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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Surrounded by the Everfree Forest, filled with delinquents, devoid of morals and any real sources of magic, Ponyville is the worst place to live in all of Equestria. But it also has the cheapest rent and Twilight's life just collapsed to the point where she can't afford to live anywhere else.

Perhaps the only thing Twilight has going for her now is that Rarity, the most powerful pony in town, has taken a liking to her. Rarity is eloquent, but the leader of a gang. She's beautiful and intriguing, but the most irreverent and delinquent pony Twilight has ever met. Rumors swirl around her. Some ponies even say she and her entire gang are all vampires.

But Twilight is smart enough to not give in to temptations. Or join a gang. Or become a vampire.

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Here's hoping we get the complete package. The last version I read hooked me in only to drop off the face of the earth just when things were getting really interesting.


Full disclosure, the last chapter is about 50% done and everything else is written, so I got like a month to finish that. If you just want to skip to about the part where Pixlemoon's reboot left off then you can read the Everfree Vampire one-shot and then go to chapter 10 (both are going to be posted on April 16). The one shot should be enough to catch you up on the new mythology.

Yes! This will be most exciting!

Good to know, and nah, I'll just re-read through it all. Been a while since I read it anyway.

nice work on both chapters out so far:twilightsmile:

It was a beautiful day in Canterlot

A beautiful day for a neighbor.

“Nowhere else to go after that.”

They say trains wander into the forest after that never to be heard from again. Though on particularly dark, foggy nights if you listen just right you can hear the haunting melody of thousands of train whistles singing through the night.

But the thing is a second one showed up right after that. And I took care of the second one but now it looks like a third one is there. Basically, they can just get into Ponyville now

One's an unfortunate event, two's a coincidence, three's a pattern Fluttershy, might want to see about investigating for signs of foul play.

That pony just said the D-word! And the B-word! Twilight looked, but there weren’t any police around. In Canterlot, there were police everywhere. In Canterlot, you would absolutely not get away with that! Ponyville was striking out fast.

Pssssst, hey Twilight, Twilight, hey, hey Twilight

She'd just touched Twilight! Twilight froze in utter disgust! This was an unacceptable amount of harassment!

In a world where political correctness has gone too far, Twilight will learn the meaning of friendship when she meets two mosquitoes, a sexy mosquito, and a walking talking confederate flag. This Summer, Twilight Sparkle stars in: Corruption of a PC Pony.

“Twilight Sparkle?”

Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? You don't sound sure.

Rarity was handing out banned books.

Aaaaand just like that canon Twilight is immediately a Blue Diamond.

Glad to see this is back! I missed this story.

This certainly sounds interesting. I just wish there were more genre tags to fill me in on what to expect.


Sorry, I'm just never sure what to put there! Mystery, drama, romance and thriller all almost fit but I'm not a 100% sure if I'd say it's any of those genres. I guess there's a little bit of adventure.

Reading was the only solution!

Yep, that's Twilight.

He voice was already getting tired from this.


I’d rather you only talk to other filthy daywalkers


Back in her school the teacher just told you the right answer and that was it.

Big Celestia is watching.

It’s not nearly as impress as you think.


“Aren’t you going to puke or pass out or- or die or something?”

The fu- what kind of super hyper mega sheltered are you kid?

“Rarity is a vampire. For real.”

:applejackunsure: "And that right there sure is illegal, jus' as illegal as ah'm an inbred hick!"



The fu- what kind of super hyper mega sheltered are you kid?

Maybe I could have made it more clear, but chocolate is banned in Canterlot. Most ponies who lived there their whole lives would have never seen the stuff.

An interesting premise with an intriguing cover image. I’ll probably read this at some point.

Celestia is the fun police I suppose lol

Well, this is good. But it the story took several left turns once Twilight got to Ponyville. None of that is a bad thing, but it feels like I'm reading an enticingly different story,

Halfway through the first chapter and I was sold.

I sincerely hope you finish this.

...though I am wondering g if I had ever came across the other versions of this story.

~Skeeter The Lurker

One thing about living in Ponyville I never could stomach. All the damned vampires!

HA, you have all these ponies being terrified of the forest, and yet my snaky ass is relaxing in said forest.

“Rarity is a vampire. For real.”

So? this is the first time Twi feels like she has friends! Let her have some fun without scaring her after the first night!

Just to ask... You say you're updating on weekdays, are you planning a single chapter update every weekday or what? Just finished and not-so-secretly guilty of wanting more already...


:raritywink:I'm glad to see you're so progressive about vampires.


One chapter a day, so chapter 6 is Friday, chapter 11 is next Friday, chapter 16 the third Friday, etc.

The only exception is next Thursday when a one-shot in this universe will also be posted alongside chapter 10. So that's kind of like 2 chapters in one day.

Sadness. I had a small hope that, given the two chapters on the 6th, it might be a two chapter a day sort of thing. But had a feeling that was a first day special. Whelp, time to buckle in for the long haul. At least it's one a day, not one a week.

I’m a handed percent sure

Hundred percent?

