• Published 24th Apr 2012
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Ponies on Bronies - Ravenmane

Shenanigans return to a familiar house that sits on a hill overlooking the Everfree Forest

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2 - The Party's Fallout

Saturday, 12:30 PM

“Come on Pinkie.” She was either screwing with me, or something was actually wrong. “If you’re joking I’m not laughing.” It’s been an hour since Rainbow left and I’ve done just about everything I could think of to stir the party pony, hell I even tried some nice and powerful wake-up juice. At least she was still breathing.

Let me catch you up a little. Alex here again, Pinkie threw me a welcome party yesterday. Everypony else has gotten up, at least the ones that didn’t get home last night. Some complained, others whined, and Rainbow screamed, but each of them is in some semblance of conscious. Pinkie, on the other hand, is the only one who hasn’t come around. She apparently tried getting to the door but only made it halfway there from the looks of it.

I am in Equestria for about twenty-four hours and this happens. What pony in their right mind wouldn’t think that I’m a horrible person? I bit my lip and hoisted Pinkie up. This is not how I wanted to go to town, Pinkie on my back while looking for the hospital.

As I approached Ponyville, I saw Rainbow moving a cloud into position in the sky. “Rainbow,” I yelled at the top of my lungs. After a second attempt, I managed to catch her attention as she flew down.

“Al, what the hay happened?” Rainbow looked seriously worried about Pinkie.

“I need directions to the hospital ‘cause if she’s fooling around I don’t think we’re laughing.” We may have had drinking games back on Earth, but nopony ever got this bad.

Rainbow nodded and led the way at what anyone else would consider a brisk pace. She knew I was being slowed down while carrying the party pony, on the ground, and bipedal.


12:50 PM

As the hospital came into view, Rainbow sped up, rushing ahead to inform a doctor to be ready for us. I jostled Pinkie one last time before heading in. This was still a bad sign, no response and her breathing had dropped. Her heartbeat was weak; I could at least still feel it resonate hard against my back.

When I managed to make it there, I saw a stretcher, Rainbow, and a pair of nurses, one of which I recognized from the show as Nurse Redheart, waiting for us.

“How long has she been like this,” Nurse Redheart asked.

I got her on the stretcher and went along with them, at a run to keep up with them. “I don’t know, she threw me a party last night and didn’t even make it out my door. I’ve tried everything I know to get her to come around, but her breathing is growing shallower and her pulse is falling.”

“Do you know what she’s drunk?”

“Far less than anything in the last few months that I had seen her. But that was before summer, has she had any complications since then?”

“We have a doctor pulling up her file right now. We’ll get her up and going so don’t worry.”

I shook my head, “I’m her friend and I’m staying with her. She passed out in my house and I’m not going to feel better until I know she’s in the clear.”

As the other nurse and Rainbow continued to cart Pinkie along, Nurse Redheart pulled me aside. “Tell me exactly what happened.”

“We were partying and enjoying ourselves, about twenty other ponies can vouch for that. I’m not sure about everything since, by all reports, I was out cold before the party ended. Somewhere along the lines, at least six ponies passed out in my house. Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, and Lily but I didn’t quite catch the rest of Lily’s name.”

“That was Pinkie’s welcome party for our new human resident right?”

I gave her a ‘not amused’ glare. “I’m not sure whether to be insulted or complimented by that remark.”

“I’m sorry,” she explained, “but that was how I heard of it. Miss Heartstrings was in here for an appointment a few days ago and she was talking non-stop about it.”

Lyra, I should’ve expected her. She was probably a good way for Pinkie to pass the word along to anypony she couldn’t get to. That tone before could’ve still been interpreted either way, thankfully Nurse Redheart could explain it some. “Is there anything else you need to know?”

“No, I think that’s everything. Since you’re staying, we can ask you if anything else comes up. The waiting room is back down the hall, take the first left and it will be at the end. The best thing you can do for her right now is give her time.” She turned around and headed off towards where Rainbow and the other nurse went.


I was joined in the waiting room by Rainbow after a few moments. I glanced over to her. “How is she?”

Rainbow shook her head. “I don’t know they brushed me off.”

“Want to go and get anyone else?”

“I think we should wait, so we have something to tell them.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Not even the Cakes?”

