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This story is a sequel to Anon’s A Villain Because Of A Bet

Anon was doing great in retirement, but then aliens come along and they’re definitely sure he’s still evil. Oh well, what’s one more rodeo?

Well, not that simple. This time, our villain Anon will have to prove he’s the most villainous of villains in order to take on these new challengers. And how do we determine a villain’s prowess? With a competition of course!

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dis gon b gud (sic) (all of the sic forever)


Ya Boi Satan

I already feel that Cozy Glow is out of luck. What are the chances of an ordinary child without any distinctive powers. She can only win in chess competitions.

RIP in pieces throne room table

An "ordinary child" who stole the title of Most Likely To Be Literally Satan from Angel Bunny. If it were anything else, they probably wouldn't have sent a literal schoolfilly to also-literal Hell. Or they at least would have put in a throwaway line about how it's where her only friend lives.

nevertheless, if we discard her intelligence and cunning, she is unlikely to help her in this situation. How do you imagine fighting her in the arena? Personally, it seems to me that it will be something like beating up a disabled person who cannot fight back.

Nice been waiting for a sequel! Liked and followed... Now to go and read it lol.

...It’s oddly familiar looking, as it’s a similar shape to me. “Greetings Equestrians! My name is Jan...

Well that was a close call, a letter short, for a second I thought that this being was about to say something like "Assimilate"

Anyway, glad to see that you keep making good stuff my dude.

10/10 so far, want to read more again! No rush though. You great story writer you!

This sounds like the convoluted plot of a fighting game spin-off where they have to justify a bunch of characters fighting against each other in random but rather cool locations. I'm all here for it!

“… What in the stars is wrong with you people?” He asks.

Oh, it's too late to run now, Jan. You've jumped face-first into the train wreck of reality and now have to suffer for making yourself a plotpoint.

Yeeeeees! It returns!

An ordinary child that know how to make magic circles that have world wide impacts.


Hahahahahahahaha.... 10/10 first chapter, absolutely love it. :D

given that Tirek is in my opinion the strongest (other than DISCORD) of the participating antagonists. And he was fairly easily defeated. I don't think the next fights will be difficult for Anon.

“Get fucked nerd,” I say. Jan sighs.

“Yes well-“

“Cope,” I interrupt. Jan looks at me for a moment.

“As I was-“

“Seethe,” I interject. Jan glares at me.

“Will you stop-“

“No bitches,” I say.

“SHUT UP!!!” Jan yells.

“L plus ratio,” I say, smiling widely.

“Forget it, I’ll see you tomor-“

“Your mom,” I say. Instead of responding, Jan teleports out with Applejack.

Truly modern humor at it's finest.

The real humor is that Anon has zero reason to take Jan seriously and everyone except Jan knows it.

The Mad Lad has returned! Let the insanity rage on!

Noice. and yup, twilights going to twilight

"Get fucked nerd,” I say. Jan sighs.

“Yes well-“

“Cope,” I interrupt. Jan looks at me for a moment.

“As I was-“

“Seethe,” I interject. Jan glares at me.

“Will you stop-“

“No bitches,” I say.

“SHUT UP!!!” Jan yells.

“L plus ratio,” I say, smiling widely.

“Forget it, I’ll see you tomor-“

“Your mom,” I say. Instead of responding, Jan teleports out with Applejack.

Talk to em, get fucking pranked Jan
-Ya Boi Satan

“Oh golly! What the hay happened to your chest!? It looks crispier than a barrel of hay bacon!”

I honestly thought this was Cozy Glow in disguise, not going to lie.

The pony has a light grey coat of fur with a blue twirly mane.

This dude too.

Wordlessly, I take the lamp I set on the counter earlier, and start aalking out. “U-um, sir, y-you have to pay for that!”

He stole Celestia an anniversary lamp.

She'll be so proud.


Truly modern humor at it's finest.


And Discord will probably throw the fight, since getting rid of Anon would make Equestria much less miserable for everyone else.

Anon is still as trollish as ever.

“Rainbow, Anon always won because he went farther than we expected him to. Now, we need to do the same,” Twilight says before walking out and taking flight.

He said basically the same thing, but he used "willing to" and that's how you're going to lose. You just don't have the stomach for what it'll take to beat him, and that's why he always wins.

twilight gotta legit torture and threaten celestias death to win this

And there are so many reasons why she wouldn't even consider that as an option. Which is both my point and Anon's.

yup. not even in her crazed state would she consider that. She MIGHT consider messing with the sun and moon at peak twilight crazy but at that point she might even cosider ramming him with the moon while he is in front of her so yea

He's only taking it personally because at the moment it's interfering with his personal biz.

-Ya Boi Satan

Well...... Twilight’s embracing her crazy side for all to see. All beware the greatest villain in Equestria, Princess Twilinanas! Abuser of Spells, Master of Obsession, Contessa of Checklists, & Destroyer of Cheeses!

Oh boy, who let the Murder Hero loose?

Dammit, Jan!

Nice. Don't keep it short. Write what your heart and fingers demand

And Discord. Why does seem to everyone forget that when it happens? (Yes this is a jab at season 9 and the comics that make up season 10)

You die the hero or live long enough become the villian

Owww… that was some literary whiplash. Until next time!

It would be cool to see a story about Hero Anons experience!

Is he gonna go up against Cozy Glow?

“God damn son of a bitch ass mother fuckin’ dicker of a fuck!!!”

me when I stub my toe at 3 in the morning

Bro it's 5th December 21:25/9:25pm in germany right now while i'm writing this, WHAT IS THIS QUADRILOGY MADNESS:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I LOVE THIS INSANITY!!!XDDDDDD however in the end we know that Anon can't loose, his Love for Celestia in this way is way too strong, i assume that Anon will surge with endless Power way stronger than anything we can imagine so far next time to take down the Fake and stop this bullshit, and Cozy Glow? Yeah fuck her she isn't worth this story anymore XD if Anon can beat himself, then Cozy Glow is not worth the trouble going through, GET THIS STORY FINALLY DONE AND MAKE A PERFECT ENDING!!! WE DEMAND IT!!!:twilightangry2::raritywink::yay:

SWEET a Godzilla Destroy All Monsters based Fic nice!

So do we get to see Vil, short for Villian Anon, hang out with Hero later? I feel these two have some antics they can get up to. Or have a normal day while everyone else does crazy stuff.

Comment posted by Verdauga deleted Feb 22nd, 2023

If it's done, then don't forget to change the status.

Normally the author posts a epilogue chapter

I have a the cancer!

Dang, Frank is filthy. :derpytongue2:

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