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Love to write about Sunset Shimmer and her journey through the human world and more.


Instead of being forgiven for her crimes against the Equestrian Princess, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer is sentenced to a lifetime in Tartarus. But when trouble rises in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends come to an unlikely solution.

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WOW Luna a utter Hypocrite! Did she not try to kill Twilight, her Friends and the entire world as Nightmare Moon!!
BITCH! Hope that thrown in her face hundreds of times!

That may or may not play a role in the story :trixieshiftright:

But, who's going to stop the Dazzlings, if not Sunset and Twilight?


Hmmm, you'll see.

Personally I have a hard time believing any of the princesses would sentence someone to Death to begin with, other's have done worse and gotten off with less.

Given what happened to Cozy Glow, I can't exactly say they're not prone to harsh punishments, but it still kind of feels like Luna's going kinda wild here for no obvious reason and everyone else is just letting her, especially Celestia.

Showing remorse is basically a get out of jail free card in the show, so that's kind of tainting my perception.

Should add the only REason Luna was executed was due to being Celestia;'s little bitty sister.
This be twice celestia failed Sunset, failing to be the reacher she needed and mother figure ad failing her again when Luna sentenced her!

Hope this haunts them for a long time.


It really plays a huge factor in the story, and remember, this is an alternative universe. Like I said on my notes, the beginning was a bit Rocky but I'm hoping to smooth it out while I write the story.

The next chapter will really take your side on this one :trixieshiftright:

Didn’t expect a new story from you!! Interested to see where this goes. Will Sunset and Chrysalis meet? Even Tierk and Cozy Glow?


Guess you'll have to wait and find out :trixieshiftright:

It's also kinda weird that Luna is the one that decided this too, especially since the show has traditionally showed Celestia making all the major decisions like in Twilight's Kingdom and Twilight's Seven in particular.

Still I have been waiting for a more medieval take on these characters reformations since School Raze so this should be interesting regardless.


It will play a big part in the story, I'm looking forward to showing it to you guys!

Great update! I already want more! :raritydespair:

I might update earlier if I get ahead, but for now I think I'm going to stay on schedule. :twilightsmile:

oh, it's an AU, ponies are just different. Then how'd things stay the same up to this divergence point


Was shooting for the more medieval realistic style. And hey! Don't be such a smart ass about it, thanks :twilightsmile:

Alright, this looks interesting so far, tracking.

Small nitpick:

only to have that opportunity snatched away from the other Princesses

Should probably be "by"

So this is all about Luna's self loathing? Okay, that makes more sense. I hope she cleans up her act before the end.

I'm curious to see where this all goes.
Bit of a continuity error though. Twilight should have beaten Sunset a fair bit before she ever met Tirek. He should be free right now.

I hope Celestia and Luna are taken down, and who ever does it be Tirek or Chrysalis rub salt in the wound on them.
Also hope Twilight rips into her brother, reminding him that Luna tried to kill her and her friends yet he so chummy with her.
I also wonder how this effect all of Equestria, will they be view as monsters, brutal cruel rulers or Power hungry as Luan was spared because she is Celestia's sister so they are allowed to do what they want.

Thanks for the catch!


Yeah, I know, I was hoping to change that up a bit.so he would be back in prison, everything is going to change.

that opportunity snatched away from the other Princesses.



Yup, keep forgetting to change that, thanks.

Amazing chapter. Can't wait for more. Is sunset going to have injury, physical or mental, after her time in tartarus? Like burns on her stomach and legs from fire or something?

Not only because she is (not?) a Princess or Celestia's little sister, but because she is a pony who made mistakes just like you did."

Wouldn't this make more sense here?

I wonder if Shining will come to Twilight and (in his mind) reassure her that Sunset got what she deserved on the way to Tartarus. Thinking he did something good... Only to get the question;
''Did you and the guards treat Luna the same way when she returned? No?
Because she tried the exact same thing, to kill me and usurp Celestia.''

And Lifetime is in my mind just another way to say that she got a 'death sentence' just with more steps... and in this case with the possibility of torture.


That does make more sense, thanks! But yes, I totally agree with you, a lifetime in prison is just a delayed death sentence. The next chapter is going to include more conversations between Twilight and Celestia, etc.


You can expect some sort of mental damage, Sunset is going to spend a lifetime in Tartarus with the worst creatures of Equestria, it won't be easy on her.

As far as physical injuries go, remember the scars and gashes on her shoulders, without proper care, they won't heal correctly.


And Lifetime is in my mind just another way to say that she got a 'death sentence' just with more steps...

I mean... that's always been the point of a life sentence... the "silver lining", insofar as there is one, is that if something comes up proving the innocence of the accused (or you need them for anything), they can still be reached and freed, whereas a death sentence, well, that one's kinda hard to reverse.

Shining Armor tried to approach his sister. "Twilight calm down, you need to understand from my point-of view. Luna is an alicorn. Basically a born leader and you expect us just to through her in Tartarus? Sunset was, was just a nopony!"


A few typos on this one but looks good, I wonder what Twilight and Celestia talked about...

Can't wait to read the next chapter. Read it under five minutes.

Shining Armor tried to approach his sister. "Twilight calm down, you need to understand from my point-of view. Luna is an alicorn. Basically a born leader and you expect us just to through her in Tartarus? Sunset was, was just a nopony!"

Technically no one even remembered that Luna was Celestia's sister, so at the time, she was technically a nopony too. Plus, at this time, Discord was being reformed, so it's not like Sunset was the worst out there. Frankly, if there were actually Guards Guarding Twilight (you know, a PRINCESS!), none of this would have happened.

This chapter was done really well! You always leave me wanting more:raritydespair:
Things are going to get messy when the villains step in won’t it? I’m pretty excited to see Sunset’s interaction with them especially Queen Chrysalis. Although, I can’t help but feel bad for Celestia in a way she much be suffering from a lot of heartache over the years with Sunset, but I hope Sunset let’s her know how much she fucked up with her.


Thanks, I hope you will enjoy chapters in the future. I was a little afraid this chapter wouldn't turn out good.


You tell em'! Lmao


I'm hoping to make the chapters longer as I continue writing this story. So the readers have a little more enjoyment reading them.

Well in my opinion it turned out pretty well

"Please! you can leave me here! YOU CAN'T" Sunset begged.

Think you should look at this again.

"I didn't expect you do understand Shining, you've always been as stubborn as a mule."

I think you meant to instead of do.

Good job on the story! It's coming along nicely.


Yeah I better fix those :rainbowlaugh:


Poor Sunset. I wonder how Twilight and Celestia's conversation went. Can't wait to read more and see where this story goes.

Oh Twilight is absolutely PISSED! And justifiably so. Dealing with Luna's hypocrisy as well as with Blockhead Armor would quickly wear down anyone's patience. Here's to hoping to see them get what they deserve.

Vaguely hypocritical Luna. Barring Nightmare Moon being demonic possession.

The fun part is that there is a full millennium that proves Luna is superfluous. Also the hope you learned your lesson part from Shining is incredibly foolish to say given the circumstances.

Wish Twi pointed out that Sunset is her direct predecessor.

Wonder if Cadence will join the Sunset club.

I want to see Rise of the Shimmering Sun continue.

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