Rainbow’s eyes widened and she gulped hard. “I’ll head to Sugarcube Corner. They’ll need somepony to watch Pound and Pumpkin, but you’re right.” She rushed out, leaving me to twiddle my thumbs.


1:30 PM

I had stopped literally twiddling my thumbs half an hour ago, when a little filly came up and told me it was bothering her. I had gone straight to worried pacing after hearing that, slouching some so I wouldn’t end up using the ceiling to grate my face. Granted there’s lots of extra space from a pony’s point of view, at six feet I’d at least run my forehead raw. Waiting to hear something about Pinkie was hard for me to handle. My self-inflicted guilt had become all-consuming by now.

“Al,” Rainbow’s voice snapped me out of my pacing. She was flying back, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Cake. “Have you heard anything about Pinkie?”

I shook my head. “Not a single word Rainbow.” I looked to the Cakes, how concerned they were scared me.

“Pinkie’s practically family,” Mr. Cake finally managed to say.

“What happened?” Mrs. Cake added.

I sat back down and the Cakes came over to my side. “Pinkie had too much to drink last night. I’m not sure what she had, but she was still breathing and her heart was still beating when I last saw her. Nurse Redheart told me to wait for news but it’s been forty minutes.”

“Al, Pinkie’s tough,” said Rainbow encouragingly. “She’ll pull through so don’t beat yourself up.”

Nurse Redheart finally came into my sight. She saw the four of us clustered together and came over. “Pinkie Pie’s under heavy sedation right now,” she explained, “we had to sedate her so she couldn’t leave her bed. That girl just has too much energy, but she’ll be fine after a day or two under our care.”

We all gave a collective sigh. “Thank you Nurse Redheart,” I managed to choke out, “I was really getting terrified.”

She just smiled at me. “Well, as for you, we need some information on humans if you intend to stay in Ponyville, and we’ll have to give you a full physical after that.”

I nodded. I was expecting to have to show up for a physical eventually, but I also knew I’d have to provide human biology texts.

“Can I have your name as well? It’s for our records.”

“Alexander,” I replied as calmly. “How about you get back to work Rainbow?”

Rainbow groaned. “But I want to see Pinkie.”

“Come back later today Rainbow Dash,” quipped Nurse Redheart. “She should be conscious after a few hours.”

Regardless of how anxious she was to see her friend, Rainbow left. She had clumsily tried to pass off my excuse of work helping to whittle time away.

“Thank you for being so responsible Alexander,” added Mr. Cake.

“Please Mr. Cake,” I replied cheerfully, “call me Alex.”


6:00 PM

Everybody had congregated in Pinkie’s hospital room. She was leashed to her bed with several straps and a strait jacket, which she was trying to escape from. “Pinkie, you need to just relax.” Twilight reminded. “You need bed rest and I think you should stay in the hospital like the doctors said.”

“But,” Pinkie fidgeted in her attempt to escape the jacket, “I have a party backed up for Lyra and I have to prepare everything for it. It’s supposed to be on Monday! I can’t prepare it if I’m in here.” Pinkie managed to escape from one of the straps holding her down during her explanation.

“I think I can convince Lyra to delay her party,” I said nonchalantly.

“But she wanted it on her birthday! She wanted to celebrate being right on her birthday!”

“Actually Pinkie Ah think Alex can convince her,” added Applejack. “He’s a human, an’ she wants to prove humans exist with a party right?”

Pinkie nodded and resigned to the fact she was stuck in her bed, now trying to escape her jacket for everypony’s amusement.

“I’ll ask her as soon as I see her Pinkie.” I looked around to everypony else. “Could all of you direct Lyra to my house if you see her?” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“If she comes to visit and ask about her party I’ll send her to you Alley.”


Sunday, 10:45 AM

For the past two hours, I’ve been getting familiar with Ponyville while looking for Lyra. I searched a lot last night as well, hoping to run into her as I tried to get used to the layout of the town. Most ponies who came to the party Pinkie threw me gave me a wave, while others whispered among themselves.

“Alex,” Twilight called out to me, “come over here!”

I ran over to her and noticed the town hall a stone’s throw behind her. “Did you find her Twilight?”

“No,” she started to lead me towards the building, “but the Mayor asked me to find you. She wants to see you at once.”

I gave her a curious expression. “Did she say what it’s for?”

