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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

Everypony believes in fairytales, right?

Well, not Rarity, but who cares about Rarity Schmarity because THIS story about Rainbow "Awesome" Dash being the first to find a lost princess of legend.

One-shot based on prompts submitted by Ko-Fi Subscribers. Prompt was "Enchanted Library but it's Dash who finds Twilight instead of Rarity".

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Rarity huffed and walked out, cocking up her snout. At least she will always have more views.

Saving princess booky any% new WR

And THAT'S how you save a princess everypony! Let's hear it for Rainbow Dash! Hip Hip, HOORAY!

I hope you'll forgive me for reading all this in Rainbow Dash Presents RD's voice.

No. Way. :rainbowkiss: Gimmegimmegimmegimme!
I read the description browsing the New Stories and was like "oh I recognize this cover art, oh this looks cute", then I saw the author's name.

oh oh my celestia that was the most awesome thing I've ever read within this universe xD in regards to sheer efficiency

if you do not talk with CMC, then you can save 100+ words more, the main thing is to reduce intelligence while maximizing wisdom and speed

I was going to read the original at some time in the future, but, to rephrase a certain slogan "You've read the best. Why read the rest?"

"And, boy, you sure must be glad it was me that came to find you, and not somepony like Rarity. I bet it would have taken her, like, ten years, and she still wouldn’t be finished! And she’d want romance and lame stuff like that!”

Monochromatic going with the self deprecating meta I see. This was actually faster than the "Pony games done quick" spinoff. Achievement unlocked!

Damn it, Rainbow Dash. :rainbowlaugh:

Well that was a delightful little parody of your own story. Almost makes me wonder how Applejack or Fluttershy or Pinkie would handle things, but I'm sure that'll remain a mystery.

This would have been a good April 1st story.

It went by so fast, we didn't even get to know princess booky's real name.

Leave it to Rainbow to finish quickly and leaving everypony confused.

Rainbow dash just speed ran the entire story.

It makes sense! The Everfree Forest is, like, dangerous and stuff because it’s trying to keep Princess Booky’s library hidden! And we don’t have a library so, like, her library must have been ours.

Local Filly Defeats Chaos God with Facts and Logic

How many chapters does it take to overcome Twilight's issues? One, at sufficient velocity. Thank you for a lovely little "What if?" :rainbowdetermined2::twilightoops::raritydespair:

Rarity Rainbow Dash can't hear you over the sound of how awesome she is.

“Rarity, stop being a buzzkill!” Rainbow called out...

We all have our roles in life. Rarity lives hers to the fullest.

Rainbow just summed up a 40+ chaptered story to just one chapter.
There's the big difference between Rarity and Rainbow.
Rainbow just wants to get the business done.
Rare's on the other hoof, prefers some drama along the way.

Angst and therapy-dodging speedrun, let's fucking goooooooo!

Rainbow took "I can do it in 10 seconds flat" to a whole new level

Passing thought, this feels like it should be E-rated

what they don't want to know is that booky *is* her real name

Pinkie Pie Ultra-Speed Run
"Oh! I should totally show you Sugarcube Corner!"
"What's Sugarcube Corner?"
"This is Sugarcube Corner!"
"Oh hey! You're outside the library now! Neat-o! Does that mean the curse is broken?"

Applejack No-nonsense Speed Run
*walks up to tree*
*applebucks tree*
*Twilight drops out of tree like a very confused apple*

Mono, you're a national treasure.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Sure, you can. You just gotta, y’know, do it.” Once more, she gestured to the tunnel. “Come on! Just do it!”

“But—! But what about—!”

Rainbow stomped her hoof on the floor. “No buts! Just do’s! This is why eggheads never get anything done!” She gestured to the exit for the third and final time and raised her voice. “DO IT!”

As someone who got in on the whole 'Enchanted Library' series when the Kingdom was well over halfway done, this made me laugh so goddamn hard. Well done, Mono, you... strange, magnificent little dweeb, you.


trust me, I am haunted by the fact that TEC isn't finished yet.

(in my defense to me, I've been taking a lot of commissions and focusing on patreon stuff bc this is my livelihood now BUT STILL,,,,)

Free the princess any % speedrun record

*Dream Speedrun Music Plays*

*Rainbowdash b-hops into the library*

“Alright guys” Rainbowdash says. “Now for this section we use the books as a ramp for a rain boom assisted jump into Bookie, thus spooking her into falling out of the library via nocliping, thus bypassing the drama and about 60 hours of gameplay putting us at a new record for the princess freeing portion of the game-“

11555357 "Stop kicking my tree! You're knocking all the books off the shelves!"

"What tree would this be, then?"

"This one right here! The one that Discord trapped me in!"

"Um, 'scuse me, but if you're out here talkin' to me, how can you be trapped in there?"

"What? Of course I'm trapped in there! I've been trying to get out for..."

"Sure looks like you're out to me."

"But... but that's... but..."

"Now lemme know when ya get done babblin'. Mah sister's in here somewhere lookin' for you, and I want you to help find her afore she gets into trouble."

On one hoof, Twilight is glad to be free. But on the other hoof, she's feeling really silly at the moment, since she could have left at any time if she thought about it :twilightsheepish:.

But having never read TEC, what changed between these two? Besides the obvious?





"No offense Princess, but if it was me I would simply not be trapped," Rainbow Dash said, "I'm too awesome for that."

ostensibly twilight needed convincing and a reason to leave having been fooled by discord into thinking leaving would absolutely kill her, but her love for rarity overpowered that fear.

In this rainbow dash just shouts at her till it works.


Mono... honey, I know I did MLD2: Dash Harder there wouldn't be another fic that could top a popular story sequel...

But you just HAD to go and do this, didn't you?

PS: Love the cover art, I hope you used MSPaint.

Mono, you are a madwoman. That was great.

Thats how its done


Now go save Luna :rainbowdetermined2:

Reading this at work was a mistake because I need to keep myself from laughing hysterically. What a wonderful treat.

Ch2 saves cadence, ch 3 luna, ch4 celestia , ch5, apologize to discord ch6 party.

No, no, no. Ch. 6 is Twilight and Rainbow becoming a couple. Ch. 7 is the party :pinkiehappy:.

RD will do romance storyline in Ch 2. I mean, Princess of Love herself is right there, and being rescued. Why not seize the opportunity?

That was hilarious! Could the four 'thumbs down' tell me what I missed, or are they just protest votes?

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