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Too much to write; too little time

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"The most dangerous mind is one that is empty, for it knows naught what it can do…"


I am an author who writes ponywords for a hobby. Generally, I'm pretty laid back: you be nice to me, I be nice to you; you be mean to me, I be nice to you. Feel free to post on my wall if you'd like, most people usually do. I rarely (if ever) block anyone and all comments are welcome, even negative ones.

I do not do commissions or requests at the moment, but I do listen to ideas.

My Armada List

  • TwiLestia
  • TwiLuna
  • ChrysLestia
  • TwiDash (if written by Wizard of Words)
  • RariTwi (if written by Monochromatic)
  • Derpy x Luna
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Recent blog update has me hyped :yay:

Is Lunar Rebirth going to have an update at any point? I know you're probably working on other stories currently, but it was a good story and it's been quite a while since it was.

Comment posted by Ambientsonar7 deleted September 4th

Hope things are well with y’all. We can wait as long as needed for things to get back on track. A delayed story is usually gonna be a good one.

Any updates?

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