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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


In a dimension tangential to Equestria, where everything is slightly similar but not really the same, the evil Hypnagogic Jerk Moon has enslaved the world. Bizarro Twilight Sparkle is the pony chosen to be the bearer of the element of UFOs, but that doesn't help. What does being the element of UFOs even mean? You can't do anything with that!

Unwilling to deal with her own problems, Bizarro Twilight travels to another dimension in search of an OP alicorn version of herself who she can beg to defeat Hypnagogic Jerk Moon for her!

And hopefully she doesn't have to learn a lesson or anything.

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Ey nice chapter

Oh my. What a crackfic to be reading at 4 am. I love crackfics.

How odd this story be.

No, Twilight. You're only OP on rare occasions when the plot calls for it: most of the time you're unable to handle or flee from threats you should be able to (going by your Top Feats) squash like bugs. The Writers giveth, and the Writers take away.

Love the reference to Final Corruption


Wait is there one? Not even I noticed that.

I may be being dense then

I took

like that there’s 800 spelling mistakes in a 5,000 word one-shot or that an 800 year old vampire goddess version of Rarity would never fall for a greasy nerd version of me who still lives with her mom.

To be a reference, considering twilight only just stopped living with her parents, was top student, and a totally really vampire like, in appearance , Rarity interested

Also the author behind one of my favorite Fio-ish stories? How did I not read your other stories before :pinkiehappy:


Oh! Yeah, I guess that is pretty similar.:derpytongue2:

The reference in the notes was referring to once you go pinkie, though. Bizarro Pinkie is mentioned in that one.

This story is bizarro.

That's pretty much what I was going for.

Tangentially related, I would be lying if I said your username isn't part of the reason I'm following you.

\underbrace{\int_{\text{d} \Omega} \omega = \int_{\Omega} \text{d} \omega}_{\text{Flilyfoolish is a huge nerd}}

Whimsical and entertaining! Thank you for writing it. :twilightsmile:

Très magnifique. :raritystarry: Encore, garçon!

Elements of of Bizarro Harmony.
Pushing troubles onto others so they don't have to do it themselves.

I am The Element of Extremely Erratic Proofreading Comments!

“Um, actually of the things we’re the elements of are exactly virtues,” Bizarro Applejack interrupted again. “They’re all things ponies would describe as mild inconveniences at the best. The bizarro elements of harmony would also look for something ponies wouldn’t describe as admirable.”

aren't ?

“Um! Actually,” said Bizarro Applejack, “if the bizarro elements of harmony aren’t looking for us to embrace friendship then doing do would be detrimental. In fact, embracing the fact that we’re NEETS who can’t do anything without relying on other ponies is exactly what the bizarro elements of harmony want.”

Do -> that ?

“Wait!” Pinkie flailed her forelegs at the others like she was trying to fly before falling back down. “I can *hic* be a NEET too! I can *hic* quit my job, move back to the scissor farm and start mooching off Bizarro Maud!”

- Took me a second, but Rock beats Scissors.

This is excellent.

Celestia: <Hmm, what's new in Equestria today-
Ponyville: *hiccup epidemic*
Celestia: :twilightoops: wat?
Bizarro Pinkie Pie: :twilightblush:

Jeez, if I had bizarro elements of harmony I would possess

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