“It’s just a formality. She wants you to just fill in some paperwork for records.”

The front doors were tall enough to accompany someone my size, but I would soon find myself crouching to get into the mayor’s office. “Well,” she said as she adjusted her glasses, “I’ve been expecting you for a little while now, Alexander. Miss Sparkle found you easily enough?”

“Yes ma’am,” I had to remember to be nice and formal with the mayor. I knew it was best to stay on her good side now that I lived in Ponyville. “Twilight said this was mostly a formality.”

“Yes, as I had her relay I must ask you to fill out some paperwork to make your change of residence official.” She pulled out a large stack of forms and pushed them across her desk for me. “Have you found it a welcoming place to be here?”

“Aside from having to run Pinkie Pie to the hospital yesterday, everything’s been just fine.” I had begun reading through them, trying to keep conversation light while reading and filling out the thick pile of bureaucracy.

“According to Miss Sparkle, you worked from home correct?”

This question gave me pause. I was away from human contact aside from my computer and recently became unemployed. “Yes, I had worked from home on electronics. Can you help me any in the employment area at all?”

This gave the mayor pause and checked through a small book on the side of her desk. “How good are you with clocks?”

I had just begun to return to my paperwork before stopping again. “You mean maintaining the clock tower right?”

“Yes, I need somepony to maintain the clock tower. Many ponies have complained that the clock has been off for months. Unfortunately, there are no ponies in town to maintain it easily.”

“I would like to say that I know a thing or two about clocks, but I mostly just know the quirks of my grandfather clock. I will need to see the mechanism before I even get started.”

She smiled. “I think that will be just fine Alex.”

“Thank you,” I added professionally. “These are for your records correct?”

“Yes,” the mayor replied pleasantly, “aside from Twilight Sparkle’s word and Princess Luna’s assurance we have no understanding of your species. Aside from those who visited you and Miss Heartstrings’ assumptions regarding humans, your species is a complete unknown.”

“I see on this page an interesting request.” I held up the page in question.

She caught a glimpse of it. “Yes, you see if we are to have a new species living here in Ponyville so casually it was on request that you introduce yourself to the students within the next few weeks.”

“An interesting way of adjusting I think.” I still filled out the page casually. “By showing myself as a polite and kind individual parents should hear good things from their foals correct?”

The mayor was reviewing my completed forms. “I believe that was the intention.”

“I think it’s a good idea. I want to show I have no intention of being problematic for anyone.”

“I think everything’s in order then. Please wait here while I get you a key to the clock tower.”


1:40 PM

With a new job and a major bureaucratic formality out of the way, I searched around a while longer, returning home in defeat. At least, I thought I was returning in defeat until I saw the minty green unicorn sitting like any normal human on my porch. After getting halfway up the hill, she waved her hoof excitedly at me.

“I ran into Applejack in town,” she said offhandedly once I got into earshot, “she said you wanted to talk to me.”

I joined her on the porch. “Lyra, it’s about this party of yours.”

Her eyes blew up like balloons. “You’re going to show up? I mean are you really going to show up? That would be so cool, I mean like I showed up for your party. I’m real sorry I knocked over that plant by the way. Anyways, I was hoping you’d show up for mine.”

“Lyra please, it’s about Pinkie planning your party. She’s in the hospital and depending on when they-”

“Pinkie’s in the hospital? She’s supposed to plan my party. I’m not that good at getting ponies to come, but Pinkie, she-”

“Listen to me for a minute Lyra.” I paused and waited for her to nod. “Based on when they release her, you might have to put your party on hold.”

Lyra was on the verge of crying after she heard. “I wanted this on my birthday so much. Clear, concise, undeniable proof that humans exist; it was the perfect birthday gift.”

“And you got it early Lyra.” She gave me a curious look; she was demanding an answer without having to say it. “You don’t need a party to prove that humans are real when your proof is undeniably in Ponyville. I’m right here. You’re sitting on my porch.”

She grinned. I hate it when ponies scheme and that looked like a scheming grin. “In return for this you’re going to help me write a book.”

“About humans?”

“Not just about humans,” she stood on her hind legs, leaning on me for support. “About your history,” she grabbed me by my neck. “About your culture,” She shook me wildly. “About you,” she squealed.

