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My stories are for all purposes dead. However, if you want them, feel free to ask


Damn my mind! · 6:15pm Oct 14th, 2014

In the middle of doing Chemical Processes homework, a story idea came to me. If you have heard of Kurtjmac and his "Far Lands or Bust" series, you know exactly where this idea is heading. Indeed!

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FoME's Handy Universe Guide!

Created by FoME.

Now, let's run down the list. Zero-Zero splays are at least quasi-official sources, stories should, for the most part, be findable through searching Fimfiction, and I've given links to most of the rest.
00A: Show canon. Any attempt to go here when you weren't supposed to results in a new splay.
00B: Real life, for a given definition of "real." All those humans have to come from somewhere.
00Γ: Those German comics with Terry and King Zebra.
00E: Canterlot High and environs.
00K: The IDW comics
00Λ: Princess Cadence and the Love Heart Spell
00Σ: Under the Sparkling Sea
08Σ: Spiderses
10A: Nineteen Neighty-Four
14Σ: Letters of a Disgruntled Friendship Student
20A: Rites of Ascension
22B: Double Rainboom
22Δ: The Lunaverse
22P: Double Rainbow
25Δ: Five Score, Divided by Four
27Γ: Equestria RPG
28B: RainbowBob's Stories, also known as the Spectrum Sponge Cluster for its vivid colors and Manger Sponge structure. Somehow, this single set of coordinates contains dozens of worlds overlain over one another. Research is ongoing, but for now, peculiar and rainbow and porous it be.
28Φ: Rainbow Factory
30Δ: The Winningverse
30Π: End of Ponies
34Σ: Naked Singularity
35Γ: Cheerilee's Garden
36K: Cutie Marks of Chaos
37Δ: Pinkie Pie Watches Paint Dry
37E: Ri2's Evil League of Evil stories.
37H: Triptych and associated stories.
38R: The Chronoverse
38T: Princess Celestia Hates Tea
38X: Chatoyance's Conversion Bureau continuity
40I: On a Cross and Arrow (swapped genders)
40K: The God-Empress of Ponykind
42I: Postgraduate Work
42K: The DeRaptura Chronicles
43T: Discorderly Conduct
44Π: Dungeons and Ponies
45Π: Better Living through Science and Ponies
49Σ: Days of Wasp and Spider
50Δ: Son of Diamonds
50Λ: Slice of Life
52B: The Department of Quantum Affairs offices
53Π: Pony Earth Verse (Pony)
54M: Sweet Apple Massacre
54N: Ask the Crusaders/Button's Adventures
54Ξ: A Voice Among the Strangers (Earth)
54Σ: A Voice Among the Strangers (Equestria)
55K: Cupcakes
57Λ: Solitary Locust
58A: Anthropology
60Δ: Hexed
60Γ: Flash Fog
60E: Fallout: Equestria
61Γ: My Little GLaDOS
61Δ: Friendship is Dragons
61E: My Little Exalt
61M: My Little Mages
61T: Monster in the Twilight
61Ω: The Optimalverse
63Δ: The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine
63K: On a Cross and Arrow (baseline gender)
64E: Mendacity
64H: The Funeral of Derpy Hooves (Equestria. Other settings off the map.)
64Λ: Nightmares Don't Last Forever
64M: Of Mares and Magic
64Σ: My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series
65Π: Hoofstuck
65P: That Makes Sense, Right?
66Ω: The Light Never Goes Out
68K: Contraptionology!
68M: The Great Brony Migration
68Σ: Nyx Contacts
69Ξ: Past Sins et al.
71Γ: The Immortal Game
71N: The Implicit Neighs
72K: Petriculture et al.
72Ω: Progress
73B: The White Box
73Σ: The Three Changeling Sisters
74E: The Audience
74Σ: Friendship is Witchcraft
75Δ: The Sisters Doo
75K: The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments (starting universe)
75Λ: Twilight's List
76Γ: The DisQord Continuum et. al.
76Φ: Ponyfall
77H: The Last Human: A Tale of the Pre-Classical Era
77Σ: The Pony Psychology series
78Γ: Cultural Artifacts
78H: Twilight Sparkle: History's Greatest Monster (tyrant's universe)
80E: Elementals/Sideboard of Harmony
80Π: Powers of Harmony
80Φ: My Little Praetor
82T: The Time Loop Trilogy
84Δ: pony.mov
84Σ: Harpflank and Sweets
86Δ: Hands
86E: The Best Night Ever/This Platinum Crown
86M: Twilight Sparkle: History's Greatest Monster (normal universe)
86N: Harmony (the Bioshock crossover)
86Π: Background Pony
86Φ: Xenophilia
88Δ: Bad Hare Day
91Γ: The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds
91Σ: Ask Werelight Shine
93Γ: G3 My Little Pony. Enter at your own risk.
93Y: Pony Eath Verse (Earth)
94H: Yet Another Human in Equestria Story
94R: The Immortals' Game
96Γ: MLP Time Loops
98Ω: Time Lords and Terror
99Λ: The Ninety-Nine Nectars of Princess Luna; Or How Twilight Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Her Wings
More will be added pending approval by FoME.

WIP stuff that may or may not have been published yet.

Reworking of D&C: College Roommates. (eventually)
A James Bond/Danger Man-inspired fic. (first chapter published, second chapter still being worked on)
An SCA HiE fic. (Yet to actually even be started)
A RS crossover of sorts. (first chapter still needs PONIES to be publish-able here)

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Oh wow thaaats a big list :rainbowlaugh:

1475473 I like your story and you seem like an interesting sapient consciousness. You are quite welcome. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow.:pinkiehappy:

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