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I'm just a half-voracious reader. Not a writer.

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Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy what I post.

Thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

creeme, cada que vi algo que no entendia (ya conocia a "the elements of insanity" en su momento y aun asi espere a su regreso) lo buscaba, me parti de la risa con yuuki y las otras referencias como los memes y los freaks. :coolphoto:

Thanks for the add of Madness Overlord... Although I don't know how can you like a story like that since I tend to make the chapters a little long and some moments a little slow.

This story is tied with a youtube series called The Elements of Insanity. For what I saw the Main Six were turned into psychotic ponies, so I was wondering why don't put other freak ponies who are, however, possessed by videogame characters, anime characters and others, like Starlight with the spirit of Genocider Sho from Danganronpa or Braeburn with Dio Brando from JoJo Bizarre adventures.

But the main thing was that the main character who will face Brutalight and her gang was Suzaku, a internet troll dragged in Equestria who go turned into a pony freak by a grim entity, who is also, and supposed to be, a jackass who tried to face this ordeal with his own powers and sheer jackassery. That, however, wasn't the entire premise. The real powers of the protagonist will kickstart in the later chapters... But at the moment I have not time to do that. And I was also thinking about a remake in another form that maintains the same spirit of this... But I will also consider to continue this despite the odd.

I hope you had enjoyed that.

Thank you for watching!

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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