That’s how Truth Beyond Myth: Interviews With a Human was spawned. My first session with Lyra was the Thursday after my trip with Twilight. I really hoped Pinkie was happy with what I ended up doing. Sure, she would be mad that the party wouldn’t be happening, but I did my best to try to keep Lyra happy and excited.


2:10 PM

“Umm Pinkie?” I returned to Pinkie’s room to give her the news.

Pinkie was staring at Rainbow who was trying to amuse her. “Alley,” she turned to look at me, “what did Lyra have to say?”

“Well, she didn’t want the party if it wasn’t on Monday.” Pinkie gave me a frown. “She still hopes you can plan her belated birthday party when you’re up for it. In return for giving her the bad news though, she wants to write a book.”

“Ah ha!” Pinkie raised her hoof, an epiphany somewhere in the back of her mind. “She’s going to interrogate you for everything she can.”

Rainbow cocked her head my way. “Does Twilight know about that?”

“I wanted to report back to Pinkie first. Is everything okay with that Pinkie?”

“Yup, I’ll be released in a few hours but I still have to take it a little easy for a few days. Go and tell Twilight now, or she’ll be grumpy.”

“Well what about you Dash? Bother you at all?”

“Well, if it’s ok with her then it’s fine with me.”

I opened my mouth to ask something else, but closed it and retreated to prevent getting stuck in a conversation with her over the details. The last thing I wanted was a never-ending loop of talking to Rainbow Dash.


5:30 PM

After checking around, I resigned to double check the first place I looked for Twilight: the library. This time however, the door was unlocked and the lights were out. “Twilight,” I called as I stepped across the threshold. “Are you here Twilight?”

She wasn’t immature enough to leave the door unlocked unless she left in a flash, and even then, she would know she didn’t do it. This brings me to the lights. One of the following was under development: nopony was home, Twilight went to bed early by every definition of the word, or somepony was planning something.

“Twilight, we need to talk about something. Are you home?” I waited for a response, closing the door behind me. This left me in the haze of sunset in the silent library.

It was unsettling to be in the library with no response, not even Spike groaning that I was calling out to somepony that wasn’t here. After fishing around for some paper and a quill I left a note for Twilight. Next time I’ll leave a note first thing.


5:50 PM

Ponyville Medical, again, honestly how many times will I try to find somepony and end up here? After going in I headed up to the receptionist’s desk. “Excuse me, but can you tell me if Pinkie Pie has left or will I have to find outpatient for that?”

“Um, she’s right over there.” The nurse behind the counter pointed down the hall to the party pony and her friends.

“Thank you very much,” I said before going down the hall to see everypony there.

“Alex,” said Twilight from behind Pinkie while I came closer to them all. “Pinkie told me that you had something to tell me.”

I nodded. “Could we talk in private? I don’t want to make a scene or anything.”

She nodded back to me. “Let’s go to your place.”

“Uh,” started Rainbow nervously, “sorry to interrupt but um, do you mind if I tag along with you guys?”

Twilight shot her a scowl but hung her head as I nodded politely.


6:20 PM

I will say this; I’m getting some very long overdue exercise running around everywhere.

“Are you okay Alex,” Twilight asked with a concerned face.

“I’ve… I’ve been running around all day, getting quite a bit of exercise.”

She giggled. “Ponyville will whip you into shape in no time.”

“I did have something to tell you though. Lyra wants to spend time with me, talking about humans.”

“Why’s that something you wanted to tell me?”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d take it. I mean I thought you’d be jealous of me spending time with her.”

“Not as long as I’m there keeping an eye on her I won’t be jealous at all,” Twilight added with a superior tone.

“See, this is exactly why I wanted to come along,” commented Rainbow with a glare to Twilight. “You keep a sharp eye on Lyra or you’ll be answering to me Twilight.”

I felt like I was a piece of property at the moment. I didn’t mind too much, they were okay with Lyra interrogating me about humans. Better yet, Rainbow was fine with Twilight keeping an eye on things on her own. “Care to stay for dinner and a movie,” I asked with a hopeful grin.

“Yeah, it’ll be just like back then.”

“The movie better be Part 3, I never saw how it all ends.” Twilight’s one-track mind struck again. Well, I can’t blame her really. They never ended up finishing the Back to the Future trilogy…