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Too much to write; too little time

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"The most dangerous mind is one that is empty, for it knows naught what it can do…"


I am an author who writes ponywords for a hobby. Generally, I'm pretty laid back: you be nice to me, I be nice to you; you be mean to me, I be nice to you. Feel free to post on my wall if you'd like, most people usually do. I rarely (if ever) block anyone and all comments are welcome, even negative ones.

I do not do commissions or requests at the moment, but I do listen to ideas.

My Armada List

  • TwiLestia
  • TwiLuna
  • ChrysLestia
  • TwiDash (if written by Wizard of Words)
  • RariTwi (if written by Monochromatic)
  • Derpy x Luna
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Hey to (in one) out there i will like to know should I wait for the hard copy of ( Your Human and You ) "or should I just copy on the pc to printer to make a cheap one for me That does not have MadMaxtheBlack Sinclair on it ????

*waits till forever ends for an update*

This story is too epic to not hope for more. So we diligently await for more. ^^

Recent blog update has me hyped :yay:

Is Lunar Rebirth going to have an update at any point? I know you're probably working on other stories currently, but it was a good story and it's been quite a while since it was.

Comment posted by Ambientsonar7 deleted Sep 4th, 2022
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