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Engineer spent her childhood equipping the greatest army equestria had ever seen. But after it was defeated she was sealed in stone by the Alicorn Princesses.

Over a thousand years later Grogar decided to recruit a team of villans , and use them to conquer equestria.

He tracked down the Engineer and found her statue in the remains of the castle of the two sisters, he freed her from her stone prison and is offering her an opportunity for revenge.

(This is my first story any feedback would be appreciated)

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That was kind of short. Still want to see more.

Wording and phrasing is a bit awkward here but you have good concept as well as the potential to develop a good writing style. The emotions on Engineer and her brother come through fairly well.

I can say I'm very interested on how this story will developed since well...we kind of know what happened in the end of the season 9.....

How's the next chapter looking by now?

I'm hoping to have chapter 2 up in a day or two

Edit: make that three or four

It's out now.
Turns out I write slower than I realised, apologies to y'all.

This is interesting, Take your time to add more

Who's to say this story's ending will be like the show? Authors who write AU Stories have the right to choose their own ending.

The moment there I thought the protagonist is THE engineer from TF2 and gotten himself in a different dimension... Again. This story totally got me off guard that i thought the protag is him but, you got my attention now and want to know more about her and friendship with Chrysalis, tirek and cozy.

How's the next chapter looking by now?

Next chapter in a few days

Edit: Sorry guys, stuff came up it will be a few more days

Edit 2: Its out! The new chapter isn't from an episode of the show, so I hope it isn't too terrible, oh well, enjoy!

It's... so... AWESOME!!!

And so, this time the ponies (being of a darker universe where the alicorns would petrify someone for no good reason) just decide to shoot the baddies with Caster Shells until they have no more life functions!

It's super-effective! :twilightsmile:

Awesome new chapter. Though I prey that the next chapter shows more of Engineers inventions.

Poor Cozy. Her only friend at the orphanage called her a monster without knowing her reason, truly heartless

Yeah, I was hoping to show off some of Engineers gadgets in the heist and I wish I could have actually shown it since I did have plans for it, but where it was placed in the story I felt it would have been out of place, in fact the entire scene feels awkward reading it back. But I do have plans next to chapter to start to give a taste of some of her stuff.

Brilliant chapter and it's true what they say there's always two sides to every story, and evil isn't born but made.

Let’s see...

Engineer was abandoned on a mountainside, the father who saved, adopted and loved her was killed, her brother betrayed her, she was sealed in stone for a thousand years, recruited into Discord’s crew of dysfunctionals.... Am I missing anything? Ah, right, and she’s an emotional teenager that has to deal with that all on her own without any psychological support.

At least she has cake.

I expect the death of specific alicorns and draconequus in this story
Without the whole crap of vengeance that never happens because the main character/group forgives or other stupid reason

It's sims we're seeing the side of the coin now, our four villains weren't born as a villain but mold by the world to see them suffer. I like chrysalis motherly side even how much she tries to hide it, and tirek know how to bake? Now I want to know how that happen!? Still think tirek as an uncle or grandad since his old enough to be one.


The best/worst thing is a that Cozy and Engineer are problems made or made worse by Luna and Celestia

In both cases, they imprisoned a child
Even if Engineer was in dark times like our medieval period was, can you explain imprisonment of Cozy? That's probably isn't the case, then

The reasoning for Engineer imprisonment was also poor, she is non-combatant unlike Cozy and the rest, it's like killing a doctor, teacher, farmer
Celestia also didn't try to do the same thing like with Discord

The only way I can see imprisonment in stone used as punishment is with the non-aging creature

In short, I hope for Celestia and Luna death and that's why I hope why this story has Dark tag
Revenge is sweeter if you kill "immortal" who would have outlived you and it ends up you outliving them :)

The whole birthday party for Cozy Glow was a ingenuous way of disguising the true intentions for the train robbing to the eyes of Discord even if Cozy doesn't know that.

Fingers crossed, next chapter before the end of the year.

Edit: Sorry guys, i've got a bit of a cold that's not letting me focus, you'll have to wait until next decade for the next chapter

This is really good stuff... I also really want engineer to build some sort of robot factory to help with some major constructs like a fleet of flying merchant/war ships or something.

