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This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain and Wins

So, villainy was profitable the first time. Anon managed to wrangle up revenue from properties he owned, but due to how every pony was still a little pissed, they got some dope lawyers and kicked him out of the country. Thankfully, he’s still got his squad to back him up as he decides to come out of retirement and be a super villain in the Crystal Empire instead... that is, until some jackass tries to do it first.

This time around, there’ll be like, three chapters and an epilogue.
Warning: naughty no-no words.

Featured: January 7, 2021

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a worthy retreat from the horrors of the Outside

He’s gonna leave it just as he found it.
Take over. Forgive all their debt. Tax them back down into debt. Leave.

I’m hoping the changelings happen.

I really hope is the epilogue of him just plain well invading Equestria. Cant be exiled if you take over a government by force. You instead become a conquerer.

he is so going to hate the griffins, they're just as greedy as he is. And Griffintstone is utterrly f economy wise

eh technically you can make a profit on a loss if you know how to do it correctly

I just realized, this song is perfect for the "Anon's a Villain" duology,

Ah, the Swiss bank account.

Nothing beats the Swiss bank account.


Nothing says evil like a mad genius unless the mind of a politician and the personality of Eddie Murphy who loves his money is involved.

I'd laugh if somehow his plans actually make things better for the griffins.

Anon is a neomonarchist authoritarian capitalist with Equestrian characteristics, got it.

Between Luna and Discord being allowed to stay, Celestia is being prejudice towards the human and diamond dogs. What a terribly mean pony. Anything that happens will be entirely her fault.
Also, Twilight is a terrible friend, so much like her mentor.

Well, he DOES get more friendship from his minions than he got from ponies. The insane amounts of cash is just icing on the cake at this point.

“Sir!?” Bones yells, making me jump.

“What!?” I yell back. Bones winces.

“I was just coming to ask, why are we preparing for a takeover?” He asks. “I thought we had to deal with competition first?”

“Well- I could wait. Or, I could go ahead and nab all those resources, secure fundings and finances, and best of all, rub it into that stupid face of that bastard.”

“Isn’t that... cheating?” Bones asks.

“I’m a villain. Why in the holy fuck would I care?” I ask.

“HEY BOSS!!!” Frank yells, making Bones and I jump.

“Oh- what now you lobotomization failure!?” I yell. He points out a door. I groan and walk over to it. I peek out and throw it open as what I see disgusts me to my very core. Outside, the castle is covered in dark crystals. Hordes of ponies are marching, wearing the goofiest looking helmets with green goggles I’ve ever seen. At the top of the crystalline tower, sits a golden throne with- oh that motherfucker. “HE FUCKIN’ CHEATED!!!” I yell in fury.

The liquid cocaine of comedy.

He needs to keep doing this until he goes to every major country taking all their wealth as he leaves and eventually rule the world because every other country is dirt poor And need to come to him for money now

She noticed how the walks look a bit flimsy.
I think you mean walls

Still featured. Will be interested in reading more about it too. :pinkiesmile:

Heck yes, hail to 'non.

“Notice my lord’s massage chair isn’t around?” He asks. Without an answer, he walks out, yelling at guards to pack up. Celestia’s eyes turn to pinpricks. She looks around the room and feels dread build up. A plastic chair was what I was sitting in at the head of the table. Celestia looks up to see that there’s no chandelier. In fact, now that she’s looking more closely, she noticed how the walls look a bit flimsy. Rather odd considering they’re stone walls. She squints and uses magic to poke a slab of stone. It’s firm, but not as firm as stone should be... wait, is that paint? Celestia looks down to notice that rug is kind of cheap looking. It’s also really plain. Suddenly, it clicks to her as to what I had implied.

... It's a pop up throne room! You'd give Flim & Flam a run for their money :moustache:

“No...” she whispers. She gallops out of the room, and looks around the castle at the different rooms. They’re all empty. The dungeons have been filled with dirt, but Celestia is sure I made them unusable. She keeps looking around as she realizes that there is very little value to this castle. “No, it’ll be fine, there’s still his properties away from the castle,” Celestia assures herself. However, little did she know, I liquidated all my properties as well. In fact, the only thing of real value, is the table in the throne room. That was like, five to six thousand bits. The trick is, I need to escape Equestria before they revise the contract and force me to sign it. I guarantee you that those ponies just wanted me gone, and money problems were an afterthought. The contract I signed exiles me, I know that for fact since I could see the words ‘exile’ and ‘Equestria’ in the same sentence. Thus, once I fulfull this contract, I’ll be out of the country and outside legal bounds.

... I'm a substitute for another guy. I look pretty tall, but my heels are high. The simple things you see are all complicated. I look pretty young, but I'm just back dated... YEH!

Substitute - The Who.

I can't wait to see how he takes over Griffin Stone~!

Hey uh, buddy, what's that profile pic you got...

Can't wait for his conquest if griffin stone this shits hilairous

now this is good shit, we need more works like it on here

He should set up an LLC and call it Bane Capital

This is a really enjoyable read. Please continue!:moustache:

It's not villainy because it's profitable!

Villainy but with the ruler's ill informed consent to maximize profit margins

“Because when I take over Equestria again,” I drop my smile and my cheery attitude, glaring daggers into Celestia. “I’m not going to let go. Since you could not stand living with me, I’m going to force you to.” Celestia and Bones blanch from my sudden change in demeanor. “I had said I was done, and that I’d follow the rules. But no, you had to take it all, despite the fact that I gave back what I stole.” Electricity starts sparking around me, making everyone scoot away a bit. “They say Harmony is like a tree. This time, I won’t stop at taking over Equestria, I will tear it apart, branch by branch, and if you keep resisting, I will tear out the fucking roots.” Celestia steels herself, and fixes her composure.

I mean, I really can't argue with his logic too much.

He was a cartoon Villian for a petty grudge, basically reformed himself to a normal person, hen he became an actual Villian because the damn government wouldn't leave him alone.

That's fair

Zeal made a smart move. guessing somone is going to join him soon

he basically world peace maker, he humiliated the griffons so bad they got pissed and worked together for the first time in .. well now there gonna do everything to rebuild and show the world you cant make fun of the griffons, he united zerbrica into a single nation and left a competent leader on the throne, he ironically bring real world peace

All you had to do Celestia, was let sleeping dogs lie.

Pure spite is a very powerful motivator.

The world will fall under Anon's memetic fist!
And I intend to see that happen.

Once more you are in a mess of your own making, Celestia

Also the only way the mane 6 will beat him is if they up their game and get competent. Heck even if they manage to defeat him I can see them getting arrested for it because technically speaking they are invading foreign soil and assaulting its (albeit new) ruler.

I would love if by the end of this for it to be pointed out to Twilight that he has done a better job of doing long term good by being evil than she has by being good.

He's united Zebrica and gave the griffins a spine. He's done so much good already.

How long do you think before the zebras go to Civil War again with each other

Dear god anon is a Genius that Act like an idiot its amazing, plus love your story!!

So... he's Technoblade on the Dream SMP

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