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Halloween Surprise · 12:50am Oct 31st, 2023

Hello to all. As some of you already know, I am also a musician by trade, and I've had my hands in the audio production pot as well. And I know that some of you have followed me for a long time, a number of you popping up since the "It's Complicated" story has come to a close. And tonight's midnight surprise is all about that. So allow me to say for the first time to all of you:

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Comment posted by LightGust deleted Dec 28th, 2021
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Fuuun. Sounds like Florida, California, or southern Texas. And i hope that this year treats you well, or at least gets better if it's been rough so far.

Hardly. Our highs are in the 50's, creeping towards the 60's again before we get up to like 73 next week. We also have southern humidity, courtesy of the gulf, so that 73 will be more like a mucky sweaty 78.

Hope life is treating you well this new year. And if you are in the area of extreme cold, that you are staying safe and warm.

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