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Love to write about Sunset Shimmer and her journey through the human world and more.


Anon-A-Miss is out, and Sunset is too. After running away from home, and her friends, a deadly virus breaks out. Will she and her friends get back together? Will they find all seven keys to save the World?

A crossover with the Walking Dead, and Anon-A-Miss fan-fic. Sunset and the Main 6 must work together to find all seven keys to save their world from the virus. Will they be able to save the world? Can they find a cure, and help their loved ones? Who will make it out alive?

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I don't like this premise as much.

Your feedback is appreciated, it's not for everyone, but feel free to tune in.

I don't plan on it but good luck.

Interesting start. I shall see where this goes. Awesome picture btw

Okay. Now people are just looking for an excuse to keep that fucking waste of a comic around. No I'm sorry about the language.

But that comic is now on the level of the Canterlot Wedding with the sheer number of stories it's spawned. None for the better.

Okay this is good! Loving the start so far!

Thanks :twilightsmile:
Appreciate the support!


Strong opinion, no need to through those words at me though. Sorry if you didn't enjoy.

Look like Rainbow is going to need to take some anger management classes.


Don't like Don't Read. Not like your being forced to read it, heck you know before hand it a Anon Miss Fic, or you just looking to complain?

Anyways I like the idea, always liked Anon A Miss fics, not every one of them some are just bad.
This one seems decent and like to see what happens.


Thanks for the support :twilightsmile:

I'm guessing Celestia and Luna will be learning that Sunset was innocent and will figured they helped to drive her away like the Rainbooms?

Cue emotional anguish and Truck load of guilt and despair for everyone there.

Will there be an (un-)said ''everything that happened, could've been prevented if you didn't frame/abandon her.''
Like in ''The Magister of the Deep''
An ''Because of your actions, you/they were no longer friends and could not use the Elements early on.'', if you will.


In a way, yes.

Silence filled the Sweet Shoppe, before Pinkie spoke up. "Should we be worried?" she asked quietly. Rainbow Dash walked to the abandoned leather book on the floor. As she flipped through the pages, her eyes widened.

"Guys, something is telling me we really fuc-" Rainbow Dash began, only to be interrupted by the store door slamming open.

Three small middle-schoolers in the door's place. "It was us!" They synchronized. "We're Anon-A-Miss!"

Yeah, saying that you and the rest of the Rainbooms really fucked up is a gross understatement, Rainbow Dash. Especially when the fact that it was really Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo makes you, Applejack, and Rarity look twice as bad for turning on Sunset. You didn’t truly see her as family, and it was your actual family who betrayed and humiliated you.

This is an interesting start, but you sold me on the drawn picture at the end. I'd love to see you continue this.

It's an interesting start, but the summary makes me want to see where you take it. I saw you were choosing between this and your other non Tart story, personally, I'd vote this.


Your vote has been accounted for. I want to clarify and say this story will receive updates, but not as frequently as my other stories.

Can't wait for the next chapter

GT3RS #24 · 1 week ago · · ·

Deadly viruses have even spread to MLP fanfics, what a time to be alive!

For real, yall stay safe!

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