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This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain Again

Well, I believe the title says it all. It’s been a couple years since his last conquest, and Anon decides to conquer the world because he made a bet with Celestia. This time, he ain’t McCluckin’ around. Welcome, to the finale of this trilogy.

Featured on March 17th, 2021

Author’s note: Y’all, I’m sorry this didn’t come out exactly when the last one reached 500 likes, but I didn’t think it’d come this fast, Jesus.

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Wow?! Celestia is a Dumbass!!!! Didn't she have learned of the last TWO TIMES Anon has won??!! :facehoof:

Well yeah, but you can't make it too easy for him to win, that just makes him angrier. Also glad this story is getting an epic finale. The third act has much to live up to, given the first two outings.

Silly Celly one of the worst things you can tell a member of the human species is that you can't do something. We're stubborn and or dumb enough to prove we can just to spite you and go the extra mile.

will she do the date though?

celestia if you just wanted to ask him out, just do that, making him conquer the world a bit extreme, oh well ALL HAIL EMPEROR ANON, you live on anon world so pay 'a living tax

The surest way to get someone to do something is to tell them they can't do it.

I REALLY want to see what Anon has in store for the Seaponies/Hippogriffs.


Making him angry is a Bad idea as well. Celestia: :twilightoops:


That's why she'll lose.

You know what? I feel like celestia could actually hold her own here. Atleast for a little bit

Oh god, not again...

This’ll be fuckin hilarious.

Well, she has learned a little. But not enough.

Breath in air, pay the fare

Queen Novo: I'll help you because I want Celestia to stop taking us for granted.

Skystar: I'll help you because you did a lot of good the first few times you did this and I'd prefer you rule the world than some one like the Storm King.

Silverstream: STAIRS!!!!

Well ... I'm a man of my words I guess lol

dare him twice pay the price

Silverstream is a hoot. Wait... she can swim and fly. Why would she need stairs?

So. Just found this after I requested for it. Either you are quick, or I am slow. Either way.


I shall patiently await for the next chapter!

she just wants to make a joke
and anon took that seriously

(Three things, one, poor Zeal, hope he gets his country back at the end, he's a decent sort.

Second, Celestia... really? Really!? ... Le sigh.

Third, a date huh? Well, my inner shipper is activated.)


That's why shew regret it once Anon won the bet.

Anon: :trollestia:

Celestia: :twilightoops:

Mane Six and Luna looking at Celestia in disappointment: :facehoof:

Life do suck and that be facts, but, you’re still living so pay THAT tax.

10727547 She doesn't need stairs, she wants stairs.

World of difference.

These 3 books in a nutshell:
(PS. let me know if the image stops working)

God I love this series, I hope Anon and Celestia end up together after all this.

I'm waiting for Celestia to finally outsmart the lad, the legend, and just surrender when Equestria is the final target in his sights. The rest of the world is weakened by conquest, and her OG plan was to get a date with the man who ran rings around the whole world for years.

Edit: Also; You have a lease on life, so pay the price.

Those who ain't dead, pay per head

Hope he remembers about the Minitours this time.

Wait... If she transports him to a restaurant, and therefore gives him a date, wouldn't that end the bet and therefore he would be contractually required to stop conquering the world?

You do NOT taunt the bear Celestia.

You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Anon

Bold to assume he cares about a date, and not about proving he could conquer the world.

You might be able to already invalidate the bet anyways, since it was initially questioned whether he could conquer the world "like the aliens". Since I don't know of a single sci-fi movie where-in the aliens start conquering the world by reclaiming a previously claimed country via just walking in, he's already shown he can't on this playthrough.

Being a Voidwalker makes me know that Discord is more powerful and knowledgeable than Anon, but will not use his powers to make universe go poof

Yeah but he always cares about following contracts, and the bet was a contact, even if not in writing.

The only thing that'll have a chance of stopping him is a bfg 10,000, and only if the doom slayer worlds it

(... You know, I'm actually insulted on Anon's behalf. Did Twilight SERIOUSLY try to pull a legality loophole defense, without WATCHING the movie!? Because it seems as though doing that would have very quickly, and very specifically, revealed that he had in fact conquered the countries just like 'those' aliens. Forget him having produced it in the first place as a joke, that's just extremely poor research. Again, I'm insulted on Anon's behalf. Shame on you Twilight, shame on you.

Also, tanks are cool, look forward to seeing it in action!)

Cannot wait to see where this goes. It's like a train wreck you can't look away from.

Anon is the most magnificent of all magnificent bastards.

“Yes, that’s great and all, but the movie says he has an airship and a cannon that shoots light,” Twilight says. “Normally, I would dismiss it and say it’s impossible, but knowing Anon, this may very well be a secret project he has been developing for years.” Celestia sighs as she watches the antagonist of the movie laugh at her face.

yes an airship that shoots light. in a world where twilight herelf can shoot a lazer of light. all he has to do is make it look like it is in the movie so him just blasting them with a cannon that shoots magic is valid

“Ah yes, the movie does say that the minotaurs were next,” she replies. “Though, the movie only says ‘they were taken by strange and dangerous technology...’”

*insert anon making it something stupid just to mock them* (maby those dolls that had to be recalled after they scalped some kids that would be something strange and dangerous)

my question is there any love interest in the movie

Celestia sits upright, looks towards the ceiling, and sees a camera recording.

My thoughts exactly :rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:

...ps: 2.5 kingdoms in 15 days. Anyonyelse notice that?

Can't wait to see my loophole get tried...

One continent down, rest of the world to go.

Another one bites the dust.

Wait....... If Moumany is what I assume Germany then Anon's gonna reverse blitzkrieg Germany with Panzers. That's pure gold.

If you can't win your bet, gotta pay your debt.

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