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I hope you will enjoy reading my story :)

Absolutely! That's actually why I love how Hitch has been presented throughout the series. Whenever the girls do anything he always joins them, no matter how "girly" it is. I loved all the colorful makeup he put on for the masquerade episode. He isn't the butt of a joke for being close to his friends.
Also, for me, if Comet isn't going to be in Maretime Bay with the Mane 6, I actually would like to see a comic arc showing him exploring Equestria! I think it would be cool world building because he would be learning about the new Equestria along with the reader.
That Thorax comment actually reminded me of one of my favorite Thorax stories on the site.

I would kill for three chapters on Comet’s backstory. It would bring a feminine male’s experience to the show, unlike anything that was in G4. (Thorax is pretty femme now I think about it though)

It's so crazy to me how little budget and time they gave one of their flagship franchises. So much time and money was given to the movie and then seemingly the bare minimum for the actual show.

But when they focus their limited resources it works. Choosing to focus on Misty for like three chapters gave them their most consistent storyline, even if did cost everyone else screen time.

Also, I would give anything for the return of the build a bear plushies for G5.

G5 in general feels kinda forgotten IMO…they made all these great characters and just rushed through a story for them…like with the dragons and Allura.

Maybe they’re just trying to sell toys—actually I’d love to buy a Comet toy or plushie, now I think about it…

  • Viewing 225 - 229 of 229
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