But I can kinda see them turning twilight and co against the sisters if given the right circumstances.

The start of redemption for the Legion of Doom.

Awe, this is so cute!

I'm just wondering but will engineer continue to want to try fighting the sisters or maybe will she try and create a monopoly on building state of the art airships (maybe also have a merchant company lead by chrysalis)

It was definitely worth waiting, a very fun chapter. Engineer being a girl brings some fresh air to HiE stories, and surprisingly, she works pretty well with Legion of Doom. Can't wait for the next one!

(attention! auto-translator!)
this is so awesome!...I also wanted to talk about the goals and motives of the villains. will their fire of hatred burn as brightly as before, or will it disappear into oblivion? will they want to continue? buuuuut... I just want to see how things change. although with these twists and turns, I'm no longer sure about garden decorations).

Meh. And again the faulty argument for the traitorous ex-lings. Can't we have a single fic without it? Especially without Chrysalis falling for that garbage herself? Had hopes for the story, now it's mostly frustration and annoyance again.

I feel sorry for the engineer to lose her family to be betrayed by a family member bonus is it happened all in one day all she did was help her father figure did what they wanted to flourish i wouldn't blame her to grieve and put a wrench into fate itself discord not gonna be happy

silver spirit needs to be cocooned sometime in the future. chrysalis needs a snack and cozy getting payback against that hypocrite and ruin the reputation of that horrible old pony or putting her in Tartus.
I wonder if the engineer would visit her father's kingdom and feel shame for how far it has fallen? and it's people? I wouldn't be surprised if she could be it, princess, a better ruler then her brother more power and resources more rage for her if they decided to over obscure the history of her father and her while her brother let the world slander them worse erased the good they have done and highlight the evil only I think the worse to have happened if her brother never got to put his father to a proper grave.

I liked this despite engy busy life and her tragedy along with those hijinks it fun for the girl to be girls some time a bit of slice of life is good and someone got her first crush and momma approves!
you know I hope you mix it up sometime and put some of my little pony comic elements in this like Sombra could be added back cause in the comics it seems he came back plus it might add more content and inspiration to your story!
the species of umbra aka shadow ponies or the whole there an army of umbrum buried below the crystal city was an interesting find in the wiki and the nightmares are interesting plus interesting places to play with like Dimondia, Thicket deep and more! plus goodies and artifacts for the engineer to gain and interact with her comrades more adventure! more hate to be had and felt

Very cute chapter, I love how Cozy was pretty much right the whole time. It is also nice to see Chrysalis get some character growth. I can't wait to see what you'll do with Tirek. For a story with this premise this is a surprisingly great story.

Really nice. Keep it up, really enjoy this so far.

Hey guys, I've enjoyed getting all your feedback and am thankful that you took the time to read my story so far. I'm currently working on my next chapter that is working under the title "Her biggest fan" although the name may change in the future, I'm going to try to get at least one chapter a month out and was disappointed that I missed January. I hope that my writing has improved and that it Improves further.

Ah, now, we can't have knowledge that let's less magical races rival the ponies around, can we now?

They fucked with the wrong engineer.

Clubs use some proofreading, but I like it so far

"Not dying to rainbow lasers sounds GREAT right now!"

That was harsh.

*hums the Mission Impossible theme*

Cake time!

Ehh, Chryssie was doing that she could to feed her subjects and they all turned on her the moment someone else offered them food, blaming her for everything wrong they've ever done. Kinda hoping she undergoes a change, but not into a Day-Glo moose bug, but just an enhanced version of her original look, maybe with cool stuff like a scorpion tail. I've seen cool, kinda monstrous designs for her like that.


Bug make out!

When are we going to get to the Summer Sun Celebration incident?

Not next chapter, but the chapter after that

Great, I sure hope that it AND the Final Battle comes soon!

"It's Fluttershy!" Grogar stamped his hoof "And you will do nothing of the sort, If you do it will only make Discord mad! It's important for you to remember, whatever you do, don't hurt the Fluttershy!" Engineer raised her hand to ask a question "The yellow one with pink hair!"

Now i'm very sure this is Discord

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