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Pinkie visits her friendly therapist to kinda vent a little and talk about a few things...

(WARNING: Depression is talked about, but you might feel better while reading)
Kinda had this story in mind for a small while, hope ya’ll enjoy!

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Will you be doing something like this for the rest of the Mane Six?

Maybe, maybe not. Kinda depends on how people react.

Change of pace from the usual madness, but damn. I have no words. Well written, made me see ponks in a whole new light.

A sweet short story. I liked it.

This is a side of Pinkie I'd like to see more often. Not the depression side, maybe, but... I always considered Pinkie Pie more than what she's generally portrayed as - more than this happy-go-lucky mare that just kinda gets away with it. I think that, underneath all of that happy she has on, there's a very focused pony, and an extremely good observer. Perhaps a genius, even.

And I sometimes think that she's adopted this outward persona, because in some ways she's just unable to get other ponies to relate otherwise, you know? That if she really opened up about all of it, they'd simply fear her, much like you'd fear anyone capable of perfectly pointing out things you delude yourself about. I think that, deep down, she's a very, very lonely mare, because while she's all of these things to many ponies, she's never herself to anypony.

Would I be able to keep going, keep pushing on, and not just run away screaming if I ever found out that to be the case? I don't know... But one thing I do know, is that she deserves for someone to fucking try.

Take notes boys, this kinda shit hits different.

All joking aside, I really like that idea honestly, and the fact that you brought it up makes me wanna see more of it. I remember a fic I saw once, and I'd genuinely class it as psychological horror because it follows a Pinkie who's completely lost touch with reality, and while it was well-made, it was incredibly unnerving, and this just brought it directly to the forefront of my borderline microscopic brain.

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