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So many idea, so many story to make, so many opportunity to take but it come down to your greatest enemy "PROCRASTINATE". Queen Chrysalis help this Soul.

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Future Story Plan: Character Erde P. · 7:31am Mar 14th, 2020

First name: Erde - Last name: Wing Hardy - Middle name: Procyon
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Fur color: Dark Orange - Mane & Tail Color: Black with red stripe - Eye: Heterochromia Left-Blue, Right-Red.
Height: 4ft 8in (Average Mare 4ft 2in, Average Stallion 5ft 4in, Princess Celestia 8ft 5in - minus the horn)
Weight: 67kg (Average pony 110kg)
Blood type: A
Age: 25
Occupation: Assistant Manager
Address: 125 Firefly avenue ManehattanĀ 

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Heh, still, thanks

I was confused about why I haven't got any notification of your posted stories, I wasn't following you, so now I am.

Thanks for the follow buddy. Long live Queen Chrysalis

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