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Carrier of Heartbreak

Knife guys finish last...in bed.

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A fantastic piece of music based on my story 'Blank.' Done by YouTuber 'Afro Chicken.'

A link to more of his/her content can be found right underneath this sentence.
This is the link you're looking for to get to Afro Chicken's stuff.

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Hey Carrier, apparently Afro Chicken's youtube channel doesn't exist anymore. As such, the "Blank" videos you embedded here don't work.

Everything going alright with you?

Need more _____

Dude, you are by far the funniest author I've met, especially with Blank. I haven't laugh this hard for quite a while, which I needed to get through my rough days.

NEED MORE BLANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!? :pinkiecrazy: :applecry:

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