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  • 1 week

    Well, I got Covid. It sucks... wear a mask, wash your hands. Keep away from people without masks...

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  • 31 weeks

    Some people have been asking me when I will do a sequel for To be a Changeling. The good news is I have over 20 chapters finished but right now being able to continue it is up in the air. I work for a hospital and for the past few months things have been insanely busy not to mention stressful. Add to that a shortage of help in my particular department along with a pandemic and you get some very energy draining days. I just tend to crash the moment I get home and I haven’t had the motivation to

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  • 75 weeks
    To be a changeling

    There are only 2 more chapters left for To be a Changeling. Its not the end of the story. I'll be taking a break and then I'll be back with the next cycle of the story. TY to everyone who's enjoyed reading this for over the past 6 months.

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  • 90 weeks
    Royal Guards

    I spent all the time today, that I normally set aside for myself to write, trying to come up with 24 names for royal guards. Below is what I ended up with. See if you can guess what kind of pony they are and their gender.

    Platinum Silverspark

    Heater Shield
    Slipstream Cyclone

    Azure Nightshade

    Private First Class
    Daybreak Dustoff (Medic)
    Chase Tradewind
    Golden Dewdrop
    Lavender Larkspur
    Moonlight Daydream

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  • 94 weeks

    I'm updating the cover art for To Be a Changeling. I'm adjusting the line work and I 'm hoping to have it finished tomorrow night. Then I'll color it in and add the background. Once that's done I'll start posting updates to the story again.

    Below is a rough sketch of the main character.

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Covid · 8:15pm November 22nd

Well, I got Covid. It sucks... wear a mask, wash your hands. Keep away from people without masks...

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All my YES


wrong place

But you are a very good author

Fimfiction is back online yet there is no sequel...
We could need Changeling emojis :pinkiesad2:

Hey PlageRat dont you write like 20 chapters of the sequel already? Cant you release one chapter a week?
We a starved for Nymph Princess cuddles...

More like after i was healthy they ignored it. And for a reason unknown ask me not to tell others. I think they push Corona to a panic for gain unknown... Pretty mutch politics at there finest missdeads

I’m pretty sure they stopped making a fuss because you stayed home and didn’t risk either you or your family or anyone else. You don’t have to be sick to carry the corona either. Please, just be careful for other’s sake.

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