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Being a gamer is normal. David and I had a normal life. That is until one day, some abomination pops up out of nowhere and says, “Let’s go on an adventure!” Now, I’m an emotionally unstable sentient virus who’s trying to find his place in the world by just going with the flow and doing my thing...

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN: Prototype, , or any other games I reference in this story! I could not add all the necessary tags! Also, the Sex tag is for references or jokes to sex.)

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Wait, one is the guy from 'prototype', but who's the other guy?


Theres a bioshock and prototype tags now?

Nice, I really like what readed so far. I hope for regular updates.

Dave gonna get some of that princess puh!!


This is looking to be a great story so far, keep it up!

SLAP SLAP CLAP!!!! Bolbi love story

I've really enjoyed what I've read so far! The dynamic between David and Max is well done, and the pacing feels pretty natural. I'm definitely looking forward to future chapters!:twilightsmile:

I reconize the nickname but I don't know where it's from

Not the real discord? Just got more interesting

Still waiting for Dave to get some puh

Is nobody gonna question how it seems like discords been replaced?

Off is a French game made a while back, around 2008. I highly suggest playing it if you’re interested in a mysterious story! It’s kind of hard to describe, but all I can tell you is that it’s good! I think it’s considered as an RPG

Dave gonna get some of that frosted buns my dude?

"I am a draconequus, Dicord's my name," he replies.

el nombre salio mal. seguire leyendo:pinkiesmile:

¿Gracias? ¡De todas formas, disfruta el historia! ¿O es Libro? Me no sabo suficiente Espaniol :P

Ur boss fight music didn’t last long m8

Okay, Link, I personally know you, so for you, I’ll give this tip. If anyone feels like they might like this help too, please look as well.
download it and put it on repeat ya fricken idiot

Oh man, we’re almost at 500 views! Almost time for that Chapter Special!

I’m the eye hole man, I want all your eye holes...

Now hold on D, don’t wanna spoil too much on your story. Funny how one person’s noticed a little bit of your scheme in the comments.

Hmmmm, I wonder who that was...

Yep. Real mystery. I guess we’ll never know

Until the end of the story at least


Ohoho, you would think wouldn’t you =3

One can dream.... now I want skittles

Why do I get the feeling you are a troll? Because even though you act completely different, you remind me of Hamster_Master, which is a complete nuisance, giving bad reviews to stories and focusing on the complete negative of the story without looking at the positive, and those who try to say “Hey, stop being so rude.” he replies with hatred. You know what, I’ll give you all a taste of who Hamster is, read the comments from bottom to top, you don’t have to read the story. And Yellowtail, I only have one thing to say to you; He is a troll with an expansive vocabulary, making him think he is better than everyone else.
(If he finds this, then he is the one who is stalking.)

“Who. The. FUCK. Ate. The. Cake.” Celestia says, anger consuming her soul. Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Max, and Dave start inching away suspiciously. Yellowtail blocked the doorway.

Oh, and also, I noticed you had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in some of the chapters, so I thought I could help you, and let you know you can use Grammarly to help with this. It’s really good to improve on the mistakes you may have missed.

Am I not special enough to get a mention, Yellow.
I'm offended.

Your work is great. Keep it up.

Whaaaaaat? Not special enough? Now wh-who would say that?

You apparently, considering that T and Link got a mention but didn't.

Ok. I like this but just one thing bothers me. They seem way too calm with everything that is happening right now.

Basically, it’s a spellcheck combined with grammar check that is free. Don’t really know what else to say about it.
A link for those who want to check it out.

Hey guys, I’m sorry for how late the 9th chapter is. It will be published tomorrow evening.

Holy shit it’s all a cycle.

Just like call of duty zombies...

I process what was said and sigh. Maybe I can check the phenomenon in the Everfree and neutralize it. I’ve kept an eye on it so far, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay there forever. I heave Dave onto my shoulders and carry him toward the castle quickly. I pass by many ponies, smiling and waving to try and seem friendly. I approach the castle doors and kick them open. “FBI OPEN UP!!!” I yell at the top of my voice. Probably should’ve said that before I kicked the door in.

ehh I would have give him a B instead or B-

Oh shizzle! 1000 views exactly!

“Hey man, speaking of which, how’s your love life after She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?” I ask. His expression turns sour almost instantaneously. His face went stoic for a second before sighing.

Voldemort as a girl

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