ponies did in our world on their own free will is eat, sleep, poop, and go ‘neigh’,” I explained. The ponies all seem to shudder slightly, but Twilight finishes up her notes.


“...” The tall one keeps looking at Dave and I expectantly. I silently kept my calm gaze on her, while Dave keeps looking nervous. The guards are stoic and stiff, their gaze set in front of them. The long silence is only broken by the continuous dripping throughout the dungeon.

Keeps looking at Dave and me. Not Dave and I.

The possessive of 'thou' is 'thine' or 'thy,' not 'thou's.' Just FYI.

The general rules are here: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/3329/what-is-the-difference-between-thee-and-thou

“Hey man, speaking of which, how’s your love life after She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?”


Okay, sounds fun. Sir, you have my interest.

You know crabapples are minuscule right? They are the size of cherries, at the largest.

Wow, excellent story so far. I'm thoroughly enjoying the interactions between the characters. Good choice, having Max revert to some other form while relaxed/sleeping. The explanation will be particularly interesting to read!

Oh, written 2018... hmmm... 2020, 2023...
Sorry. Are there any more written?

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