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The saga continues. Excellent.

I come back online from my break and find this posted. Time to read er up 👍

Reverse the roles in the picture and that is just me in a tin can also hope to see you're awesome work again


Glad to see this again though heck of an ominous start.

I'll read it when it's done. See you next decade!

I was fine with how you ended the last story but am REALLY excited to see it continue.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your story.

Really excited to see a sequel

Ahhh... a sequel to that story. Well, let’s see what you’ve got.

wow talk about timing I managed to catch this in New

Wait is this place kicking your butt?? Well I hope it is not cause you write good stories.

Nice, a sequel. Just as I had accepted that the story was over, too. :rainbowlaugh:

Holy shit a sequel. I'm so excited!

I thought the story ended with Max writing down the story of how he had gotten to Equestria and everything that had happened to him since he had arrived there.

I'm glad that you decided to continue the story though. This chapter was highly enjoyable.

Ahhhh the long awaited, much debated, slice-of-life sequel.

Edit: ...Are we sure this is the fun, comedic and lighthearted slice-of-life sequel we were promised? Because the setup is giving me a sense of tension, or at least more tension than the aforementioned comedic sequel should be giving me. Not that I'll complain either way, I'd be perfectly happy with a more serious plot to match the original fic.

Out of nowhere I started thinking about YHaY and decided to check out if there would be a sequel or not. Talk about good timing! I was not only shocked to see that this was posted so recently but extremely excited that there’s more to come! I’ll wait just as patiently as I did the first time!

I spent the last two weeks binge reading YHaY and just finished two days ago. And then I look at Featured and see a sequel? Damn, talk about timing. Well, looks like I'm going to be on the ride for this one. Here we go!

I log out for 2 hours, and when I come back, I see this. Darn you, I needed to sleep.

You glorious monster
What have you done...

Thank you

It's alive and ready to rumble bring it, Max!

This is comment is like 10% about the fic and 90% Lord of the Rings. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, Saruman's Uruk-hai forces were defeated before the One Ring was destroyed.

Edit: Looks like the comment has been edited, the sly thing!

For some reason, I haven't read the epilogue on YHaY yet.

Well, off to read that so I can read this and dive into whatever storm this will be.

Edit: Read it. Liked The Hobbit reference.


Princess Luna! We require thy help!!!

I'm pretty sure that the mare in this chapter isn't Princess Luna, but an assistant or the like.

Im so lost can some one explain this chapter to me i love your human and you but this chapter has me more confused than a homeless man on house arrest.

ONE THOUSAND YEARSSS CAN GIVE YOU....nah, it's been like a few years since I've finished reading YHaY and I am so happy that there's a sequel to the story. Masterclass ads have told me that ending an open ended ending is the best ending....naaaaaahh

I just finished YHaY like what... two weeks ago. And you deliver THIS?! What a time to be alive

Always a pleasure to see a sequel to a classic. Can’t wait for more!

Well it looks like Max is having issues with his new role in Equestria. Plus the art work for the story is awesome. Although I wonder how she got one of those books as she technically hasn't been born yet and I doubt her parents look at her that easy.

OH MY LORD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see where this one goes! :twilightblush:

My reaction to this story:
Oh hey, a new story in my feed! 'Your Family and You.' Seems like a nice slice of life with TwilightXwhomever. Authors avatar looks creepy as f*ck though. The name seems familiar, too. 'Your Family and You...' Wait, like 'Your Human and You?' Max? That'd explain the avatar. *clicks on story* Oh hey, it is MadMaxtheBlack! *gasp* HUZZAH AND HOORAY! He made a sequel!!! ... Oh, he made a sequel... Max, what have you done? *reads chapter* Oh, well, sh*t...

Please don't do this to me...

All I wanted was a nice slice of life story with a hefty helping of shenanigans.

Yay a sequel can’t wait to see where this goes!

Praise be to whatever gods listen for this glorious gift from the heavens! Cannot wait to dig into this world again and fall in love with the characters a second time!

Thanks for posting this, you just made my entire day better.

I'm not angry... just confused.

Also, happy. I'm also very happy.

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