You can get arrested for peddling superstition in public.

Apparently you can get arrested for existing in this country.

“Dark magic is unusable. It literally does nothing but kill you. That’s the entire problem.”

Yes, Twilight, because as we all know the Everfree Forest is known for two things.
1) Being a forest.
2) Following sane logic and normalcy.

Well I’m a handed percent sure you’re crazy at this point.


when her ran into


Another great chapter! Looking forward to reading more!

I must say, you have improved as a writer.

Also who drew that pretty Rarity pic?

“Have you ever had a tredecuple pineapple pizza?” Pinkie ran up to Twilight’s other side.

No but now i want one

OMG you made it darker F*** celestia I’d rather have out with rarity and the gang

Even though it’s been a few years I still remember the original story

I’m glad you can back and redo the story I am still devastated with that ending

Hope you keep some of the same twists

Hmmm i dont like this universe theres some seriously fucked up shit going on here i want to grab twi and the other 3 before ordering exterminatus

Both sides are wrong in a lot of ways, 'Normal' ponies are just really idiotic claiming they have figured out everything. This reminds me of when I think the people who gave patents just stopped because they thought everything was already invented and were quickly proven wrong. And the vampire side is terrible to. The 'Bad' ponies are also just really idiotic, A LOT less than the 'Normal' side but while I'm too lazy to look for an example they just set off all the red flags in my mind. And yes the 'Normal' is worse in my opinion both sides suck a lot.

Conclusion: I'll have to continue with the story as it updates to see if my opinion will change.

There's quite a few fimfic authors that haven't updated their stories in years that are putting stuff out again lately and I couldn't be happier. This story in particular was the last one I really got into before I started focusing less on reading and more on writing myself so I'm particularly glad it's back.

This is getting better and better! The world you're hinting at sounds both horryfying and interesting! Well done!

Wow! This sure is the improved version.

Well this is emotionally charged, Defiantly faving this one.:twilightsmile:

It’s very unusually for a pony


Twilight looked down at her nots.


this ornate tomb or her.

For her

is the only to find the right one.

You're missing something there

but doesn’t always work

It doesn't?

some things Twilight about the school system

Also you're missing something here

Maybe it was okay now. Maybe Twilight really did have friends.m made fun of her for it or anything. Maybe it was okay now. Maybe Twilight really did have friends.

Bit of a jumble there.

I'm Loving this with a capital L

It's funny, cute, and surprisingly thought-provoking. It even promises Raritwi on the near future!

there seem to be a lot more rules in this world and most for unreasonable reasons something tells me that when Luna (if she is around in this timeline) got sent on her forced vacation to the moon Celestia got a lot more Authoritarian. Also just a little something about last chapter I for a moment though Rarity had the whole room under some kind of mind control spell until thunderlane started talking that is.

Since I can't like each chapter independently, and liking and un-liking the story as a whole won't add any likes, please take this comment as another like and thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow, but actually kinda dreading the coming weekend now.

nice work looking forward to more:twilightsmile:

*Singsong* Twilight is in denial!

And the Raritwi was delivered!! :D

Really, every time she saw one of her friends she felt an urge to smile and just a little bit of relief in the dark recesses of her mind to see that they were still alive.

That invisi-spider really has her on edge.

“Haha!” Dash threw the towel at Twilight. “I guess that shows you which movie is evil.”

Must be 'Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue'.

“A little? This is really impressive. You could be a top-level mage.

Maybe you should ask her to train you.

The ‘unscrupulous delinquent’ shown on screen looked like she’d fit in pretty well with Twilight’s friends. She was wearing a spiked collar and a leather jacket with the words ‘Celestia sux! Kill all ponies!’ written on it (the dots in the i’s and exclamation point being little skulls). Her mane was all frazzled and she looked like she was growling at the camera.

Beep boop. I am delinquent bot. Must kill ponies. Must kill ponies. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag.

I’ve had it with you and your loco motives!

Right, Team Edward it is.

“Really?” Twilight didn’t know how movies worked, exactly. Was it normal for them to make that many? “We’re gonna watch thirty-seven movies about train slaughters?!”

Well that works out, there's thirty seven PSAs in that series.


It's actually a coincidence that the number of PSAs is the same as the number of Slaughtertrain movies. I didn't intend that at all.:derpytongue2:

And I kind of see it as Twilight being paranoid about death in general, since her family suddenly died not long ago. That poor innocent spider is just something to focus it on.

“Okay, that effect was pretty goofy,” said Twilight. “But why are nerds always treated so badly in films? I really related to that nerd character!”

Just... umm... one question, Twitwi... If you've never seen a movie before today, how do you know nerds are always treated so badly in films? Unless you're including poor Starburst and how she's treated in the PSAs...

Also... Wish it was Monday.


Yeah, 'film' is the more general term she uses to encompass movies and PSAs. I probably should have been clear on the distinction there. :derpytongue2: But yeah, she was talking about Starburst. Nerds are portrayed as idiots in most of these PSAs.

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