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Receiving an anonymous tip Detective Twilight Sparkle goes undercover at the Carousel, one of Equestria's most infamous speakeasys. Looking to undercover the culprit in her investigation she will soon find out much more than she bargained for at the Carousel.
Set In Earthsong9405's Mafia Au! Go! Follow the link! Do many likes and tumblr shares!

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Are you going to write more chapters or......


I am pretty terrible with multi-chapter stories. So anything I do in the Mafia AU would be One-Shots...

...but maaaaaaybe.

Nicely written! :pinkiehappy: A one shot that perfectly captured earthsong's mafia!AU! A very enjoyable read, I like your writing style.

This is awesome. I love it.

I know it's.... been about 4 years since you did anything but I'm considering something with this AU..... is that okay or is this a do what you want type of AU?

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