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This story is a sequel to Ponies on Ponies

A new story right where we left off last time. Shall we find out how well Alex is fitting in? From Canterlot to the usual shenanigans found around Ponyville. Nothing could possibly go wrong right? Right?

This story is rated PL (Princess Luna) for suggestive themes, shipping, and my own brand of shoving someone into the gutter. Edited to Teen for later chapters becoming more sensual.

Author's Note: Workin' on that wedding I was going to cheat you all out of, please stand by.

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I’m not that good and getting ponies to come, but Pinkie, she-

1. At.

They are going to need to watch Part 3 at some point.

I wonder what the few witnesses thought?

We need to talk about Lyra though; she can be crafty when she has to

:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: GO LYRA!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

But wait... If this pulls through then... I DISAPPROVE OF HIM AS YOUR CHOICE! He is after all nothing but a player it seems:pinkiecrazy:

If I do get Alex's email and another prerequisite has been met, I will personally flood his inbox so much that I could swim to Equestria and sock him right in the face:pinkiecrazy: If you know what the prerequisite is, then good for you! If not, keep guessing:pinkiecrazy:

1737922 Is the prerequisite Discord shenanigans?

1737922 This is for you, and everyone else who read the original while it was still on fimfic at that, I've completely changed the second part of the story. Especially the second trip to Canterlot. If you know what I mean...

1738315 Enope, try again:pinkiecrazy:

1740706 If you're saying what I think you're saying... GIMME HIS MAILING ADDRESS!!:pinkiecrazy:

1741553 I'm saying, for everyone who remembers, they will know what I mean when I'm opening IT again! :trollestia:

1741569 What are yo- Oh no... Oh no... This could be the WORST POSSIB- Actually no, it ain't so bad... Not for me anyways:twilightblush:

she said before gaving me a wave

1. Giving.

Sweet Cadenza... Makes me think of the TV series Two Guys and a Girl... with Alex being the aforementioned girl in this scenario...

Lyra, Lyra, Lyra... :facehoof:
Although, this chapter does explain the whole "sitting like a human" thing a bit.

I'm gonna go ahead and borrow a line from one of my own stories to use here.

“Lyra, dear, stop flaking out in front of the human; you're disturbing him.”

1744854 Personally, I liked writing that the first time around. Naturally, I had to keep this to further prove my next point. This second point is pretty simple, I always liked the fact that she made it into a prestigious school which would also mean she's more intelligent than many give her credit. In the case of multiple professors, like the average school, the intelligent Lyra I've created may have crossed paths with Twilight more than once. Twilight would've seen her as a study partner, while Lyra probably saw Twilight as a friend.

during tornado duty did itbut I had

1. Forgot your spacing.

I still stand by what I said for this... person, as well as another. If you can guess who, congrats! You get a cookie!:pinkiehappy:

1793278 Damn site, everything was perfect when I transferred it.

trolestia much?

Racist-lestia, not Trollestia.

Celestia, nothing you can throw at him would be able to stop him. He's adapted to Michigan weather, and aside from Buffalo lake effect snow squals; I can't think of any place with a more unpredictable weather system.

1798073 Yes, it royally sucks here. At least, thanks to global warming, we don't have another summer where there was snow. Oh the stories...


I want my snow back, tell the envirorment to stop being a hot head and cool off.

1798096 Tell me about it... lousy snowless December...


Winter this year has been pretty lame. one night it's all 20-something degrees, and it looks like we're getting snow. the night the snow is supposed to come, it jumps up to the mid 40s. Metro Detroit's gotten like 5 inches of rain, and not a single snowflake... Scumbag Michigan weather...

1798159 Winter's been lame for the last five years, now spring... spring'll kill you (it's the new winter :trollestia:)


I haven't really noticed the years before that... probably because I've been going to the more crazy end (far north-west) of Michigan for winter until 2 years ago. And yes. Spring is crazy. :pinkiehappy:

I actually like the bigamy thing. It makes since in a society with so few stallions to begin with to be legal... and if it keeps the friendship, why not? It's not like Twilight and Dash have to do... those things... with each other!

O my, Princess Luna is calling.

My guess is Luna is bringing news to Alex behind Celestia back about how Celestia is unhappy about the whole situation. Celestia is like a possessive mother who won't let their kid grow up.

1834878 Let us not forget how much she enjoys the status quo when it comes to her prized student.

You've got a broken italics tag somewhere, but otherwise I enjoyed this little thingerdoodle.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm... well, he was neat as a unicorn. If I wanted to punch him in the dick I'd say earth pony... I'm going to go with my own race and say Pegasus then.

1838378 I found the problem in chapter 12 and fixed it just for you :twilightsmile:

Why do I feel like I set the ball in motion here?:derpytongue2: I ain't complaining though:pinkiehappy:

with non-areal ponies

1. Aerial.

Hmm... Why didn't I think of this before? Alex could have left the kids with Lyra (possibly) and if he decided to stay human and have kids (in another dimension, if even possible) would raise the first centaurs in Equestria!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Oh no... Not this again. Quick! I abstain! ... For now...:pinkiecrazy:

Hey Scootaloo here. Raven wanted to do this again to get some bits for Miss Cheerilee to get some new school supplies. Please help us by making wagers.

Right, the more everyone wagers, the more it's drawn to Princess Celestia's attention. :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft: Not to mention the royal coffers.

1840151 For her cake binge... she doesn't want to admit it but she may be getting too big to sit on her haunches...

I bet 50% of the bits I will earn from my prototype "Flying Suit for the Aerially Challenged" (READ: experimental) that he's gonna be a Pegasus.

Oh, what? I have to put bits down on this now? UGHGHghghghg fine 50 bits says Pegasus.

Well, French is the language of love, so maybe they could call it a "menage a trois" instead!

...I'm not really helping, am I? :applejackunsure:

1844755 There are three languages traditionally associated as "romance languages" based purely on the context, location, and time period. They are Spanish (very rarely), French (most obvious), and Italian (often neglected). I curse thee oh western civ teacher and your random lecture/extra credit points!

Applejack told be all about the birds an’ the bees

1. Me.

Oooh swell... This can not go well, despite the fact most of it has passed, I can sense something foreboding ahead... I just know it! That and my bones are still shaking from being mended back together at a certain prospect of meeting a certain pony again should I fail at a certain something if I decide to partake in that certain activity...:pinkiecrazy:

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