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I'm trying my hardest dammit.... Only problem with that is that 'hardest' really ain't that good.


Took a long time to find how to write one of these cause I'm stupid. · 7:24am May 17th, 2020

Anyway it's been 3 years since my last blog do dad and nearly as long since the last chapter. The reason why is cause school thought that writing 20+ pages a week was a great way to teach over the great interwebs. This killed all motivation to write anything, and even now that school is done I still have not got it back. I'm very honestly sorry about how long it has been but at the same time will not guarantee a chapter soon, I know the path I'm taking at least so I'm not stuck there for once.

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While I would like to say soon, that would be a lie. I haven't even started on a new chapter yet. I'm finishing school, just accepted a job offer and now must move.

So while I can't say it'll be soon. I can say that there will be more chapters. Story's far from dead. I'm just extraordinarily busy with everything going on right now.

updates please I need more horse words its addicting ahhhhh

That’s fine mate I’m just happy it’s being continued, can’t wait to see what happens but just go at your pace.

Hey thanks man, I'm working on it but I won't lie and say I'm far in, it's gonna be a short chapter.

Hope there is an update to paradise soon, I just caught up on it after ages and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Cheers

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