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Nightmare Moon returns and is hit once again with the Elements of Harmony rendering her a mischievous little filly.
Much to Nightmare Moon’s annoyance, Anon thinks she's cute as all hell and is the only one willing to put up with her antics and evil, so Celestia tasks him with reforming the bundle of misery and mischief.

Cover Image is by EvetsSteve, may he rest in peace.
Chapters 1-21 were converted into prose from my greentext stories with the help of Nav/WhatMustIDo

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Not enough >rape. When will she get the hot monkey D?

I don't like this story at all. This story is obviously an attempt at flooding FimFic the first of many stories featuring green slenderman. I can't stand your 4channel memes, and refuse to give you any upboats. Truly this story is disgusting. Not once have I seen a story so polluted by the much rumored and feared Pony Illumination or whatever they call themselves these days. Everyday I see such classics as "Flowers for my valentine: A Fluffle Puff Chrysalis Fanifc" by Brony117 violated by their terrible "fun" commenting. I only wish to read stories about horses touching each-other's vaginas without all these 9gag guys ruining everything.
Help me, fellow FimFicirians to stop this onslaught of epic trolling.
[downvoting intensifies]

90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001/10 le upboating XD.

Shut up faggot.

>doesn't like 4chan le maymays
>uses one to end his post
Steg pls go

*mind has been fudged* Well, let's put it this way... Hmm.. Well, the whole "Anon" and "you" along with the human thing is all too confusing. Although it's cute, the time period isn't quite right, but I still like it. So, please do so continue.


I feel like this is copying past sins for some reason.

This comment May make ppl mad.


4509921 Weird. Your comment is on chapter 0. How is that happening? O_o

Comment posted by KittyLover5 deleted Jun 8th, 2014

4513521 the story perspective is in the eyes of you.and your name is anon. Doesn't really exp plan that

Jesus Christ, shut up. No one care about your opinions. Stop talking like you know what's going on. I doubt you've ever been in an AiE thread.


Shut up faggot.

Every nod Twilight gives, I smack that upboat button o' yours.

Rat commented, then 8th removed all the chapters he had before it got approved. For some reason, that put her comment at chapter 0.

I'd bitch on about this story needing bigger or longer more engaging issues... But hey, 4chan. I'm surprised the English language is being used correctly.

If it goes through me first, I'm not going to let it have horrible grammar. He hasn't shown me all of the parts of his story, but I've seen plenty.

The cover image reminds me of Annie from LoL

4511012 I have this distinct feeling that you are trolling the shit outta us...

”Goodnight, Daddy.”


4513521 its second person perspective. its a really uncommon writing style outside of fics and self help books.

Ah. That makes sense.


I think I just had a heartattac.:heart::heart::heart::heart:







4511012 You forgot about allowing Rainbow Dash to come inside.

4511012 You think this is bad?
Try going back to the times when meta stories were still allowed here.

Hmmm...Oh hey, did you hear that? It sounded like a nuclear explosion. Probably just my heart. :pinkiesmile:

Warning...Warning: Critical cuteness meltdown imminent. *Sirens start up*

There is no such feeling as when your child draws a picture of you as a gift. This made me cry because my daughter did the same thing when she fist learned to do it.

I woulda thought she would demand candy

I think I'm gonna die from the adorableness.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

CONGRATS SIR/MADAM youhave successfully given cavitys to all your readers... keep up the good work

THE CUTENESS!! IT BURNS!!! :fluttershbad:
P.S. Love the story by the way.:heart:

God this story is gonna give me a fucking heart attack the cuteness is to damn high..., HHHHNNNNNGGGG...... *Room-mate walks in* "Oh my god, call 911 we have a cute attack!"

Aaaand now, I need a new heart. My old one just exploded from a cuteness overdose.:pinkiehappy:

:heart: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!:heart:

Moonie should figure out how to weaponize her own cuteness then she would rule all of Equestria!!
But wait...no that wouldn't work cause...well you know...ponies are cute too.
Hmm...back to the drawing board me thinks.

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