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I beat my muse regularly, yet she keeps coming back for more.

Rating: Mature
Status: Currently In Progress.

"The most dangerous mind is one that is empty, for it knows naught what it can do…"


I am an author who writes ponywords for a hobby. Generally, I'm pretty laid back: you be nice to me, I be nice to you; you be mean to me, I be nice to you. Feel free to post on my wall if you'd like, most people usually do. I rarely (if ever) block anyone and all comments are welcome, even negative ones.

I do not do commissions or requests at the moment, but I do listen to ideas.

My Armada List

  • TwiLestia
  • TwiLuna
  • ChrysLestia
  • TwiDash (if written by Wizard of Words)
  • RariTwi (if written by Monochromatic)
  • Derpy x Luna
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2848784 Sure, if you want. Go nuts.

Hi Mad Max I wanted to ask your permission to make a reference to the YHaY universe. I understand if it's a no I'm not sure How the whole thing works with alternative universes but I hope this doesn't come out wrong. ❤Souls

Theres a SeQueL?!?! Oh MY goD! I have work to do!:pinkiecrazy: your family and you must be read!

Hey mad max can you PLEASE start the next chapter of Chris’s batty family. It’s been over 6 months now and I really can’t wait for the next chapter to be released....PLEASE I LOVE IT SO MUCH...

Hey there Mr. Mad Max I know this might sound weird but I finally made an account on here to write and I want to thank your cause your story "Your human and you" was the first fanfiction I ever read a few years ago and I absolutely loved it man. It inspired me to start writing my own human in Equestria story so yeah thought I'd stop by and say your stories are awesome and just keep up the great work❤Souls

  • Viewing 2,131 - 2,135 of 2,135
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